correct extrusion of the wen in the home Before embarking on surgery, any surgeonwill get acquainted with the patient's medical history and choose the optimal variant of the procedure. Similarly, by caring for the skin and finding some flaws, women need to understand why they appeared. Quite often on the face there are atypical formations of white color - so-called "zhiroviki" or, scientifically, lipomas. Physicians they are regarded as benign tumors. Do not immediately get down to business and, in the process, think about how to squeeze out a fatty without complications.

Where are located, why are formed

Most often, neoplasms appear on the face,but you can see the adipes on the body. Considering it, you can see that the wen is a fairly dense formation, located under the skin. It is mobile, the skin above it remains normal, with no visible changes. To get rid of unexpectedly appeared "decoration", it is necessary to take a capsule from under the skin. Such a superficial tumor is clearly limited in size, but its extrusion is complicated by the fact that it is necessary to properly remove the formation without injuring the skin and not compromising the integrity of the fatty capsule. When pressing, the person does not feel any discomfort, the average diameter of the wenik ranges from 1 to 4 centimeters. According to statistics, on the face greens are formed in women after 30 years, but can appear much earlier. The defect is due to the clogging of the opening of the sebaceous gland, but why it occurs - is unknown. Many people believe that the main reason that the greens act on the face is the clogging up of the body with slags. medical check-up

What is dangerous for human wives

As mentioned earlier, such a neoplasmappears painlessly, does not increase in size and does not bring any unpleasant sensations to a person. That's why experts consider the formation of a wen-eye to be a purely cosmetic problem. If a woman decides to pierce a white tubercle, she should prepare for the fact that the weneworm behaves somewhat differently than a regular acne. There is no pus in it, the white mass is almost not squeezed out. On the face to carry out such home operations is dangerous because it is easy to leave a scar and bring into the wound infection, it does not matter whether the small wen or a large neoplasm.

How to get rid of the problem: expert advice

Returning to the main question, it must be said,that experts do not recommend to get rid of zhirovika at home without special tools. Cosmetologists work with a surgical spoon, which has a hole. Picking up the tool to the size of the wen, they easily surround it and gently pierce the capsule, extracting the contents. An alternative option - squeezing out the new growth at home - will suit only very neat women who are good at working with a needle. For work, you can take a special surgical tool, it will avoid unnecessary skin injuries. When making a puncture, it is necessary to grasp the base of the wen and gently squeeze out its core - the entire capsule. Carrying out home operations on the face, it is important to observe the maximum sterility. All the tools and accessories that a woman will work with are best laid out on a napkin or an alcohol-bound paper rag. In some cases, warts are removed by the laser, it passes much faster and is prescribed as an obligatory procedure in the event that a woman needs to remove the neoplasm near the eyes and in other tender, inaccessible places. extruding a wen

People's means of getting rid of wen

If a woman is afraid, she does not want to squeeze out herproblem, you can always turn to folk wisdom and try some alternative options. As a preventive and active treatment it is recommended to eat cinnamon. However, it should be understood that the ground spice is quite aggressive for the stomach and people who suffer from gastritis should take this method as carefully as possible. One can appreciate the ancient way of getting rid of fatty acids - to use the egg film obtained from the eggs of domestic chickens. At first, some redness may appear on the place where the film is applied, and even pronounced edema. If a person does not have egg allergy, you can continue the course of "treatment", after 3-4 sessions, the adipose should disappear. Thus, you do not have to squeeze out anything, but the option requires a lot of time, because not every method allows you to achieve one hundred percent positive effect. Speaking about the procedure on the face, you should be careful. Even proven compositions of herbs can have a harmful effect on skin color, make it too dry or vice versa, contribute to the appearance of acne. Known in the people for its medicinal properties, the indoor plant "Golden Hens" can also be used as a medicine. The sheet is cut along, succulent part is applied to the place of formation of the wen, is fixed with gauze, left for 12 hours, after which the bandage is changed. The course of treatment will be about 10-12 days, after which the tumor will disappear. You can "treat" zhiroviki another plant - aloe. The meaning remains the same - the leaf is applied to the neoplasm and left for 8-10 hours. In addition, the juice of the plant removes inflammation and improves skin condition. You can argue a long time about how best to do, squeeze out a wen or not, but caring about its beauty, it is worth consulting with a specialist or choosing an independent way of solving a problem that does not require specific knowledge and skills.