evening dresses 2016 Evening dress for several centuriesis an important part of the women's wardrobe. For all this time, this image has undergone many changes in connection with the fashion trends. From history it is known that at one time the dresses were unusually posh, while the other was pleased with elegant classical simplicity. But at all times knew that very little is needed for happiness to any fair sex - just a wonderful evening dress that would emphasize the figure, all the feminine curves. Successfully matched model always becomes a companion when going out into the light, accordingly the owner of this outfit will be unique and unsurpassed. It would seem that we know absolutely everything about them: the length of the floor, with deep cuts and decollete. But still the imagination of modern designers truly surprises with each new season, so evening dresses 2016 with ease will exceed all your expectations.

Fashion trends for evening dresses 2016

  • Carolina Herrera and Ellie Saab presented many closed dresses with long sleeves. The complement was a cutout "boat" or a collar-stand.
  • Fashionable neckline this year - V-shaped or vertical cutout, which reaches the waist. This proposal was made by Palph Lauren and Mango.
  • Sections, cuts and asymmetry are again in vogue, and Ellie Saab, Ralph Lauren and Emilio Pucci will gladly confirm this. They offer models with an open shoulder on one side and a sleeve on the other.

evening dresses Evening Dresses 2016 will feature cutoutscompletely unexpected forms, located in different places of the figure. Slits are also in vogue, the same sexual and open. Skirts can be cut from the side, back and front, which allows you to emphasize the slender legs and give every woman even more seductiveness. The newfangled hit of the season will be dresses made of thin leather. The main fabrics will also remain chiffon, silk, lace, thin knitwear and velvet. Again, various effects will be used - shiny, shimmering, pearly and iridescent, they will give the surface of a fairytale outfit and some magic. evening dresses 2016 Unusual and mysterious will become a palette of shades. The most fashionable are plum colors, shades of the wave, wine and pearl gray. Dresses of elegant texture will not be left without attention, as well as dresses with drawings. Drapery will become a kind of hit of fashionable evening dresses. Floral prints, fashionable spots "polka" and abstract drawings also quite often meet on materials of new-fangled evening dresses. Soft color transitions of pastel tones cause a feeling of lightness, tenderness and airiness. Similar feelings arise when viewing the collection of Rodarte, made from materials with a similar print. Extremely attractive and romantic look drapes at the neck, for example, in the form of a scarf. For the fair sex, who want to feel like the queen of the ball, the collections of Marchesa, Douglas and Giambattista Valli provide such an opportunity. These are elegant evening dresses 2016 with a tight corset and a fluffy skirt that will give any girl airiness and lightness, turning her at least into a princess of absolutely any celebration. As a rule, any evening dress can shock everyone around with its beauty and innocence, or, on the contrary, surprise with sexuality and luxury. Most importantly - the game should cost a candle, and the outfit must match its owner, giving it some zest. The undoubted condition for creating a beautiful image is the matching of the outfit to the event for which it is intended. For example, you would not wear a luxurious outfit, which is intended for a social event, for an ordinary cocktail party with friends, and vice versa. That is why it is very important to understand that the evening outfit for going to the cinema or theater, dress for the prom or dinner party will vary considerably in styles and styles. We advise you to read: