High-tech radio-controlled robots Modern toys are much different from those,which were produced ten years ago, not only in design, but also in technical support. Despite the fact that the toy market is diverse enough, it is constantly replenished. Radio-controlled robots are today at the peak of popularity, they are funny and fascinating. But this does not mean that you should buy , and then try to find them a worthy application. Try among a huge variety of robots to find one that will brighten up life for you and interest your child. The developers of robots try to make them similar to humans, now high-tech toys are equipped with miniature video cameras that help to bypass obstacles, sensor sensors and other complex devices. Radio-controlled robots attract a large audience, because they can walk, run, jump, carry non-heavy objects and even conduct simple dialogues with their owners. They can perform more than 40 functions programmed by a person. Radio-controlled toys do not bother and do not give boredom to their owner. If you do not have the opportunity to get a live cat or dog, your loneliness will surely be brightened by the dinosaur Pleo, who loves the game and caresses and tries to be in everything similar to his master. The developers of the toy tried to make it so that the robot could see, hear and touch. All his impressions he analyzes, differentiates and turns into a kind of experience, in order to continue to act absolutely independently and very emotionally. A dinosaur is not an ordinary toy, unlike an electronic typewriter, it can not be controlled. Pleo is kind and independent, it is these qualities that attract buyers to him. When buying a toy, it takes about two hours to recharge the battery. Imagine that it is at this time that the baby is born and his personality is laid. Do you want the dinosaur to grow up cheerful, smart and playful? Then give him time to form properly.