Fashion trends in clothes for children Watching the history of fashion, we can say that has undergone many changes and is changing to this daypores. Buyers are very changeable in their choice, all this pushes designers to develop new styles in children's clothing. Over time, cotton shirts and suits, designed for children to play in the backyard with friends and neighbors, faded into the background. At present, children are becoming more and more legible to their daily clothes. Earlier, they were more focused on what to play and with whom to play, now it is important for children the same and what to go for a walk. And it's not that children want to keep up with adults, they just now are trying to experiment with things around them. Many try to get involved in the shopping process at the mall, when their mother chooses one or another outfit. Basically, children choose clothes of bright colors or that on which there are their favorite superheroes which have deserved at children huge popularity. In general, television and other prints greatly influence children's preferences. To date, designers have managed to combine fashion, quality and comfort in the creation of children's clothing. It was a long journey, but the result now suits everyone, both children and parents. Designers put forward more and more new ideas, as a result of which children's clothing began to be attributed to one of the types of fashion. If earlier clothes were intended to protect children from excessive heat or cold, nowadays children's clothes are used as a means of self-expression. We advise you to read: