gift to my father for my birthday The pope is usually perceived by the children as the head of the family,indisputable authority and fair judge in different life situations. It is he who is able to point out honestly and without superfluous sentiments our mistakes and mistakes. A restrained father of praise is able to give self-confidence to any child. We should not forget that for the son, the father is an example of masculinity, and the daughter's model of behavior forms the image of the future elect for the role of spouse. Besides this, the really good father is considered by his children to be his best friend, who will always help and support him in time, will help to cope with problems and difficulties. Therefore, Father's Birthday is a very important event in the life of any happy family. A few weeks before the upcoming festivities of all its members, a pre-holiday fever spreads and there are a lot of questions about where to celebrate this day, how to make it interesting for the father, what to cook and, of course, what gift can not only please but also surprise the birthday boy.

What can a baby give?

Indeed, to Dad's Birthday alwayswas an original and cheerful event, much depends on the ingenuity and imagination of my mother. And to develop these qualities in children need from an early age. Do not think that a baby can not contribute to the holiday until the year. Of course, full participation will not work, but with my mother's help it is still possible to give my dad a personal sign of attention. For example, if he is fond of football, like most men, you can buy him a ball and use fantasy to make him unusual. Dip the palms of the child in the paint and make prints on the white parts of the ball, then write a marker on each of your wishes or the most valuable qualities of the pope. The spouse will necessarily appreciate such joint creativity of the wife and the beloved as a congratulation on her birthday. As an option, you can buy a dad as a gift for an ordinary hammer and together with a one-year-old child also give him some originality. To do this, it is necessary that the baby left a trace of his hands on his wooden part, dipping his palms into the paint. And you cover the handle with varnish. It is possible that the dad will not use such a hammer, but only his merry appearance in the tool box will always be able to give him a fleeting joy. If the child is older, then you can fully involve him and create a festive mood with your father. An excellent solution for this will be balloons. Let them be many, and on each one you can use a marker to write or draw a funny message for the birthday person. Let the toddler also bring out cute scribbles with an inept hand, as drawing on colored balls is a very fun and unusual activity. Or let the child leave their fingerprints on them - he will like it. If your children have grown enough to draw and manage scissors a little, help them make a picture or an application for their dad on their birthday. An interesting option may be the use of clay. To do this, you need to draw a simple marker for a black marker, for example, a fungus in the grass or a flower in a vase. Of course, the picture can be more complicated - it all depends on my mother's talent. But even if you do not know how to draw at all, then this is not a problem today. You can take a child's coloring and carefully cut out the image you like from it. Then it needs to be pasted onto a bright sheet of cardboard to get the effect of the picture in the frame. And then let your child with the help of plasticine turn a black and white picture in color and volume. Such a gift, made by own hands, is sure to please the pope on his Birthday. gift to your father for your birthday

Gifts for dad from school children

Small schoolchildren already, as a rule, are ableto make excellent homemade cards. Surely such items of their work you have repeatedly had to receive on the occasion of the 8th of March or another holiday. So why do not they make the same gift to their dad with their own hands? Of course, the card for his birthday should be especially festive and elegant. You can help with the idea, but give it to the child entirely. Perhaps the original approach and imagination, manifested by the son or daughter, will be a very pleasant surprise for you and your birthday. Also, a child of school age is quite capable of making and presenting a beautiful bookmark for the book to his dad on his Birthday, for example, in the form of a tie. Do not be discouraged if the child does not particularly like drawing or making something with his own hands. He can be fascinated by this activity with the help of an interesting idea. For example, you have already bought a ready gift for the birthday man and hid it in a secluded place. Ask the son or daughter to draw a map, with which the pope will have to find the thing intended for him as a congratulation. You can go even more unconventional way and suggest making your own hands and presenting for Papa's Birthday an unusual holiday Collage of Desires. To do this, discuss where exactly your child would like to visit his father for a year before his next birthday, and what they could do together. Then find in the old magazines pictures that will symbolize these places. Let the child cut them and paste them in an arbitrary form onto a large sheet of thick paper. Pictures can be arranged in accordance with the seasons, for example, combine together all the activities that meet the winter, summer, autumn and spring periods. So the child can not only make the pope an interesting and unusual gift with his own hands, but also tell about unrealized desires, which he did not dare to say aloud. As a result, the father will receive not just an interesting congratulation, but also a ready plan for joint pastime with the child. If your child is fond of any kind of creativity, this can also be used to give his dad on the birthday of the author's surprises. Young artists will probably be able to draw a portrait of their father or a beautiful landscape. Those children who study pottery and molding will be able to make by their own hands an original and unique souvenir cup or painted decorative plate. To small musicians it is possible to advise to present to the daddy on Birthday a small concert in his honor, having learned specially for this purpose pair of new simple products. birthday present for your father

Adult children and their man-made gifts

Try to make sure that children, even if they becomeadults, did not lose interest in homemade things and were not too lazy to waste time making them to give their father. A daughter in memory of past hobbies can, by her own hands, bind her father a beautiful scarf, socks and mittens or sew the original wall organizer for his little things (lighters, combs, scissors, phone book, glasses, etc.). You can invite her to take part in the preparation of the festive menu, entrusting the baking and decoration of the birthday cake. An adult son is quite capable of making shelves for his father's books, magazines or CDs. If the father likes to spend time in the country, involve the children in creating an unusual place for his rest. Let this be a surprise for the pope on his birthday. To do this, you can sew or hang yourself and hang a hammock, make a small pillow or even tie a warm cozy blanket, make a small table and decorate it as an oasis, where your father will be pleased to have coffee and read. You can use old tires to decorate or make a palm from plastic bottles. Such original things and objects made by themselves will become an extra proof of the daughter and filial love, because they were spent a lot of time and imagination. Best of all, if you yourself will set an example of how important it is to make gifts with your own hands. After all, you also have a beloved and dear dad who, like in your childhood, rejoices in the signs of attention on his Birthday. So do not forget that the elegant sweater or warm jacket you wear is sometimes better than the next item from the store. You can give your dad a painted glass or a glass frame for a mirror, even if you have to learn the basics of the stained glass technique. You can also make original candlesticks from low glasses, pasting on them fragments of colored glass. Of course, it is necessary to tinker, but such gifts for the birthday of the pope will be truly priceless. You can embroider a panel with your own hands, and also with the help of pieces of leather or a dyed egg shell make a great artistic picture. If you are able to sew, then try to make author's covers for your father's car or a doll-amulet, which will become for the pope a talisman and protection from the evil eye. gift for yourself on your dad's birthday

Homemade Symbolic Gifts

And if your father is soon an anniversary, then you must dohe is not just a valuable gift, but to present such a thing, which will become a symbol of love and respect for age and status. A very good idea can be the creation of a large family album by one's own hands. This is a complicated and painstaking business, however, the resulting gift will deserve to become a real family relic. Here you will benefit from such a direction as scrapbooking. This kind of skill is precisely aimed at creating through the photographs, drawings and pictures of the whole story of the life of the head of the family, which is your father. To give such a thing, you need a quality large album with thick sheets. It should be filled with photographs of the jubilee and beautiful thematic images in chronological order, from children's to the photo of today's days. If you have the ability to literary presentation of thoughts, you can include in the album and small stories that characterize some of the moments of your dad's life. Such a gift, made by own hands, will not only cause the interest of the jubilee himself, but will also make him the center of attention of all guests. Another symbolic congratulation for the birthday or anniversary of the pope can be ordinary children's cubes, or rather, they will serve as an excellent basis for this. Find six common photos of your father and you, better those that were made in childhood. Cut them into six pieces and paste them into cubes in such a way that you can put together the whole picture by correctly connecting the sides. Try to compose and present to the Pope for the anniversary an unusual Crossword of Memoirs. As encrypted words, your children's home-grown nicknames, places for joint rest, words that you ridiculed funny as a child will do. Create such a crossword on a large sheet of whatman, make it bright and cheerful, provide photos and even your own children's drawings, if they have survived until now. Such a gift will not only create a good mood for the father on the anniversary. You with your own hands will give him the opportunity to momentarily plunge into youth, which means a lot and is very expensive. But even if you have already bought a ready gift for your beloved father, whether it's a phone, a camera or a tonometer, do not be too lazy and give it originality by making a beautiful festive package and an author's card. For this, you can take two boxes of different sizes to put one into the other. Pull them with gift paper and fix it with adhesive tape. In a smaller box, enclose the gift itself, and in the larger one - a postcard. So you will be able to present a truly intriguing and vivid congratulation. Do not forget that even the most banal thing in the hands of someone who can and wants to create, is able to become a unique gift for a loved one not only on his birthday, but on any other holiday. To do this, you only need to show imagination and a non-trivial creative approach. Recently, hand-made things, that is, made with their own hands, are gaining popularity. There are many new techniques for making art crafts. If you have not mastered any yet, then the upcoming birthday of the pope can be a good reason for this. And if you are already successfully doing interesting and unusual things with your own hands, then use your skills to give joy to loved ones and close people. Do not be afraid to be original and teach your children this! We advise you to read: