what to see in Tallinn How beautiful old Tallinn is! Coming here, you instantly become his willing captive. His part, his welcome guest and master. A couple of steps along the cobblestone alleys, and now your reflections are caught in the glittering glass of his houses. The sound of your footsteps he cuts into notes, memorizing each separately and recording a series of musical notes in a notebook of eternity. Your delighted sigh clings to the spiers of its towers or settles on the edge of a red tiled roof to become part of the everyday cacophony of sounds. You merge with him, soaked in his spirit. And unlike other ancient cities in Europe, the age of Tallinn does not weigh heavily on your shoulders, it does not pin you to the walls of old houses with your authority. He just invites you to get acquainted with his life. A very difficult task for any tourist who first found himself here is to decide what to see in Tallinn first. How to choose how to fit all the sights in time? And do not forget that Tallinn is located on the seashore, from which the eyes run up and there is a desire to embrace the immensity. But if you are in this city, you should not hurry. The first thing to do is to catch his mood. It's not difficult, because everything around you breathes with dimensionality and tranquility. You are ready? Then we take a leisurely leisure walk on a trip to Tallinn. Tallinn what to see

Time to touch

Do not start an acquaintance with Tallinn with Town HallSquare! Otherwise, you risk getting too much of a dose of impressions right away. And this will hardly give you the opportunity to experience the beauty that will appear before your eyes. Try this city gradually. In small doses, on the throat, as a collection wine. Start with the Church of the Holy Spirit. Looking at the clock, decorating the facade of the church, you can feel the running of time. As if Kronos himself is standing next to you, giving you a rare opportunity to see something beyond the mere mortal eye. And it is possible that to the question of your friends about Tallinn - what to see, you will answer: look how time looks.

Eternal canons of female beauty

Meet with Tolstoy Margarita, diligentmistress, a thrifty storekeeper, for whom the word diet is an empty phrase. After all, she knows the true parameters of female beauty. This "fatty" -family at various times was a warehouse of weapons, and part of the defensive structure, and now quietly lives in the city, being the Estonian Maritime Museum. And never for all the time of its existence, and this period is quite large - five centuries, the numerous soldiers who dubbed the tower Tolstoy Margarita, did not confuse the volume of her waist at twenty-five meters. A true woman, she knows that her volumes at one time and became the main indicator of her protective functions. A hundred and fifty-five guns from her loopholes became an impassable barrier to the enemy.

Pharmacy at All Times

Sometimes reputation can last for centuries. This is the building of the Town Hall pharmacy that serves as a living proof of this. Throughout six centuries in its walls people found the medicines they needed. Of course, it all began with an advertising campaign. With all the known marzipans. Sweet delicacy in the fifteenth century was invented here. True, the name of the inventor has long been lost. But in the pharmacy to this day you can buy medicine. And in the back room you can see what exactly it was considered to be medicines many centuries ago. what can you see in Tallinn

Old Toomas

What to see in Tallinn in the Town Hall Square? Of course, at the Old Toomas. This weathervane of a brave soldier with a dashing twirling mustache has long been watching everything that happens at one of the oldest shopping areas in Europe. Maybe he will tell you a couple of interesting stories. Although, if you do not learn anything from Toomas, there is always the opportunity to visit the exhibition in the basement of the Town Hall. There you will get acquainted with the history of the famous defender of the city, which adorns the spire of the town hall tower.

Through the museums to the sea

Being in Tallinn and not visiting the park complexKadriorg is the same as walking around the city blindfolded. Four museums: Kadriorg Art Museum, Peter the Great's House Museum, Mikkel Museum and Kumu Museum - you can not miss the opportunity to visit at least one of them. Especially in the alley Kadriorg you will go to the sea. And if you still have the strength, be sure to visit the Estonian Open-Air Museum. In the forest park area, specially for such staunch travelers, everything that one can somehow associate with Estonia is collected. And if you are very lucky, you can look at one of the many folk festivals. And even become a participant in the folk festivities. Here you can buy souvenirs or handicrafts. One walk is not enough to cover everything you can see in Tallinn. But do not get upset. It is best to sit in one of the street cafes, drink a cup of strong coffee with cinnamon, gain strength and go on another leisurely walk through the city with a unique medieval atmosphere. We advise you to read: