what to wear for September 1 The opening of a new training season is approaching, andworthy to prepare for it should not only first-graders or graduates, but also students. Perhaps, girls who study at the university, you need to pay even more attention to this issue, because the appearance of a young beauty should already be stylish and talk about the flawlessness of taste. Especially since young people are always obliged to be in a "fashionable theme", to know about popular trends and to dress according to the season. Successfully and stylishly selected wardrobe is the guarantee of the student's confidence in herself and one of the guarantees of her popularity among classmates, do not forget about it. Therefore it is important to know what to wear on September 1 at the institute, how pleasant it is to surprise peers, friends, acquaintances from one stream. And in this article, we want to tell the students and just young girls what to choose in their wardrobe, on what things to emphasize. Let's be fashionable, stylish and charming in the coming school season!

What to wear on September 1: the relevance of school fashion

First of all, it is necessary to determine thewhether modern students dress themselves as students of graduation classes, thereby slightly reducing their age. We argue that they can and somewhere even should - the classic severity of school clothes (or, even more, uniforms), not only continues to be relevant, but also promises to become a fashionable trend of the coming season. To be sure of the next round of popularity of clothes for high school students, it is enough to look at photos of many show business stars. We want to bring two different, but very good examples: wardrobes Miley Cyrus and Elle Fanning. what to wear on September 1, 2016 Still young El Fanning very competently andsubtly chooses clothes: she prefers unobtrusively white pantyhose, spacious tunics, calm tones, flying and voluminous dresses, shoes on a low soles. As a result, she produces a stylish impression and becomes a magnificent example of a girl with an emphatically elegant taste, who knows how to dress elegantly. On the wardrobe, El can be equaled to Russian students - the same tunics and flying dresses will be relevant both at the lecture and during the friendly party. what to wear on September 1, 2016 Well, Miley Cyrus shows us practicallyan opposite look at the wardrobe of a young girl: even within the school fashion, she manages to dress fairly frankly. The young lady prefers short skirts, high-heeled shoes, blouses with open sleeves, T-shirts - her outfit is almost always daring and provocative. The most interesting thing is that the fans have enough for both girls, and this shows the popularity of the school style, that this trendy direction is not going to give up its positions, because young people continue to orient to it. So here's our advice: when deciding what to wear by September 1, 2016, look at the wardrobes of young show business stars - they may well suggest some original solutions. At the same time try to achieve a harmony of rigor and frankness, elegance and brightness - combine courage and grace competently, then in the new season you will be one of the most notable girls.

What to put on September, 1st in institute: whether the suit will suit?

what to wear on September 1 photo Immediately want to dispel the stereotype of boredomschool uniforms - do not be afraid of costumes. They help the young girl look stylish and elegant, emphasize her sense of impeccable taste. And the severity of the costume will only talk about seriousness, about your self-confidence. Therefore, we want to suggest to you an excellent version of the classic combination, a dress code that remains popular in the autumn of 2016 and is excellent for both high school graduates, and for students or just young and charming girls.

  • Mandatory part of strict and at the same timean attractive suit becomes a skirt in the fold: in the coming school season, single-tone and checkered models will be relevant. Naturally, it should be short, but in moderation - girls, remember, the image is decorated with modesty.
  • The next important element of the wardrobe isblouse - when creating one hundred per cent of the classic image you do not need bold experiments, stop at a simple, elegant and elegant model with a round collar. Believe me, this is the best way to emphasize your delicate taste: white top outside fashion trends, it is actual in 2016 and will remain so even in 2021 - we are sure of that.
  • Great attention should be paid to the selection of a jacket: With a checkered or plain skirt, dark models will perfectly match. We advise to dwell on black, dark blue or dark gray versions - their severity is quite spectacular and attractive. Believe me, wearing a stylish jacket and looking elegantly elegant girl will be noticeable in the general flow of students hurrying to classes.what to put on September, 1st in institute
  • As an excellent alternative to a jacketa knitted vest will perform - it looks cozy, homely, positive, and this is doubly attractive. Yes, and the girl who dressed such a thing, can feel more comfortable, and this is more confident, that's why knitted clothes will be more than popular in the coming autumn.
  • Another current trend of the openingThe training season is knee high above the knee: they will be worn by both graduating class pupils and undergraduate students. It is this garment that will become the touch that will bring the share of mischief and cheerful mood into the emphatically strict image of the diligent girl who is biting the granite of science.
  • Thinking about what to wear on September 1, 2016,do not forget about the tie, because it is great for creating a truly harmonious appearance of an elegant and self-confident beauty. As an alternative, you can choose a lush bow - he diversifies the style, adding a highlight, bright and attractive.

You see how rich and interesting it can be,seemingly austere and boring costume? We are sure that he will perfectly suit a high school graduate who does not like the school dress code, and an undergraduate who has already found her own style.

What to wear on September 1, 2016: tribute to originality

what to put on September, 1st in school Of course, not modern single costumestudent fashion - a girl will be able to diversify her wardrobe, without making it less elegant. Now we want to introduce you to some stylish solutions, bold enough and at the same time to refinement elegant:

  • If you want to move away from the rigor of the image, you canchoose a white blouse of unusual cut - the original shirts become a trendy trend in the summer-autumn of 2016. An example is the work of Dion Lee - the basis of each of them is a pure color or shade, and their palette begins with coal black and ends with sky-white. And, most importantly, there are no prints, nothing distracts from the original cut - each blouse is unique and can be more like a short top or a long tunic.
  • Now about the skirt: pondering over what to wear by September 1, look at the photos of the Scots - their cage may not be dark, because it's easy to stop and on a brighter version. You can be guided by the stars of girlish series - see how in "Gossip Girl" dress Blake Lively, Taylor Momsen, Leighton Meester. These are girls of different ages, but the bow of each of them looks stylish and modern, partly because in the wardrobe there is a place for skirts-scots.
  • Let's move on to the jackets, especially since there is a fantasygirls are practically unlimited. Again, if you are looking for original variants, you can not dwell on a dark pattern of strict cut - prefer single-breasted and double-breasted jackets, with three or two buttons. Do not be afraid to experiment with flowers - the main thing is that the jacket suits your style.what to put on September 1, 2016 in the university
  • Do not forget about jackets and jumpers: the school dress code gives us a red color - its effectiveness is perfect for undergraduates who want to look at the same time strictly and attractively. You can choose more daring colors, the main thing is that they are harmoniously combined with the same skirt in the crease and with almost mandatory in the coming season by golf to the knee.
  • Thinking seriously about what to wear by September 1in the institute, do not forget about the accessories: yes, the same ties look stylish and will be popular in the new training season of 2016, but who said that your choice should be limited exclusively to them? After all, you can give preference to a magnificent bow, laconic butterfly or a luxurious scarf - there are enough options. By the way, another promising trend of summer-autumn 2011 promises to be braces - such an accessory will bring a share of interesting extravagance in the face of a young girl.
  • As already mentioned above, golf shoes have become fashionable"Chip" of the upcoming training season, but this does not mean that they can not find a worthy alternative. No less interesting will look bright tights, both monophonic, and openwork or even decorated with embroidery - they become stylish assistants to female students.

Remember, your appearance can be strict andat the same time original, but at the same time, if you want to be a really fashionable girl, you should "play by the rules" and do not forget about the mandatory accessories. Therefore, first of all pick up a stylish bag: it will not only be a practical thing that is needed at the institute - it will emphasize that you are a student.

What to wear on September 1: in search of bags

what to wear on September 1, 2016 fashionable uniform As we said, such an accessory is needed for eachgirl, moreover, the real women of fashion, we would generally advise to find a few models. In this case, the bag in the institute can be chosen depending on the intensity of the schedule, the nature of the classes, the day of the week - the girl will be untied hands, and in every situation she can feel comfortable. For clerics of a school bow the clutches are perfect, especially since they will look spectacular together with a strict jacket. It is convenient that such a bag today can be not only classically black - it is not difficult to choose an elegant option in the tone of an original enough costume. But the main thing is that the clutch always makes the girl more elegant - it becomes an accessory that introduces a note of confidence to the look of a student. However, the clutch is convenient when there are not enough classes and you do not need to bring notes and books to the institute - if the session is in full swing, even the most notorious women of fashion should choose a more practical option. But this does not mean that your bag will be unattractive - quite the contrary, because you can give preference to the backpack, made in retro style. Yes, a capacious and large leather bag will look really cool in the coming school season. By the way, the color palette of the most spectacular school satchels today is kept in the thematic autumn style - for example, straps and fasteners are made in a tawny color. And, of course, the most important is the checkered pattern - this is the main motive of the popular retro today. In the wardrobe of a modern student there is a place for bags decorated with ethnic ornaments and interesting applications, for example, leather. Also, the popularity of girls promise to use knapsacks made of fabric with prints, that's only in this case you need to be more careful in your choice. After all, not every print is suitable for the summer-autumn season 2016: some of them come off the peak of popularity, like, for example, leopard patterns. Lovers of bold and interesting solutions, we want to advise bags-kegs: they are quite roomy, while quite laconic and, moreover, look very impressive. In many ways, they are attractive for their bright colors, because today designers make them richly red, dark green, blue. This bag a modern girl can choose a make-up or manicure - it's very convenient. When you decide what to wear on September 1, the photos become irreplaceable helpers - look at the pictures of the stars of the youth series, and you will be sure that all the "chips" described above will become the trends of the coming season. We advise you to read: