ways to call ovulation More and more often in family couples arisedifficulties with conception. Why does this happen, what is the cause? As you know, the process of ovulation is mandatory at conception. Without ovulation, conception can not occur. Under ovulation is the process of maturation of a healthy egg. Sometimes it happens that over a month the egg never ripened and, accordingly, ovulation did not come. In this case, it is advisable to ask many women how to cause ovulation. Unsurprising an egg can occur for several reasons, for example, because of poor ecology. The norm is the absence of ovulation once or twice a year. What to do if ovulation does not occur, and you really want to get pregnant? There are different ways to cause the process of maturation of the egg.

Ovulation by medication

Adjust the menstrual cycle, restorehormonal background of a woman, and also cause ovulation can be with the help of medicines. Modern medicine represents a number of drugs that can cause the maturation of the egg. Among such preparations, clomiphene, citrate, clomid, clostilbegite and others. As a rule, their reception is appointed from the fifth to the ninth day of the menstrual cycle, and the dosage is constantly increasing. Immediately it is necessary to say that it is necessary to cause ovulation strictly under the supervision of a gynecologist. The scheme of reception of such preparations for each woman is different, the doctor-gynecologist will choose the one suitable for you. The medical method of calling the ovulatory process is considered quite effective. But this does not mean that after the course will immediately be able to get pregnant. Only 15% of women become pregnant at once, in others the conception occurs with the passage of time. The use of drugs to call ovulation should be carried out no more than six menstrual cycles. Like all medicines, such drugs have their side effects, at the first manifestations of which you should immediately contact your doctor. Mistakenly believe those who believe that stimulating the maturation of the egg is a sufficiently reliable and safe way to get pregnant sooner. The consequences of involuntary stimulation can be irreversible, so you should not induce ovulation by a medicamental method in any case. stimulation of ovulation with medical products

First you need to prepare

Before starting to stimulate ovulation,must be carefully prepared. For several months, it is necessary to conduct a so-called ovulation calendar, where one should mark the days when the basal body temperature rises. Having such data, it is possible to draw up a special schedule that will reflect the regularity of the work of the system of procreation. If there are any glitches, do not panic. Sometimes it does not require any treatment, because it also happens that a couple of times a year ago there was no ovulation. Before proceeding to drug treatment, several months in a row to conduct ultrasound. Ultrasound will allow the most accurate determination of the cause of failure in the process of maturation of a healthy egg. It is also necessary to pass an analysis on the content of sex hormones. Before the stimulation of ovulation is prescribed, both spouses need to undergo a special medical examination. If a man turns out to be infertile, it is useless to stimulate ovulation. When choosing a method for stimulating the maturation of the female sex cell, the doctor takes into account the age characteristics of both spouses, the individual characteristics of each. The use of clostilbegite (stimulant) is necessarily accompanied by a procedure of ultrasound, which helps to monitor the process of maturation of the follicle itself. When the size of the follicle reaches about 18 mm, the woman needs to take the drug for stimulation. After taking the drug, ovulation usually comes in 24-36 hours. This does not mean that conception will necessarily occur after the first attempt. Here a considerable role is played by the woman's age, the cause and duration of her infertility.

Stimulation of maturation of the female germ cell by means of vitamins

Before planning a pregnancy, a womanshould be properly prepared. Very often problems with conception of a child arise from malnutrition and lack of essential vitamins. The nutrition of the future mother should be balanced and rational. It is very important for a woman to provide the body with folic acid. The lack of folic acid has the most direct negative impact on the intrauterine development of the baby. It is very important not to allow iodine deficiency in the body, so iodized salt should be consumed. The immune system must be carefully strengthened. Food should contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals. The diet should include raw fruits and vegetables, cereals. It is very useful sauerkraut, which contains vitamins and fiber. It is important to know that before starting to stimulate ovulation, it is necessary to bring the hormones of thyroid gland, male hormones and prolactin into norm. It is also possible that after all these hormones are brought back to normal, ovulation will come on their own. ovulation test

The main stages of stimulation of egg maturation

When choosing clostilbegite as a means forstimulation of the ovulatory process, its reception should begin already on the fifth day of the menstrual cycle, and finish on the ninth day. If, for the stimulation of ovulation, Puregon or menogon was chosen, then the reception should start from the second day of the cycle, and finish at about the tenth day. The exact date of the beginning and the end of the reception will be determined by the attending physician, based on the observations made. The duration of the stimulation procedure itself depends on the state of the ovaries and womb of the woman. A few days after the start of the stimulation procedure, it is necessary to have an ultrasound, which is then repeated every two or three days. Observation of ultrasound should be carried out until the size of the follicle is 20-25 mm. In order to prevent the process of regression of the follicles, the doctor can prescribe a prick of the hormone hCG, which will help start the process of maturation of the egg. Most often, the stimulation of egg maturation with clostilbegite leads to the fact that conception will soon occur. The doctor can also determine the number of necessary sexual acts and their frequency. It is recommended that you follow all that the doctor prescribes. If after the application of clostilbegit ovulation has not occurred, after the third course of treatment should be an additional examination and change the treatment. Before starting the procedure for stimulation of the ovum, all necessary tests should be submitted and any inflammatory processes should be excluded. Any inflammatory process is a serious contraindication for the procedure, because it can significantly worsen the patient's condition. Possible stimulation with drugs such as gonal and menopur. These drugs can replenish the endocrine gland of the pituitary gland with hormones, control the entire process of maturation of the follicle and promote the onset of ovulation. Both drugs are available as injections for ingestion (intramuscularly or subcutaneously). Before proceeding with the procedure for inducing the ovulatory process, it is necessary to obtain the therapist's conclusion that you are able to bear the child. An obligatory procedure is the examination of blood for the presence of immunity to rubella. In addition, the patency of the fallopian tubes is examined, as the fertilization of the egg occurs here. You can assess the patency of the fallopian tubes in several ways. Among such methods are transvaginal hydrolaparoscopy, laparoscopy and metrosalpingography. The choice of the method is performed by the doctor based on the available indications. Absence of ovulation can be the result of excessive leanness, polycystic ovaries, impaired pituitary function, stress, excessive physical exertion, disruption of hormonal balance, diseases, etc. folk ways to stimulate ovulation

Stimulation of ovulation through traditional medicine

Stimulate the ovulatory process and you canfolk methods, without resorting to drug treatment. The best way to stimulate the maturation of an egg is considered to be a decoction of sage. Sage contains many substances reminiscent of its composition, estrogen (a female hormone). To prepare such a decoction, you need to take 1 tablespoon of sage and pour it with a glass of boiling water. When the broth cools down, it should be filtered. Take necessary 30 minutes before meals 4 times a day. It is advisable to start taking the sage broth on the fifth or sixth day of the menstrual cycle. The course of treatment is eleven days. For more than three months, this broth is not recommended for use. You should take a break for 2 months, and then repeat the treatment. Promotes stimulation and a special healing mixture, prepared from leaves scarlet. To prepare such a mixture, you need to take the plant aloe not less than five years. Before cutting the leaves, it is not recommended to water the plant for about a week. Cut off scarlet leaves must be cleaned for a week in the fridge, and then finely chopped. In sliced ​​aloe leaves, add pork lard, melted butter and honey. For one teaspoon of aloe need 6 spoonfuls of honey, as much oil and smaltz. One tablespoon of the obtained mixture before consumption should be melted in a glass of warm milk, taken twice a day. Perfectly contributes to the maturation of the egg broth from the petals of the rose. In order for the ovaries to function normally, they need vitamin E, which is found in large quantities in the rose petals. One glass of freshly cut flower petals must be poured with a glass of boiled water, and then sent to gas for 15 minutes. After the time has elapsed, leave the broth for another 45 minutes until it is properly absorbed. Take a decoction before going to bed one to two teaspoons. The course of treatment should not exceed two months. There are many different means for stimulating ovulation. Before choosing any of the means, it is recommended to consult your gynecologist who will choose the most suitable one. You may need to pass some tests, the results of which will help you choose the right treatment.