Hong Kong Hong Kong ... This city has come a long way fromBritish colony to the business center of Asia. It is called the most modern city of China, the state in the state. "Tail", which managed to wiggle a huge "dog", forcing the Chinese authorities to reconsider their view of the market economy. Its architects, in their striving to reach heaven, consider it beneath their dignity to erect buildings below thirty floors. It is here that they produce the highest quality forgeries of all famous brands: fashion, accessories and technology. Hong Kong was able to mix two completely opposite cultures with centuries-old history and connect in a quaint cocktail of Chinese and Europeans, thus creating a new nation - the inhabitants of Hong Kong. On the earth there is no second place like Hong Kong: a city that grew on a relatively small piece of land, suggests that the intervention of higher forces in the process of its construction and prosperity. Almost 90% of Hong Kong is mountains, and weather surprises range from typhoons and storms to debilitating heat at a hundred percent humidity. But the higher powers have nothing to do with it. Everything that the world knows about Hong Kong - the sights of antiquity, modern skyscrapers, park complexes, multi-kilometer tunnels, canals and bridges - is the creation of human genius and the result of persistent and painstaking work. Fifteen hundred years ago, the inhabitants of the two hundred and sixty islands on which the special administrative region of China Hong Kong is now located could not imagine what their "fragrant bay" would turn into. Formerly once a haven of filibusters and fishermen, the city took leaps and bounds into the future, turning into a tourist and business center of China. Most importantly, despite the influence of various cultures, American and European, Hong Kong preserves ancient Chinese roots and cultivates the mysticism inherent in all Asians. hongkong sightseeing

Miracles of Hong Kong

In fact, Hong Kong is so rich in wonders thateyes run up. And every miracle is worthy of a separate mention. And most importantly, they are very compact, so that the tourist who comes in search of new impressions has no problems with what to see. Rather, there is a problem how to have time to see as much as possible. We have tried to choose for you those sights of Hong Kong, which will help you understand and learn this city from the inside, becoming for a while part of it, to see the way it appears before the locals.

Spice market

Hong Kong, like any other popular amongtourists metropolis, suffers from the fact that the opinion that is formed about it, is determined by the usual tourist routes. Following the instructions of guides and guides, you visit one or another tourist attraction. But if you want to know the true Hong Kong, you can avoid stereotypes by going to the Central Market. It is from here that you need to begin to recognize Hong Kong, soaking in the delicate, exquisite aroma of spices, listening to the bizarre speech of local residents, imbued with their leisurely life. In passing, you can buy real spices, in which the Chinese always knew a lot. Brown vanilla pods, cumin, nutmeg. Here and only here you will have the opportunity to buy a real "mixture of five flavors" - uksyamyan.

Goldfish Market

This place is exotic in its pure form. If you do not have enough feelings and emotions in the Central market, you have a chance to get the missing color in the goldfish market. All the same unhurried native Chinese and goldfish for every taste. The luxury of having a huge dog in Hong Kong is very few. But the Chinese look at it philosophically and are bred in their Goldenfish apartments. Just imagine: along the Tung-Choi street there are aquariums, banks and cellophane packages with silent captives. Approach and make a wish, if there is no opportunity to buy. However, this beauty is so breathtaking that few people remember desires! But goldfish is not all that can be seen behind the glass of aquariums: rainbow sea horses, jellyfish and even sea turtles look silently through the water, as if something is available to them, which we, people, can only dream of. However, the chirp of the Chinese speech will dilute this silence. Just like the light of Chinese lanterns will paint everything around the mysterious light. If you were looking for a place with true Chinese flavor, then you chose the right one to get acquainted with what is called real Hong Kong. sights of hongkong

Knockin 'on Heaven

Now, when the city has revealed to you its trueface, when you, let fleetingly, but soaked in its atmosphere, you can start to explore the sights of Hong Kong. The city, like the teeth of a huge dragon, silhouetted skyscrapers ripped up the sky. From their height, as the locals say, and before God it's easier to shout out, and you can see the neighboring islands. So - forward, to the highest tower, from where all Hong Kong, as in the palm of your hand! The observation deck on the one-hundredth floor of the Sky100 tower is almost 400 meters from the ground. From this height, the surrounding skyscrapers seem like toys, and the magnificent view of Victoria Bay looks like a canvas of a genius seascape, and Hong Kong itself is like a puppet city. Those who do not have enough adrenaline can climb another 18 floors and splash in the pool, which is listed in the Guinness World Records as the highest altitude pool. Hong Kong offers a unique opportunity to stroll through the skies, and the choice of a skyscraper depends only on your preferences: the International Financial Center, Central Plaza, the Headquarters of the Bank of China. Each building has a unique architectural design, not to mention the interior decoration. At each step, pools with goldfish and stylized waterfalls. Everything is strictly according to the rules of feng shui.

Runs-runs the path

In everyday life, we are so often confronted withmiracles of science, that we look at them with the tired indifference of jaded spectators. But when you come to Hong Kong, you just lose the right: wipe your eyes - here it is, the path for lazy people! You stand, and she goes by you or with you. These travolators are part of the city's transport system, which in itself is a real miracle. Two-story trams running here and there are escalators and travolators, ultramodern subway trains run by computers. The full feeling is that you are in a bright future, where everything is thought out and thought out in caring for a person. The usual pavement, nothing special, but Hong Kong is ahead of the whole planet. Many pavements are equipped with running belts of travolators. No timetable - you will never be late for this type of transport. The main thing is not to get carried away and not to drive past the destination. Or subway trains in Hong Kong - they may well qualify for the title of the most comfortable. Everything is at the customer's service: both televisions, and soft seats, and even the view behind the window. Sometimes the road passes through submarine tunnels and suspension bridges. By the way, this miracle you will see immediately upon arrival in Hong Kong. The way from the airport to the center of Hong Kong you will do on one of such miracle trains.

The Path of Wisdom

A lot of admiring the achievements of science andtechnique, walking along the "Bar Street", Lan Kwai Fong, where at every step of the party and beer of all varieties and price categories, remember the soul and for a while leave the noisy Hong Kong. Try to get a bit of centuries of wisdom in the monastery of Po Lin. The monastery is located on the island of Lantau, near Hong Kong. You can get there either by taxi on a suspension bridge or by a cable car. True, it will not be superfluous to warn that such a trip is not for the faint-hearted. But if you want to see the sights of Hong Kong from a bird's-eye view, the swinging cabin in the wind is not a hindrance. In order to get to the Po Lin monastery, you will have to overcome 268 steps in order to humble your spirit and purify your heart. Everything is strictly according to Buddhist traditions. To know wisdom, you need to be worthy of it. Your path will justify itself, as you will have the opportunity to see all of Hong Kong and a 34-meter statue of a seated Buddha. But if you want to photograph it, it's better to do it below, at the very bottom of the stairs. Otherwise it will not work, the Buddha will not enter any lens, it is too huge. But not only because of the Buddha statue tourists come to the monastery. The very nature here is so beautiful that the memories of a big city fade, becoming ghostlike, like a dream. The full feeling that the time here has frozen forever. Next to the statue of Buddha there is a path of wisdom: the sutra, written on wooden columns in the form of a sign of infinity. It looks a little mystical, sounds fade and the fog covers the foot of the columns. Hong Kong China

Welcome with ... a whip?

Numerous tourists annually come toHong Kong only to visit the Taoist monastery of Ching Chung Kun. By the way, Hong Kong residents are very tolerant of various religious denominations and teachings. And Taoism is the most mysterious of them. It is the followers of this teaching who have the secret of prolonging life. Although they themselves with a smile say that if you follow all the canons of faith, longevity will come itself. But in the monastery itself you can see the weapons of ancient soldiers who fought with demons, and a whip, the blows of which can heal the body and soul. Be prepared for the fact that you will not be allowed into some rooms. But you have to come here: it's a wonderful garden of bonsai, in which you clearly feel yourself as Gulliver in the Lilliputian forest.

Attraction of unseen fish

What is really necessary to visit, hitting inHong Kong, so it's Ocean Park, a corner of nature in the middle of the metropolis. This amusement park and entertainment in Hong Kong is not the only one. He managed to make a worthy competition to Disneyland. Entertainment here is no less, and even here you can see a real bear panda. Surrounded on three sides by the sea, the aquarium is divided into several zones. In the first live endangered species of birds and butterflies. Several aviaries with pandas, which are so used to the audience that they continue to do their own business, ignoring the noise and flashes of cameras. The next part is devoted to the disappeared species of animals. You will have the opportunity to follow the history of the development of vertebrates who lived on earth 65 million years ago. Realistic models of dinosaurs, the reconstruction of prehistoric crocodiles and salamanders. Just the park of the Jurassic period! Chinese sturgeon, a representative of the earliest vertebrates on earth, was brought to Hong Kong on the eve of the Olympic Games in China and became the main attraction of the oceanarium. 500-kilogram individuals flounder in a huge pool for the joy of visitors. No park in the world can boast such a vast and diverse collection of fish. More than 500 species of deep-sea and about 400 shallow marine life swim across the thickness of the glass. The pool with sharks is arranged in the form of a bowl, through which a transparent tunnel is laid. The level of adrenaline in the blood begins to rise involuntarily when a toothy monster from the movie "Jaws" approaches you. Do not be scared and in time to remember that you are separated from him by strong tempered glass, not everyone succeeds. Hong Kong is an amazing city. It's hard to say and, moreover, to measure in percentage terms, which is more: European charm or calm wisdom and mischievous wickedness of the East. But the main thing is to tune in and be able to see it as it really is, never tired of marveling at the harmony in which the miracles of modern science and the centuries-old traditions of the mysterious China coexist.