cracks in the corners of the lips The appearance of small cracks in the corners of the mouthaccompanied by discomfort, brings pain and inconvenience. In the people such ulcers have called "zaedy", they can be found both in the child and in the adult. Especially often the problem appears during pregnancy, and to mask such a defect is not always obtained, because the cracks in the corners of the lips are very painful, especially when talking or eating. Why the corners of the lips are cracked and how to treat this problem, we will tell in this article.

Why does the problem appear?

In order to get rid of cracks in the cornerslips, you need to know the exact cause of their appearance. First of all, carefully inspect the damage sites. If the skin lesions are rather superficial, more like peeling, chances are, you just blew out your lips. It is enough to stop licking them, less to go out for a while, and the problem will disappear by itself. Sometimes cracking starts not only in the corners of the lips, but also in the wings of the nose. Also, the problem appears in the corners of the eyes. In this case, there are the following variants of the problem:

  • Cracks on the skin of the face (at the mouth, at the nose and around the eyes) indicate the presence of beriberi. During pregnancy, the lack of vitamins and minerals is often expressed in this way;
  • If such a problem arose in the child, perhaps there is a banal non-observance of personal hygiene rules;
  • If the lips crack often, this can be caused by various infections or problems in the oral cavity (for example, caries);
  • Perhaps the cause of the problem lies in the allergy to toothpaste or cosmetics;
  • The most unpleasant options are violations in the metabolism or in the digestive system.

As you can see, the reasons for the appearance of such atrouble is pretty much. And it is not always possible to determine them independently. In some cases, it makes sense to consult a specialist, because the presence of this problem may indicate the onset of major changes in the body. in the corners of the lip crack

How to treat cracks in the corners of the lips?

To cure "jam" is necessary in a complex. First of all, it is necessary to monitor the sufficient intake of vitamins and minerals with food. During pregnancy, this is especially important, because for the development of the child the body spends a lot of its own resources, which must be restored in a timely manner. In your diet must be present, buckwheat, oatmeal, fish, various types of meat, fresh greens. In order to get rid of cracks in the corners of the lips as quickly as possible, treatment should be accompanied by procedures aimed at reducing inflammation and accelerating the healing process of the skin. To do this, you can do the following:

  • Regularly sprinkle affected areas with thermal water;
  • Lubricate cracks with tea tree oil, flax or sea-buckthorn (in principle, you can use any oil with antibacterial properties);
  • Use for lubrication a solution containing vitamins A and E;
  • Fatty sour cream is an excellent moisturizer;
  • Another unique product that helps in the treatment of cracks is honey, only use it preferably in the evening;
  • You can also treat cracks with lotions from the infusion of chamomile, string or sage;
  • If the problem often occurs in the child, be sure to accustom it to regular washing of hands. Do not allow him to eat dirty vegetables and fruits;
  • If the situation allows you to stay at home, then speeding up the treatment will help lubricate the affected areas with tincture of iodine. Do this by opening your mouth wide.

Sometimes cracks in the corners of the lips can bea consequence of fungal diseases. In this case, in order not to infect anyone from your environment, you need to isolate personal items and apply antifungal drugs. Do not assign them yourself, it's best to consult a specialist.

Preventive measures

The best treatment is prevention! This statement can not be exactly suited to this problem. If you are well acquainted with the disease, take for yourself the rule of following the recommendations. Then, perhaps, treatment is not needed.

  • Avoid spicy and too salty foods so as not to irritate the skin again in the problem area;
  • If you notice the appearance of a sore, try not to disturb it, in order to let it heal as quickly as possible;
  • Do regular special anti-inflammatory and healing masks for the skin around the lips. Aloe or Kalanchoe juice is great for this;
  • Never use other people's personal care products;
  • Increase your immunity and do not forget to take vitamins in the winter.

Now you know how to get rid of cracks incorners of the mouth. Remember that a sharp change of climate can also provoke this problem. Take care, do not stay too long on the street in case of severe frost and wind. We hope that the trouble will bypass you. Be healthy!