Choose a dress for a girl The older a girl becomes, the more shemost, like my mother, I want to wear beautiful dresses. But there are special reasons, when you need to make every effort to dress up your crumbs. So how do you choose the outfit for the girl after all? First of all, a beautiful dress for matinees in the garden can be selected on . It is very fashionable today to dress children for graduationholidays, when the kindergarten is like a meeting of little fairies. And here you can not do without beauty contests in which your child will take part. Such contests begin to be held for children from the age of five. In addition, the child of preschool age constantly compares himself with other girls and consciously compares the fact that she looks like herself and her friends. There's nothing to be done, it's women's psychology! When choosing a holiday dress, you need the girl herself to be present, but only if it is not a gift. Often, the very campaign for a smart dress with his daughter, this is already a holiday for her. Therefore, you can organize a small celebration for a child and ask her about what kind of dress she would like and what color, and also about the length. It is important to take into account that There should be light pastel colors thatemphasize the solemnity of the moment. Also look good saturated tones or floral patterns. Here we should take into account the color type of the child, because not all colors will come to the girl's face. A separate story with winter dresses, because at any time there are different celebrations, and dressing a child in the winter in a light beautiful dress with short sleeves is not always safe for her health. That's why, if you are allowed funds, then buy a separate dress for the winter. The color of this outfit must also be chosen to taste. An excellent option, when choosing a holiday dress, can be practical and beautiful fabric. For example, silk or satin . Chiffon and other fine fabrics can also come up. If the window is winter, then you can choose a thin woolen fabric, crocheted. It is very important that the girl at the fitting of the dress feels comfortable in it. Check for yourself how the chosen dress sits on your child, whether narrowly in the shoulders or not tight belt. And always check the thing for quality. After all, sticking buttons or threads indicate that the manufacturers were unscrupulous. We advise you to read: