fashionable blouse 2016 Fashionable blouse 2016 - exquisite element of the wardrobeevery modern woman. This is not an ordinary women's shirt, but an element of clothing that you can show your mood - from business to romantic. Most likely, that's why there are so many of them in the wardrobe of each fair-sex woman that they can already sell these blouses, but, naturally, not a single woman will take this step for anything. After all, it is such an element of clothing that never went out of fashion, but only changed in accordance with modern trends. Blouses - the most versatile kind of clothes, they are perfectly combined with skirts, trousers, jeans and even shorts. It's enough just to buy a pair of trendy blouses for creating a unique style. Now they make a lot of their species for all occasions - in a word, a blouse is always dear to us. Women's blouse today is a variety of colors and a wide range of models. For every day, blouses are used with strict cuts with discreet colors, and elegant models of bright colors are better left to go out. In the choice of colors and styles, personal preference, age and taste play a big role. Someone will give preference to romantic models, while others like more candid options with a big hint of sexuality. Do not forget that choosing clothes relies not only on the face, but also on the figure - a beautiful and well-seated model - this is the ideal to which one should strive. Extremely attentive to small details, for example, the unfortunate tailoring of the blouse's sleeves easily transforms the beauty queen into a weightlifter, and an inadequate collar will turn you from a beautiful swan with a long neck to a snowman. In the new season is a very rich selection of models, so the difficulties with choosing the right shape for your figure and mood will not be difficult.

What blouses will be fashionable in the new 2016?

Fashionable blouses in 2016 in retro style do not loserelevance. Lush sleeves-lanterns, gathered in narrow cuffs, and a rounded collar look very feminine. Such models are suitable for girls with the shape of the figure "apple". trendy blouses 2016 Modern designers like to play withtranslucent fabrics. Blouses from organza, viscose, lace, silk and chiffon are the most romantic. Today they will be a hit of the season! This is a good choice for those who do not wear a blouse without a jacket. Very light, like the whiff of a breeze, the chiffon blouse becomes a true combi partner with any costume. An interesting detail is a small collar-stand, scarf or bow. Also very relevant sleeves are flashlights and long, wide sleeves with cuffs. Blouses in this style can be combined with a skirt or trousers. This option is perfect for a date or a party. In it you will feel most beautiful and affectionate. Fashionable blouses 2016 White fashionable blouses 2016 shirt cut -the most important part of the wardrobe. In the coming season, it becomes especially attractive. The reason for this is an incredibly effective fabric and a fitted silhouette. Such blouses will help to look stylish, elegant and fashionable at work. Perfectly complement their accessories or unusual buttons. Fine drawing is also ideal this season. fashionable white blouse 2016 All famous designers of fashion houses in the newseason use all kinds of prints and patterns for their new collections. A fashionable blouse will look with a decor located on the back of the product. For blouses in the style of kazhual use geometric patterns, prints of animal themes or simple drawings with imitation of the newspaper. trendy blouses 2016 with print Fashion trends of 2016 are brightness, individuality, confidence. We advise you to read: