with what to wear a long skirt The coming autumn-winter season brings to a peakpopularity of those trends that remained unclaimed in the hot summer - the bold mini are replaced by the maxi. And this is understandable, because the cold will soon knock on our door, so you need to worry not only about your bold beauty, but also about comfort and coziness. Make this skirts will help maxi, that is, models with a length much lower than the knee - they will set the tone for the stylish clothes of the 2016-2017 season. The choice in favor of maxi is very easy to explain - they bribe with their versatility, simultaneously giving warmth and preserving the most comfortable sensations. But, of course, it's not just a matter of comfort: knowing what to wear with a long skirt, a girl can create an emphatically strict image, each detail of which will speak of having an impeccable taste. In the coming season it will be the maxi that will decorate office look'es - they will be chosen by women who want to emphasize their elegance, who love the smoothness of lines and the grace of shapes. By the way, long skirts have one "secret", which is well known to the most practical girls: they allow you to draw attention not to your legs, but to the girl's belt. Beauties can effectively emphasize their wasp waist and make the gait more interesting. Another tip: the appearance of the girl will be simply mesmerizing if she gives preference to maxi models with cuts on the sides. Then when walking, her legs will be seductively bared - it is proved that such a modestly modest manifestation of sexuality attracts men more frankly than mini. And we almost forgot to say that the maxi give the opportunity to visually extend the silhouette, so they are perfect for miniature girls - dressing them, the beauties will appear slimmer and taller. In a word, you need to treat all such models with care, that's why in this review article we want to tell you about what to wear a long skirt in autumn and winter, what style to choose, what accessories to stop. We intend to uncover all the advantages of maxi, so that you will once again become convinced that their purchase is simply necessary for a girl following the trends of modern fashion.

Shapes and colors of maxi skirts

fashion long skirts 2016 images The coming season again refutes the conventionalthe opinion that maxi are created for women in the age of no, they will be happy to wear and young girls. Moreover, the variety of popular and successful models promises to be truly record. Let's look at the length: it can range from Shanelev's "just below the knee" to the closest skirts with a hem to the floor. The important thing is that each of these models can be nicely entered into your wardrobe, that any of them will become an ornament of the office or Casual look'a. Now about the variety of forms: the coming season will meet us with fashionable long skirts with pencils, straight and pleated models, variants with flounces and assemblies. The girl will have the opportunity to choose a loose or tight, flared or tapered maxi, stacked, with drapery or cuts - yes, today there really is something to choose. Coloring can also be very different, both classically monotonous, and very bold variegated. Fantasy designers are not limited to the choice of colors - popular will be both warm and cold colors, plus, aside, there will be no black and white options. Today, there is nothing easier than to find out what tomorrow will be fashionable long skirts 2016: photos of the latest European collections tell us about this in detail. Fantasy flight Versace and Just Cavalli, non-standard solutions of Max Mara and Tory Bush, courageous moves of Hermes and Paul & Joe - our girl simply must evaluate the sea of ​​options that are offered to her.

With what to wear a long skirt?

fashionable long skirts Naturally, it is very important to achieve harmony of the topand bottom - only in this case, such practical and popular maxi will ideally fit into the girl's wardrobe. We want to tell you about two "golden rules" for selecting items of clothing. If you prefer free skirts, they should choose tight-fitting blouses and topics - to play in such a stylish contrast will be the right decision. So you will make your appearance more elegant and refined - with the help of such a combination, even a very young girl can show that she knows how to dress elegantly, classically and tastefully. Lush blouses and blouses - that's what to wear long skirts of a strict and narrowed shape, emphasizing every movement of the legs. With such a combination, the image of a woman will be emphasized luxurious and more daring - this is an option for those who are confident in their own sexuality. In addition to these two "golden rules" there are a couple of topical recommendations that deserve your attention. So lovers of strict office style, you need to know what to wear long skirts: a photo of beauties from the podiums tell us about the same emphatically business top. So, it will be stylish to look a combination of maxi and a fitted jacket or blazer. Of course, more bold options are allowed, especially if the girl's choice falls on the more bold and free skirts. For example, maxi in Casual style can be perfectly complemented with the same knitted cardigan.

We select accessories

with what to wear a long skirt in autumn Each girl will need to think aboutbuying a new handbag and belt - these two things are able to further decorate the stylish maxi skirt. So, with what belt can look great fashionable long skirt 2016: photos of European collections can tell us a lot about the popularity of elegantly decorated belts. In the coming season, it is worth giving preference to belts made of leather and fabric, decorated with paillettes, crystals, beads - this accessory should be noticeable at first sight. But the handbag must be neat and small - from the voluminous options all designers have refused. Fashion designers rightly decided that the gentle girlish appearance does not need to be overloaded, and the emphasis was on the skirt. It is worth saying a few words about shoes - in this case, both office and Casual look will perfectly complement models on heels or high soles. However, this is rather arbitrary, because even the most luxurious shoes go to the background - much more important is what to wear a long skirt: the photo collections of Fendi, Missoni, Gianfranco Ferre and other designer houses accentuate our attention just on belts and handbags. It is these accessories that must be chosen with particular care, and after that it will be possible to think about buying shoes.

What will designers please us with?

With an emphatically rigorous black classics on the podiumout models Jean Paul Gaultier and Michael Kors - they make the image of a busy and confident businesswoman really flawless. Ralph Lauren and Philosophy want to surprise us - their models are noticeable and unusual: the design houses tell us that even the winter should be brightly colored. But Marc Jacobs and Yohji Yamamoto argue that fashionable long skirts can be extremely simple and at the same time enticing and attractive - they release a real must have coming season. Elegant, gentle and elegant models are presented to us by Richard Nicoll and Dries Van Noten - they emphasize the perfection of women and act absolutely right. As you can see, there are enough stylish solutions - today it is not a problem to find or order a refined, interesting and effective maxi model. We hope that this article helped you, that now you will know exactly what to wear long skirts in autumn 2016 and winter 2017, and how to choose them correctly - be fashionable! We advise you to read: