flowers from sweets with own hands Sweet-design (making bouquets of sweets) has becometoday is unusually popular. At first it was believed that sweet floristry is available only by a professional. But then, our skilled craftsmen carefully examined the professional candy bouquets and came to the conclusion that it is almost everyone's power to make flowers from sweets with their own hands. Of course, this requires not only certain knowledge, but also artistic taste, as well as a sense of style and measure. Strictly speaking, the ability to make flowers of sweets with your own hands is always useful. Now it is very fashionable to replace the traditional gift set "flowers plus a box of chocolates" with sweet bouquets. Even teachers on the First of September are given such bouquets, and what to speak about less official holidays? So you need to learn this: useful, informative, exciting. So, we learn to make flowers from sweets with our own hands.

Materials and Tools

For the compilation of bouquets you will need the usual floral and clerical materials and tools:

  • Packing tape and film, corrugated paper, transparent cellophane;
  • Tape tape;
  • Double-sided or regular adhesive tape (narrow and wide);
  • Stapler;
  • Scissors;
  • Sewing thread;
  • Chopsticks for barbecue and toothpicks;
  • Floristic sponge (foam, foam rubber).

Naturally, for the production of sweet flowerswill need candy. Candy will suit any: chocolate and caramel, in candy wrappers and without them, round and rectangular. In short, from any sweets (up to marmalade and marshmallow) you can make flowers yourself, especially since there are no special devices for this at all. delicious flowers of sweets with your own hands

Principle of manufacture

Flowers from sweets can be different. In some bouquets, sweets in bright wrappers (or wrapped in beautiful paper) act as flowers. Other bouquets are made of artificial flowers (made by oneself), where sweets are only a part of such a flower. For example, chamomile, poppy or crocus from corrugated paper can have candy middles. Candy can become the lower "petals" of a paper rose. A pink bud or poppy is just hidden in a bowl of your sweet flower. In any case, the principle of making flowers from candy is the same: sweets are attached to toothpicks or on barbecue sticks and are decorated. Then, from such "flowers" on stems-sticks a bouquet is made, which, in turn, is also made out with decorative paper, film and other floral materials. To put the candy on the stalk, you just need to tighten the tail of the wrapper tightly to a toothpick (stick for a barbecue) with a tap-tape or a usual tape, and then zadekoririt place of attachment. If sweets without a wrapper, or candy wrapper does not have a "tail", then the candy is placed in wrapping paper or a film (kulechek, cylinder), which is tied to a toothpick. If desired, sweets can be supplemented with petals and leaves cut out of paper or film. Let's look at some of the easiest options for making flowers from sweets with your own hands.

Candy - flowers

A sweet bouquet can consist of real flowers incombination with candy colors. To produce such flowers, you do not need special skills and the ability to make artificial flowers. Everything is very simple. For example, truffles in beautiful shiny candy wrappers (or any other sweets) you turn your hands into elegant flowers-candies. How to do it? Let's consider three options:

  • Take the candy in a wrapper with one tail, a toothpick and a tape tape or tape. Then apply a toothpick to the tail, wrap a wrapper around it and fix it with adhesive tape.
  • Take a candy of a rectangular shape, squarepiece of wrapping paper, whose side is eight to ten centimeters greater than the length of the candy, a toothpick and an adhesive tape. Turn around the candy paper, forming a cylinder, in the middle of which is a sweetie. One end of the cylinder is wrapped in a "tail", wind it around the handle-toothpick and fix it with adhesive tape. The second empty end is tied with a ribbon.
  • Take a round or oval candy,rectangular piece of wrapping paper or film, toothpick, scotch tape. From a rectangular wrapper you twist a cone-shaped bowl, put a candy in it, and wrap the loose ends of the bag around the toothpick. Fix with adhesive tape.
  • Believe me, this is actually quite simple. Even if the first time not everything will turn out neatly, do not worry - the skill comes with experience. You very quickly learn to make such flowers-candies and make up bouquets of them, complementing the compositions with fresh flowers. beautiful flowers of sweets with your own hands

    Candy in flowers

    This method of making flowers for sweetbouquets is considered more complicated and time consuming. It will require you to work with corrugated paper or any other material for making artificial flowers. For beginners to master the suite design, it is possible to advise corrugated paper as a test material. Simply, it is considered one of the most "grateful" materials for the suite design. We will try to make buds of roses and crocuses from sweets and corrugated paper.

    • Pink buds

    Perhaps the simplest, but very effective waythe manufacture of artificial flowers. To do this you will need round sweets or truffles, toothpicks, corrugated paper (pink or white), threads and scissors. For one bud, cut out two squares of paper with a side of about ten to twelve centimeters (for Raffaello sweets). Determine the proportional direction of the corrugation and cut the top of the squares in a semicircle. Now fold them one on top of the other, moving the top square to the left, and slightly stretching the middle part of the petals, making it slightly convex. Then put the candy on the right edge of the folded petals and carefully wrap it, folding the petals into a roll. Empty the bottom part (even edge) of the bud and twist it around the toothpick and tie it with threads. Above the "petals" a little spread and stretch along the very edge, making them wavy.

    • Crocuses

    For one crocus, we need five petals- strips of corrugated paper measuring approximately four by ten centimeters. The share direction of the corrugation should go along the long side of the petal. We take one strip and wrap its upper edge (one-third of the length) one turn inside. Then bend at the point of twisting the strip, wrap this "tail" and stretch the edge of the petal, making it concave-convex. After that, we put all five petals in a row and fasten each other with a stapler. From the transparent packaging film, we cut out the square (the side is about twelve centimeters), put a candy in its middle and wrap all free edges like a candy wrapper. Apply a toothpick to this tail, wrap it around the film and fix it with threads or scotch tape. Now carefully apply the tape from the petals to the toothpick, so that the candy is in the middle of the flower, and also fix them with tape or tap-tape. Try yourself as a sweet florist. Perhaps you will come up with something of your own, some exclusive technique for making flowers from sweets. But even if you just use the experience of other masters, you can still realize your creative potential. Good luck! We advise you to read: