wedding hairstyles for short hair The most important day in the life of every girl is coming up- wedding. How much excitement and worry, doubt and frustration. That dress does not like, then the shoes do not fit, then suddenly it is remembered that they did not agree with the operator or photographer. In general, the preparation for this solemn event is spent and busy. And when everything seems ready, the question arises about the hair. But what about - for the image of innocence and love, you need to do something gentle and original! If the bride has long hair or at least the average length, then there is no problem - the choice of options is too large. But what if I need a wedding hairstyle for short hair? Here it is necessary to exert maximum efforts to create a real masterpiece! And in fact - well, what could be new? They combed their hair, dried it with a hair dryer, ruffled their hands and it was possible to flee on business. But this option is suitable on weekdays. But on the day of marriage I would like to see myself a real princess, a little Cinderella and just a charming person. Of course, it would be most reasonable to apply to stylists in the beauty salon. But, firstly, if the result does not satisfy you, then there will be no time to rewrite. Secondly, if you make several different hairstyles and choose, then this pleasure will not be cheap. And, thirdly, such nervous shocks are harmful to the general mood of the bride. Yes, and one more thing - it's good, if you have "in stock" there is a hairdresser who already worked with your hair. Or you saw his work on other ladies - here at least you can rely on experience. In general, if you have short hair, it's better to try to improvise at home. wedding hairstyles for short hair

What can you think of?

So, what can you do with short hair? First of all, try just to qualitatively lay. For example, if the length allows, then try making curls. You can use forceps. Then do not comb it - just with your fingers easily shake the curls, guiding them the way you need. If you have a bang, then leave it straight - you get a semblance of raised long hair. And in the curls you can attach a flower. Only this hairstyle should be properly fixed. By the way, for the bride this is a perfectly acceptable hairstyle - fresh, easy and feminine. Yes, and you can put the curls in different ways. You can pin them on the back of the head and create the appearance of a tail or "dulky". Wedding hairstyles for short hair can be strict. As one of the options - just lay your hair with a gel or cosmetic wax. Even if you have a very short haircut, this option is suitable. Especially because you can decorate your hair with silk flowers or hairpins with rhinestones. Style will be strict, feminine - like you came out of the 60s. In general, experimenting with your hair, you can make a super hair and look just gorgeous! The main thing is to find time to make a decision. It is worth trying and so, and so on. Inspect yourself from all sides, try on various barrettes, hoops and even bows. In advance, buy flowers and try to make the full version. You can even immediately try on a veil - this will allow you to see yourself from the outside. Do not regret your time and try not to hurry up to make some hairstyles - on your wedding day you will be gorgeous!

Hair Extension

If the length of the hair is important for the bride, thenfind a way out of this situation. It has long been popular to build hair. It is this method that will help to make a variety of wedding hairstyles for short hair. First, you should choose the right way to build. Given that the hair will be done with the help of fixing means, one must be ready for the consequences. Possible preliminary staining, the creation of curls with the help of hot tongs. Or, on the contrary, the bride wants to have straight strands at the wedding - here it is necessary to work with iron. In general, the impact on the hair will be just disastrous. Therefore, it will be ideal to build up with keratin capsules. With this method, it is possible to apply paint to the grown strands, wind them, lay them, use a light chemical wave. In general, it has already been established that keratin capsules allow the creation of any hairstyles with accreted strands. Secondly, we must immediately decide on the color. The fact is that if you prefer coloring or highlighting, then you need to make it before the procedure of building. Then it will be easy and easy to pick up suitable for the color prjadki. By the way, at the wedding, no one will notice that the hair is not real. No, they are real, but not your own. Thirdly, do not trust to do this procedure to your girlfriend or sister. The only exception is the availability of appropriate education and work experience. The fact is that for work on hair extensions, professionals pass special courses and receive diplomas. This is all serious enough, because it is, in fact, about attaching an alien body to the hair. There can be various side effects, you can incorrectly distribute the strands, you can make mistakes in the choice of color. So, 2-3 weeks before the wedding day, take care of yourself. Another option is to use overhead braids. The choice here is quite wide, you can make a thin pigtail in the form of a hoop, and you can also put thick braids in the form of a wreath on the back of the head. They do not need to be increased, it's enough just to attach them well. And on the sides let a few curls-curls. All in your hands - give vent to your imagination! Let the short wedding hairstyle will not be some kind of repulsive action. All brides must learn and remember - in our time, with modern technologies, almost everything is possible! wedding hairstyle for short hair

A few tips

For any short hairstyles you need to remember a few rules:

  • If the main hairstyle has grown a little and has an untidy appearance, then 2-3 weeks before the celebration, go to your hairdresser;
  • If you want to make small ringlets, then it's better not to cut an overgrown hair. The ideal option is to first try to create curls, and then make the right decision;
  • If you want to build hair, then note that this procedure can only be carried out in beauty salons;
  • Do not be afraid to use for decoration and creating a unique image of various accessories - hoops, hair clips, invisible, silk flowers.

In fact, it should be noted that any weddinghairstyle is a serious test for the hair. But for the bride it is important not only to be irresistible on your own holiday, but also not to lose healthy and beautiful hair afterwards. Therefore, be sure to start strengthening your hair a month before the wedding - make a course of masks from yolk egg and sour cream, soak curls with vitamins and minerals, use for rinsing broths of burdock, chamomile, mother-and-stepmother. In general, first carefully strengthen the hair. Let them be ready for tons of lacquer, gel and wax, incredible procedures for winding up or straightening, building up and creating a masterpiece. But even after the celebration, do not forget that you need to continue caring for your hair - the same masks, rinses, head massage, rational nutrition. And remember, in order for all the brides to look luxurious and royal, the stylists always look for new approaches. And it would be nice to be in the thick of events and always know about the news. For this, you should not visit expensive beauty salons. It's enough just to listen to the news in the world of hairdressing. We advise you to read: