makeup secrets It's no secret that all the representatives of the beautifulregardless of their age, want to always be attractive. Today, there are many perfumes and cosmetics, so every modern woman can look much younger. Any professional in the field of make-up can prove that the right approach to every lady is capable of doing miracles. Knowing and applying some secrets of make-up, you can create a variety, sometimes even the opposite images.

Secrets of anti-aging makeup

  • To give the face a fresh, youthful look, use a foundation, but before applying it, cleanse the skin with a peeling that removes all the dead particles from the face and neck.
  • Now it needs to be properly moistened. To do this, any wrinkle cream, which includes vitamins A and E.
  • Once it is completely absorbed, you canto start using a foundation. The main thing - put it in a thin layer, otherwise it will fall into the wrinkles and allocate them even more. If you really want to look younger for at least a few years, then discard thick tonal creams and pick yourself a lighter, slightly matting. Give preference to famous brands.
  • The final touch is the application of powder. Makeup artists recommend using it is crumbly, rather than compact. To get the right effect, apply the powder with a thick, soft brush.

Applying a foundation and powder, do not aspireto disguise nasolabial folds. This will only achieve the opposite, unnecessary effect: what they wanted to hide, it will be dramatically striking. Then how to use secrets of perfect make-up in this situation? - you ask. The best option - applying the product on the face, not reaching the nasolabial fold, and on the approach to it, shade the foundation with a soft brush or fingertip. secrets of perfect make-up

Rules for applying blush

Usually, with age, the facial skin becomes pale,sometimes even with an earthy tinge. Cleverly applied cosmetics will give you a more fresh look, but this, unfortunately, is not enough. Therefore, ladies of Balzac's age can not do without blush. Especially with their help you can improve the shape of the face.

  • Blush of dark color is better not to use, at least, it is not necessary to take a great interest in them. Expressed cheekbones, of course, make the face look more refined, but at the same time add years.
  • If you, on the contrary, want to look older than your years, then use a blush only dark brown, and plus five to ten years you are provided.
  • A young face always looks like a pink blush,therefore, using cosmetics of light colors, you will definitely look younger. Foreign makeup artists recommend to put a cheekbone peach shade, and over a droplet of colorless lip gloss. As a result, the result will be a healthy complexion.

Secrets of make-up for lips and eyelids

Knowing some secrets of perfect make-up, wecould give the person a healthy appearance and attractiveness, and now we start to look at the eyes. At this point your fantasy can swell with pleasure: both shadows, and liquid linings, and pencils, and mascara!

  • Just forget about matte shades and lipsticks. Such textures, let alone their darker shades add age, emphasize wrinkles, while increasing the volume of the face. But it is not necessary for this reason to go to extremes and choose too bright make-up. A sparkling shine will also highlight the flaws in your skin.
  • But the further the question is: what makeup secrets do you need to know in order to "erase" from your face for several years? The ideal option is a pearl natural shade of shades and lipsticks, which slightly scatter light, hiding wrinkles. Satin tone will give youth, and a light shine that creates the effect of moist lips, add to them the volume and freshness.
  • Although many brown-eyed women preferto shade its natural color with the help of chocolate tones, it is worth saying that many do not go. In addition, on the face of ladies of Balzac's age, they look quite boring. Therefore, it is much better to make, for example, a moderate, pale eyeliner with a dark blue pencil. Or, to shade the color of the eyes, it is enough to draw a barely noticeable line with a brush. And although the arrows are back in fashion, it's better to leave them for young girls.
  • Do not overdo it with eyeliner. She immediately gives you a few years. Now the "smoky" eye make-up is incredibly popular, and this is the black corner of the eyelids. The look of the dark eyes, of course, is impressive, but also highlights all their shortcomings, for example, redness.
  • Forget about the old habit of painting not onlyupper, but also lower eyelashes. Blonde women generally should not get carried away with black ink - it not only ages, but also gives the face a gloomy expression. Blondes are better suited for brown, gray or dark green.
  • To look stylish and beautiful, remember aboutsecrets of professional make-up and strictly follow them: put on the upper eyelid the shadows corresponding to the color of the eyes, and on the mobile eyelid - the tone of clothing. However, excessively saturated colors may look too vulgar, but not rejuvenating. Therefore, in order to give a healthy look to the light eyes, it is enough to put on the upper and the moving part of the century gray or bluish shadows. But the green-eyed and brown-eyed women are more suitable metal shades.
  • Get rid of swelling, dark circles andswelling under the eyes will help well-known rejuvenating agents available - pink shadows. They need to be applied just below the lower eyelid and under the eyebrows. Such secrets of makeup in a moment will take away from you a few years.
  • Lips are quickly influenced by age, somany representatives of the beautiful half really want to visually rejuvenate them. Young girls can put as much lipstick and lip gloss on their lips as they want (not forgetting that excessive use of this cosmetics leads to the fact that in the corners of the mouth it can roll down or go beyond it). Adult ladies should not paint their lips completely, in this case every wrinkle will be highlighted and emphasized. The best option is to apply gloss to the middle of the lower lip, which will give them plumpness. Also, do not try to completely change the shape of the lips using a contour pencil. He can only correct their outlines. Light lipstick and neutral shine will help achieve the desired effect - they will look wonderful and young!

secrets of professional make-up

Makeup secrets for every lady

And now let's look at some common secrets that will help you look just irresistible.

  • In order to quickly refresh your eyes, if you do not get enough sleep and your eyes look tired, it's worth painting them with greasy shadows of metallic color.
  • Pink lipstick with mother-of-pearl outflow is ideal for girls with a swarthy complexion.
  • Blush should be put near the window, that is, in daylight.
  • If the shadows are oily, then before applying a little powder the eyelids, then they will not roll down.
  • If you are going to draw arrows or a contour before your eyes - lean on something solid, so that your hand does not tremble.
  • Lip the lips better with a blunt pencil. Sharp lines are more suitable for "night butterflies."
  • First, it is better to apply blush and lipstick. In this case, it is much easier to choose the right shade of shadows.
  • If you are the owner of small eyes, never put dark shadows on the inner corners. You can extend them using arrows.
  • Girls with freckles should not try to hide them under the thick layer of tonal basis, let them glimpse from under it.
  • When applying the shadows on the upper eyelid, do not close your eyes and tilt your head slightly back. So you can see the situation, and the shadows will lie evenly.
  • To get rid of the excess of shadows or slightly muffle the resulting color, touch the eyelid with a slightly powdered fleece.

Do not despair if nature has not rewarded youstraight little spout. You can adjust its shape a little on its own. To do this, you need to take a foundation for a couple of tones darker than the one you usually use. Apply a dark foundation on the wings of the nose. The long nose will decrease if you rub a little dark rouge or powder on its tip. Remember that the problem areas, which can be made not so noticeable, should be highlighted with dark makeup. The places that you want to highlight or emphasize, make it lighter. This is the main makeup secrets, using which you can look irresistible every day! We advise you to read: