causes of cheesy discharge Vaginal discharge in women is consideredabsolutely normal phenomenon. Their number, color and consistency can vary depending on the period of the menstrual cycle, sexual activity, hormonal status and age of the fairer sex. Nature laid on vaginal discharge an important function - they contribute to the natural cleansing of the genital tract and protect them from all sorts of infections. If the woman is healthy, then separated from her vagina should be a transparent (sometimes whitish or yellowish) watery mucus without a pungent odor. The amount of mucus increases during the period of ovulation. symptoms of infections

Cottage cheese in genital candidiasis

In the case where the secretions become abundant,resemble cottage cheese flakes, are accompanied by itching, acquire an uncharacteristic color for them and a sharp unpleasant odor, a lady should be seen by a gynecologist. All these signs indicate a poor situation in her sexual sphere. Cured vaginal discharge can indicate the presence of serious diseases, but in most cases they are a sign of candidiasis. Genital candidiasis (in other words, thrush) is a very common ailment, it is a sign of 75% of women who are of childbearing age. The disease develops as a result of excessive reproduction of fungi of the genus Candida - microorganisms that make up the normal microflora of the mucous membrane of female genital organs. Until the number of fungi does not exceed the norm, the natural balance is maintained in epithelial tissues. But if the fungal microorganisms begin to multiply intensively, then the vaginal mucosa becomes inflamed and the woman develops candidiasis. The main causes of active reproduction of fungal infection are:

  • pregnancy;
  • long-term treatment with antibiotics and hormonal drugs;
  • intestinal dysbiosis;
  • decreased immunity;
  • carrying out douches without a doctor's prescription;
  • The wearing of underwear made of synthetic fabrics;
  • bathing in dirty water;
  • HIV infection or diabetes mellitus.

White cottage cheese is not the onlya sign of thrush. In addition, women are concerned about the constant itching in the perineum, discomfort during urination, the appearance of discomfort and pain during intercourse. Vaginal whitens become abundant, sometimes they can acquire a yellowish or even greenish hue. They are characterized by a sharp sour-milk smell. At external survey the gynecologist finds out reddenings on a mucous membrane of a vagina and on a surface of external genitals, formation on them a deposit in the form of cottage cheese. If genital candidiasis has developed against the background of erosion of the cervix, then the curdled discharge in women becomes pinkish due to blood clots in them. diet for thrush

Treatment and diet for thrush

Thrush does not carry any danger of life andhealth, but its presence is extremely unpleasant for a woman. Constant itching, which intensifies at night and after washing with warm water, secretions that unpleasantly smell and leave white stains on the underwear - all this often leads to the development of mental disorders and the violation of a full intimate life. Previously, getting rid of genital candidiasis was not easy, but to date it has been successfully treated with local and general drugs. For example, with a mild form of thrush, doctors prescribe to their patients vaginal suppositories, ointments and capsules based on Miconazole, Pimafucin, ketoconazole, Nystatin and Clotrimazole. With advanced forms of the disease, women are prescribed medication for general action (Fluconazole, Itraconazole). In order to quickly and effectively get rid of thrush, women should radically change their entire diet and exclude products that promote the development of fungal infections. These include carbonated drinks, yeast pastries, sugar, coffee, mushrooms, beer, milk, spices, various sauces and ketchups, sweet fruits, all fatty and spicy dishes. Instead, it is useful to use sour-milk drinks, lean meat and fish, stale bread, bran, whole grains, stewed vegetables and fresh fruit compotes.

Cottage cheese vaginal discharge in inflammatory processes and venereal infections

Curd without odor, colored inyellow color, are observed in inflammatory processes in the appendages, ovaries and fallopian tubes (oophoritis, adnexitis, salpingoophoritis, salpingitis). In the case of an acute course of these gynecological diseases, women complain of the occurrence of copious vaginal discharge. For the chronic form of leaking diseases characterized by scant formations of the same curd consistency. Inflammatory processes in the organs of the female reproductive system are often accompanied by severe pain and fever, but in rare cases can occur without any obvious symptoms. Treatment of this group of diseases is carried out by antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and physiotherapeutic methods. White curdled discharge in women is not only with genital candidiasis. They are also characteristic for chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis and a number of other sexually transmitted diseases. In this case, leucorrhoea coming out of the female vagina, have a cloudy white or gray hue and have a very sharp odor. The listed ailments are accompanied by itching and burning in the genital area. To determine the exact diagnosis, the gynecologist takes a patient's PCR smear and, on the basis of the results of the laboratory study, prescribes appropriate treatment for her. Until the final diagnosis is made, a woman is usually prescribed fluomizine, an antiseptic, to relieve uncomfortable symptoms, which effectively removes discomfort and does not affect the results of the analysis. Yellow curdish whites with an unpleasant odor, accompanied by a burning sensation when urinating and itching in the genital area, may be signs of gonorrhea. If these symptoms occur, the woman should immediately appear to the venereologist. Gonorrhea is dangerous because of its complications, leading to irreversible changes in the organs of the reproductive system, so it is better not to delay the treatment of this ailment. If the patient is diagnosed with gonorrhea, the doctor prescribes her course of antibiotic therapy and recommends giving up sexual life for the entire treatment period. The woman's sexual partner should also be treated with an infection. The appearance of abundant green or yellow-green curdled whites with an unpleasant smell is a sign of trichomoniasis. This disease is transmitted only with unprotected intercourse. Allocations corrode the genitals, as a result of which the woman has itching, pains in the lower back and lower abdomen, unpleasant sensations during sexual intercourse are added. To treat trichomoniasis, both sex partners are prescribed Metronidazole or Tinidazole and advised them to give up intimate relationships for 2 weeks. If the disease is not treated on time, then its consequences can be infertility, ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages. Some venereologists believe that neglected trichomoniasis can cause cancer. It is important to remember that the color, amount, consistency and smell of vaginal discharge can not be the determining factors in the diagnosis. It is possible to find out the true cause of the appearance of curdled whites only after conducting a laboratory examination, appointed by a gynecologist. The sooner a woman turns to a specialist, the more chances she has for a full recovery.