short haircuts on wavy hair Women with curly disobediencecurls, they know how much time and effort it takes to make a hair look perfect. From the side it may seem that any haircut on wavy hair looks natural - nothing like that, choose a hairstyle, lay it, take care of it incredibly difficult, especially if the length of the hair does not even reach the shoulders. Short wavy hair is even more naughty than long wavy hair. They and strive to lie in the wrong direction, dishevel and "stand upright." And especially after drying with a hair dryer. Therefore, haircuts for curly hair look better when their length is below average. But if you are "lucky" to become the owner of short naughty locks, then you need to take your hair choice with all responsibility and entrust this business to a real master.

How to care for wavy curls

Before considering female haircuts onshort wavy hair, you need to pay a little attention to the rules of care for such hair. The main criterion for successful stacking is proper drying. You can never overdry such hair, because your head will look like a blossoming dandelion, and you can not do anything about it. It is best to let the hair dry naturally, without using a hair dryer. Shampoo should be chosen according to the type of your hair. The use of air conditioners and balms for wavy ringlets is necessary, because these products make hair more docile. Means for laying wavy short hair must contain silicone. It has a weighting effect, but it does not allow the hair to stick together, does not add fat, which makes the hair look natural. short haircuts for wavy hair

Choose the right haircut

Considering the options of haircuts for shortwavy hair, bounce off your face shape. And be sure to entrust "indulge in beauty" only to a professional hairdresser. The master will accurately select the type of hairstyle and tell you how to properly care for her in the future. The most simple and common example of a hairstyle for curly hair is a hairstyle in the form of a cap. It can be of different lengths. If you want to remove as much hair as possible - choose layered haircuts under the bean. This form is quite easy to fit, you just need to put the gel on slightly damp hair, give your fingers the desired shape and dry. For wavy hair, well-suited and graduated haircuts, which give the locks mobility without the effect of ruffling. This hairstyle always looks neat and natural. Wonderful look short haircuts, implying a pinnate contour. They look stylish and unusual, thereby making you noticeable. If you are the owner of soft wavy hair, then you will get short haircuts of the type of quads. Today, the penalty is especially important, because the retro style is gradually returning to fashion. Fashionable in this season are women's multi-level haircuts, which are made on hair of different lengths. Too short in this case, do not need to get a haircut, the best option is the length to the chin. Such a haircut for short wavy hair will turn you into a charming beauty, flirtatious, a bit and playful and desirable. Cascade haircuts for wavy hair have always been and will be popular. Here, as in the case of multi-level haircut, it is better to leave the length just below the chin. This hairstyle as though "calms" unruly curls, each line emphasizing their beauty.

Patience and desire are your main assistants

Thinking about choosing a haircut, remember ifyour hair is too curly, you do not need to cut your hair very short, otherwise instead of a beautiful hairstyle you will get the effect of unkempt lamb. Also it should be remembered that wavy curls must be periodically milled, it is enough to do this procedure for the ends of the hair, so the shape of the haircut will last longer. Yes, women's wavy hair is undoubtedly an adornment of every girl. However, in order for them to turn into luxurious curls, which all people pay attention to, it is necessary to try very, very much. Patience, a lot of money for styling and, of course, the desire to become the most charming! And let this case be considered difficult and long, but it is, believe me, worth the time! We advise you to read: