what guys like girls We have already crossed the line of youth, gained experiencecommunication with the male sex. "And it's time for you to think about marriage," parents and friends say. And it even seems to be called in the registrar's office Serezha, Igor, Sasha and even Alyosha. But we are all thinking, meditating, comparing, comparing. And do not dare to hand your fate in the hands of one of them. And they get angry, because, it would seem, each of these young people is worthy to become someone's companion of life. And their appearance is not bad, and there are almost no bad habits, and they earn not so little. After all, why do other girls want to marry them? And you, in fact, also need that there is always an attractive man nearby who can provide a family! It is so? Not really. Someone's ideals of the husband Igor, Sergei, Sasha and Alyosha, of course, are. Someone, but not ours. Because we for some reason do not want to spend all their lives with them. However, we know perfectly well that they are not our second halves. And we dream about that the spouse met several other criteria. On compromises with itself to go risky, agree. Sooner or later you will have to pay for them. Therefore, we are trying to find someone who will correspond to our idea of ​​the ideal husband as much as possible. But what kind of guys like girls? What do beauties want from men who intend to take them as wives? what are you guys like

Female position: pomatrosila and quit!

I must say that all the girlish freaks aboutMarriage is usually explained by the fact that the guy in something does not suit them. Judging from the polls, the purpose of which is to find out what kind of boys girls like, the masculine appearance for marriage is far from the most important. As it does not predominate in this case, the ability of a young man to earn a lot. Representatives of the stronger sex usually think otherwise. That's why they are perplexed when they, such, seemingly, handsome, outspoken, businesslike, charming, some young lady after the proposal to marry does not respond immediately, "Yes." And not suffocating at the same time with delight, as shown in the movies. No, there are, of course, young people who just want to help the young man nerves before finally saying "Yes" to him. But there are not so many of them such obstinate. After all, in order to behave this way with a guy who, in general, is not indifferent to you, you need to be deeply confident in his feelings. It's not that, having lost patience, he will run to some hunter for husbands. And remember how they called. However, even a sincerely loving guy, without waiting for the consent of the beloved, may disappear from her life. Go to him later, return and explain that he just stood a pause, because my mother said that it's so necessary. But in fact, you like him. In short, the girls who want to marry their boyfriend, head to him after the offer to go to the registry office will not be fooled. And then, when they doubt, wondering whether it is worth to associate life with it, the ladies are just trying to delay this moment. In this case, often a young man seems to be quite a decent party. And they do not understand why a girl does not want to build a relationship with him. In fact, everything is simple. She does not see in it the presence of all those qualities necessary to become a good husband. We will not talk about love. Strong marriages, unfortunately, are built not only on feelings. And if a girl is able to act reasonably, she will not marry, being guided only by them. The requirements for most young people to the future life partner are similar. Now let's see what kind of wishes this is and what the girl wants from the guy for whom she will definitely marry? what guys like girls outwardly

Ideal husband: what the young lady dreams about

First you need to understand why a girl so wantsmarried. Yes, because she was tired of uncertainty and wants a quiet, most happy life. The representative of the fair sex intends to marry in order to find a family happiness. And for this, the following qualities that her future partner in life should have:

  • Ambitiousness

This gives hope that he will strive tomake a successful career. In the event that the guy and before marriage already have significant incomes, they, of course, reassure the girl more. But even if he does not have the desire to go forward and develop, the attractiveness of a young man as a potential husband is significantly reduced. And even if he looks like a prince and has a pedigree, he will never have a horse and a castle. It would seem that a girl does not want a serious relationship with a wealthy guy? In fact, a lady may not want, if the young man does not believe in the fragrance of future success. Today's prosperity, of course, pleases, but after a couple of years you will get used to it. And you want at least some progress. And then not trying to reach new heights the husband becomes uninteresting.

  • The ability to enjoy life and enjoy it

Girls do not want a relationship in the family, similar tobusiness partnership, as with employees in the office. The unnecessarily worried husband worries because he is always busy and does not pay enough attention to his relatives, depriving himself and his simple human joys. What kind of guy wants a girl to see her husband? Free, cheerful, independent, both externally and internally. If a man is fixated at work, he can not make her existence complete. Unless completely provide materially, and only. It is unlikely that this will be enough for a normal family life.

  • Modesty

No, not the modesty that makes youto hammer into a corner because of the effort to be unnoticed. Modesty means the lack of false bravado in a guy's behavior and a real appreciation of his own worth and his own merits. Pompous peacocks, boasting of their sexual victories, like only enthusiastic fools who do not know how to distinguish the true essence of man from his false image. Smart girls do not want a serious relationship with someone who shamelessly demonstrates to others how good he is. They do not believe in such young people and do not become attached to them. After all, as we have already said, in the results of the survey concerning what kind of boys liked girls, the appearance did not stand in the first place.

  • Talent

Every young person dreams of having herthe future husband stood out among others. What does the girl want to hear from friends and acquaintances about her chosen one? No, not enthusiastic exclamations that he looks like Brad Pitt. She wants to hear words of admiration for his abilities and achievements in this or that sphere of life. A man can be an excellent master, excellent skiing, wonderful playing the guitar, masterfully driving a car, writing pictures. Anything, just to make it better than the rest. Such talents in men conquer women and arouse in them the respect necessary for a good marriage.

  • Presence of sensitivity

The guy for whom the girl will decide to marry,should not be callous and unfeeling. Strangely enough, but women are more attracted to those men who are more vulnerable to something than to impenetrable supermen. Yes, it is to those who do not hide their sadness or sadness. After all, they can tell you that they have something to worry about and ask for advice in a difficult situation. Any girl wants to show feelings, and romanticism implies impressionability. Of course, the dominance of such qualities in a man is unacceptable. He will look helpless and infantile. As if the girl did not want romance, she is unlikely to agree to associate her life with someone who will have to constantly drive the handle. Everything is good in moderation.

  • Ability to self-control

If a man does not know how to keep hisemotions, he frightens a woman. In the family life this quality is useless. The house needs peace and stability, and not an eternal storm of passions. In addition, any woman fears that in extreme situations such a man may not keep his composure, but lose his head and do extra troubles. And this is no good at all.

  • Sexual tactfulness

Insane males, completely unresponsive tothe word "no", any adequate girl regards as a direct threat to her own safety. What do girls want to hear, refusing sex? At the very least, they want the guy to stop demanding him. In general, it would be nice to say to him: "All right, darling. I'll wait, but you'd better rest. " If a young man behaves like a rough-and-tumble dork, tries to take his rudely and persistently, the girl ceases to trust him and tries to stop further relations. And about marriage with a similar, sexually unrestrained boyfriend, even we can not go. And she spit on his charming appearance.

  • A little jealousy

Any girl is pleased when her companionoutrages attention to the young person of other men. This behavior is confirmed by his affection for his girlfriend, and the attractiveness of the girl. However, the boy's jealousy should not be excessive. Constant control and scandals - this is what irritates women and inspires them with doubts about the reliability of the man and his self-confidence.

  • The presence of a sense of humor

A man without a sense of humor strains. Next to such a beech, you should always try to look extremely collected and serious. And girls want from time to time to have fun and feel uninhibited. With witty, able to relate to everything (including myself) without excessive seriousness, representatives of sex are much more pleasant to communicate. And in life with such husbands it is much easier. They know how to find something funny even in the most difficult life situations. But here, again, there must be a measure. You can not always joke about a girl, otherwise she will have a question: "Do I really like him if he always teases me?" And it's true, to live with a cheerful person and is next to a clown - two completely different things.

  • Let small, but the authority in some circles

If a guy is respected at least by his neighborsor is an irreplaceable specialist in a certain field, it not only flatteres his girlfriend, but also instills in her confidence in his prospects and reliability. Agree, gaining credibility is not so difficult. There would be a desire.

  • Love for cleanliness and order

Yes, appearance is not the most important thing in this life. But is with a man who does not brush his teeth, of course, not everyone can also. The male smell, which is clearly felt after a week of abstinence from water procedures, is more appealing to the ladies who also neglect hygiene products. The same goes for the scattered socks around the house, the toilet seat, which is not all lowered, dirty cups, etc. But in this case there should be no fanaticism either. If the future husband rolls a tantrum, when he sees a crumb on the table, he will have to be with him, as not sweet. If a man who has all of the above qualities of character, offers a girl to marry him, then she usually does not hesitate and agrees for a long time. No, of course, women are sometimes denied such guys if they do not like children, for example, do not show enough concern, are too busy with themselves, work, they do not like his appearance, and so on. There's nothing to be done, the family is a family. And the representative of the fair sex who understands the seriousness of marriage and consciously and subconsciously looks for a partner in life, next to which will be warm, calm and to her, and future children. Sometimes she makes high demands on her chosen one, she is capricious, insists on her own. A young man can easily stuff all this up on edge, and he will go in search of a more pliable candidate for wife. But, if a guy wants to connect his destiny with this girl, he will have to work on himself. Well, how else? What women want, nature itself wants! We advise you to read: