character and hair color Today, many try to determine their own destiny,so it is not surprising that almost all parents are interested in what kind of temperament will be their child. To do this, there are a variety of methods - some try to unravel the future on the lines on the hands, others - on the structure of the skull, the tone of the eye or the location of moles on the body and face, someone is addicted to astrology and believes in the signs of the zodiac. Parapsychologists put forward another assumption, which was later argued and proved - the hair color and character of each person are interrelated, that is, a certain tone of hair is inherent in its behavioral characteristics. Experts assure that "people are born with an individual energy-information field that not only protects and protects, but also carries a certain set of information about innate qualities." According to scientists, these "features will manifest themselves and become real, as well as generate the first actions of a person at a time when the necessary conditions for this are formed." How does the character depend on the color of the hair? Let's dwell on this in more detail.

Hair structure and color

The hair of each person is absolutely individual. There is a variety of shades of head of hair: from snow white to blue-black. Also it is necessary to note a different structure of hair: from smooth to curly, from thin and weak to dense and dense. There are several thousand different combinations. All these interrelated features (in particular, the structure of the hair and their shade) are provided by nature - it determines and at the genetic level "pawns" them in humans. Therefore, you should not expect that, for example, your daughter will have a thick long tail, if no one in the family has an outstanding head of hair. Long ago, in the course of evolution, it turned out that people instinctively, at the subconscious level, began to judge the temperament of a person, based on such obvious signs as the color and type of hair. A good example is blondes. Such women are perceived by surrounding men as sensitive and tender creatures, which must be protected, pampered and protected. And Americans have an opinion that blonde young ladies are much more stupid than brunettes or brunettes. Hence the mass of anecdotes and not always flattering jokes. However, despite this, no representative of the strong half will pass indifferently past the bright blonde, who in his subconscious acts as a sexual and at the same time a gentle object that is not capable of treason. Of course, such physiognomic interpretations are conditional and to a certain extent limited, but some parameters still can not be ignored. For example, often people with gentle, like a child's hair - it's very sensitive and emotional nature. They are not distinguished by strong health and a strong constitution, their body is fragile, and the soul is extremely vulnerable. Tears because of someone's caustic, nervousness at the slightest trouble - all this is typical of such people. And if you get to know a person with a tough and rough hair, then most likely it turns out that he is also a "bristle", like his hair. These are strong natures with a strong character or, as they say, with a core inside. Compared to others, they are much easier to bear the pain and the life hardships that fall to their lot. Such people are very straightforward: it's easier for them to say in person what they think about a person, even if it can offend him, than to keep this information in himself. Delicacy is not their innate trait. In addition, both men and women with a rigid structure of hair do not catch and do not recognize the shades of other people's feelings and hidden implication in the statements addressed to them. Therefore, many consider them to be closed ignoramuses. Very often (although not always) rough hair is found in brunettes, and lightness is inherent in subtlety and softness. Perhaps, it is on this basis the unconscious sympathy of many men to blondes that seem tender and sensitive. In addition, snow-white shades are associated with freshness, purity and purity, and gold-casting - with wealth and promising pleasure, and this, you will agree, is attractive qualities. Hair of this color more gently framing the face, slightly blurring the contour of the head, thereby smoothing out the features with strong, pronounced emotions, which creates the impression of modesty, balanced calm, and sometimes even meekness. Blonde is born - this is a great rarity, which, according to scientists, will be observed less and less in the process of evolution, and as a result, people with dark hair will remain on the ground for the most part. Everything unusual always attracts everyone's attention, so many of the fairer sex, thirsting for success and recognition, changed their natural color. These include the inimitable Marilyn Monroe, actress Kim Basinger and the shocking Madonna. hair color and character

Hair color as a defining character

Some psychologists say: Watching how a woman treats her hair, you can find out her inner world. For example, if a girl cares about her hair, caring and rejoicing at its brilliance, natural color, and is proud of herself, constantly looks in the mirror, she is most likely confident in herself and able to master any situation that has occurred in her life. If the lady regularly changes her hair color, coloring it in one or another tone, "sins" on her appearance, then it is obvious that she is experiencing a certain discomfort, perhaps even experiencing stress, is at variance with her essence. Actually, this is manifested in its relation to its own image. Of course, a woman can change the shade of her hair and make a haircut under the influence of surrounding factors, for example, if she wants to attract the attention of a particular man, like him or somehow escape from the usual routine. After all, often when a person has a turning point, there are changes in life and there is a desire to get rid of the negative and start everything "from scratch", he changes his image - repaints, buys new clothes and the like. In general, the planned changes, the craving for freshness and for everything unusual - it's wonderful, because such an update brings positive emotions, bright feelings, raises the mood. The main thing is that this does not turn into a constant need. In ancient times, light shades of hair were associated with a clean and good beginning, personified sublime heroism - it is no coincidence that the beautiful Apollo and Aphrodite were golden-haired. In the Middle Ages, and after and during the Renaissance, the same trend was observed - the artists most often portrayed the virgin maidens in the form of blondes. It is known that the length and color of hair can tell a lot about the nature of a person. And do you know that changing the color not only raises the mood, but can change some of the traits of character?


Red hair color in humans is a signhot-tempered and stubborn character. If this girl has a square face, then this is a strong nature, able to excel in "male" specialties, and those ladies who have an oval "face", as the Americans say, are creative individuals inclined to various arts (music, poetry) . Redheads do not compromise, they despise danger, for the most part they are tactless and too impetuous in the manifestation of emotions. Such people do not have a virtue, but they are capable of acting nobly. In red women, two feelings are intertwined - tenderness and passion. However, they are not in a hurry to create a family, because they prefer to develop in a career and self-actualize. Their most temperament corresponds to active, tall men with dark hair (brunettes or shatens). Red-haired women at all times were considered witches. They are endowed with cunning, like to lie, and also to bring into their life as many pleasant moments as possible. Out of the red people there are excellent generals.


Women with chestnut hair have a softcharacter, they are executive and responsible, therefore confidently achieve the intended goal. They are easy to climb, love to travel and explore the world, learn something new, always take care of their health and look after their appearance. Such girls with all find common interest and without any problems fit into any company, they are sociable and cheerful. In this case, brown-haired women always know what they want, and try to find a profit for themselves. Swarthy ladies with a chestnut color of hair are more reserved, and light-skinned people are prone to sentimentality. Brown-haired women with dark eyes often succeed in technical occupations, and gray-eyed - in the humanitarian. hair color and character of a person


As you know, in show business and acting environmentblonde women are very popular. Blondes are intelligent, slightly naive and vulnerable, always strive for independence. They prefer to solve problems based on their attractiveness and intuition. At the same time, they are sentimental, good-natured, dreamy, mood-prone, mood-shifting and eager for change. Blondes quite often, embellishing the reality, graft, but all this because of the desire for idealization. They cry for any reason and without it, well aware that they are going, so they skillfully use this feature. Women with blonde hair are ideal lovers, excellent actresses, but they are not hard workers at all, but with clear leadership and they are able to become a good performer. They love poems, spend a lot of time in their dreams, preferring light, muted colors. Blondes, possessing charm and sexuality in combination with vulnerability, rarely show initiative, so they prefer to go on the occasion with their partner. They can have a wonderful relationship with a brunette or brown-haired.


Black-haired women by nature -provocateurs. They have a stubborn character and do not recognize any order. By their strength and temperament, they can compare with men, whose brunette is associated with the "fatal woman." Patience, purposefulness and insight of black-haired ladies can only be envied. They do not stop before the difficulties, always go forward, persistently striving for the set goal. At the same time they use all possible ways and detours, not for nothing that many brunettes occupy leading positions in large companies and successfully realize themselves in the diplomatic and political field. They are obsessed with work, hard to get along with people, so big companies prefer solitude or a narrow circle of close people. Such girls like business and classical style in clothes, their colors are scarlet and black. As for men, then everything is complicated. Strong and strong brunettes often frighten off the gentlemen who want to see a real housewife next to them, a caring mother and a keeper of the hearth. Therefore, black-haired girls get married fairly late - closer to thirty. A good alliance can come with a calm brown-haired man or a soft blonde.

Light brown

The brown-haired women are calm and reasonable. They always strive for harmony with themselves and simply do not tolerate pressure from outside. They are great friends and companions. People with blond hair have a bright temperament and generosity. They, like the shatens, are always ready to help and support, even an unfamiliar person. They are loyal lovers and hardworking workers. They are good psychologists, sensitive to other people's emotions, they are able to correctly interpret them, so they cause confidence in others. However, those who have fair-haired hair with a light ashy tinge, can be tricky individuals, capable of masterly deceiving. Rusyns, as a rule, are happy in marriage, are successful in professions related to caring for children, patients and pensioners.


Owners of hair, whose color resemblesruby, aspire to change and are in constant search of an ideal, whether it be love or career. Those who color their hair in any shade of red, subconsciously seek to attract attention. And the brighter the chosen color, the stronger the woman wants her talents to recognize. Such girls, despite their attractiveness in the eyes of men, are often unhappy in a romantic relationship. Since they are suspected of infidelity and insincerity, they are usually chosen to be mistresses, not wives. Nevertheless, these are bright, artistic, inventive and extravagant nature with a strong character. character hair color

How to change your life

Researchers believe that human hair ispeculiar antennas, through which we take the energy of the cosmos, and also exchange information with the world around us. If nature has given you a thick head of hair, we recommend to collect it more often in the tail at the back of the head. Parapsychologists argue that this reduces the impact of negative factors and energy, and this contributes to concentration and the acquisition of peace of mind. In ancient times, in Russia, women bearing a child were forbidden to cut their hair. It was believed that the successor of the family should bestow on her future child strong health and a reserve of vital forces, which were believed to be contained in braids. Doctors recommend after serious illnesses to go to a hairdresser. Since the main information is concentrated on the tips of the hair, getting rid of them, you are freed from the accumulated negative energy. So, if you want to start life in a new way and feel yourself, better cut your hair. In addition, during the period of depression and autumn melancholy, at moments of life changes (and they do not always happen for the better) it will be useful to look at yourself in a new way. Buy beautiful shoes, a skirt, recolour, but remember: whatever the color of your hair, try to always be yourself! We advise you to read: