thin lips There is a belief (or a sign, as you wish) thatwomen with thin lips are angry, envious and scandalous women. But there can not be a whole people equally evil and bad? But some of the peoples of the north all have thin lips - this is such a feature. And, on the contrary, representatives of many southern peoples have particularly plump lips. Does this mean that in such countries there is absolutely no crime and evil? Hardly…. Meanwhile, physiognomists claim that the owners of thin lips - it's people who speak eloquence, live sharp mind and scrupulousness. By the way, in a relationship with a man, such a woman may seem cold and impregnable, but in fact will later turn out to be a thin and vulnerable nature, fun and open to adventure.

Some character traits of thin lips

If a woman's thin lips are clearly delineated, then theypoint to the crystal honesty and decency of the lady, by the way, quite rare qualities in the modern world. But thin lips with a small mouth say that such women are the most shy and peace-loving, kind, easily respond to the call for help. Agree that these qualities characterize the owner of thin lips on the good side. And physiognomists say that apart from the width of the lips, the position of the corners of the mouth influences the character - they are slightly lowered down, which means that the lady is somewhat unhappy and capricious, but if they are raised, a more cheerful person will be hard to find. But in addition to these statements, there are also negative characteristics:

  • The lips are thin and the lower protrudes forward - a man of selfish and sensitive, may even prove to be vindictive;
  • Very thin lips - cruel and unprincipled nature, which can betray at any time;
  • Lips with blurred corners - this lady just adores gossip, and she herself is distinguished by a "sharp tongue";
  • Lips are as though pressed - there is a propensity to envy, and there can be its most bad displays, and hypocrisy.

But, only after really knowing a person,one can judge its nature and nature. So do not make hasty and, probably, wrong conclusions. It is better to take a closer look at such people more carefully, perhaps all the prejudices "do not stand and the eggs eaten." thin lips

How to paint thin lips

If you are the owner of thin lips, thenBe discouraged and do not even pay any attention to any stupid prejudices! After all, how many famous actors and politicians, showmen and singers with such lips "bathe" in admiration and compliments! And pay attention - you can not immediately notice this flaw in their appearance - it is clear that the stylists and make-up artists worked on them, but you can also learn how to change and correct the deficiencies yourself. Do not grieve, the correct make-up for thin lips will transform them, and you will surely feel confident in any situation. In order to understand how to paint thin lips, you need to learn certain rules and try to always follow them:

  • Lipstick should be exceptionally light andpearly, dark and matte tone, give the girlfriend or even throw it away - they will only visually further reduce your lips. Preferably choose pastel colors or slightly pink.
  • If you like juicy and deep colors, then lipstickshould be with glitter or special additives - on the packaging it will be written that it visually enlarges the lips. Lipstick, made in matt or bicolour version, is absolutely not suitable!
  • Choose the right contour pencil - darkmake the lips even thinner, it is better to prefer a tone that is close to the color of the lips. By the way, the pencil should be the same color as lipstick, well, or at least in the same color scheme.
  • If the contour line is too far outnatural border of the lips, then this makeup may seem like a clown makeup - the optimal gap between the two lines should not be more than two millimeters. And lipstick should not go beyond the contour, whatever it is - natural or applied with a pencil.
  • Lipstick must be applied after the pencil is shaken, especially in the middle of the lips - there it should be completely invisible.
  • A way of stylists: the contour is drawn by a white pencil along the very edge, then a lipstick of a light shade is applied, preferably with a shine.
  • If you do not like lip gloss, thenuse the following advice: first put the lipstick, and already on it droplets put shine - everything, shade it is not necessary, a lot of shine will not, but the desired effect of this method will give.

thin lips

Lip tattoo and gel injections - choose with caution

Many women choose for correctionpermanent lip tattoo is a very practical solution. Firstly, the expert will clearly impose a contour, secondly, lipstick can not be used at all - just a light shine, and thirdly, you do not have to "draw" your lips every day and constantly look in the mirror and correct makeup during the day. And still, it is quite harmless procedure if to exclude allergic reactions. There is another procedure - gel injections to increase the lips, which are carried out by many clinics and even beauty salons. Here, something is difficult to advise, the decision must be taken individually and carefully weighed. One wish: carefully study the clinic and practicing doctors, before using their services, go through the necessary examination and, only fully confirmed in your decision, go to the procedure. And then, do not forget to take care of your lips - to remove the leftovers of makeup every evening, hygienic lipstick and balm should be in the cosmetic bag of each lady, do not allow airing and cracking of the lips. Also, do not use someone else's lipstick - you can get an unpleasant "gift" - herpes, which not only brings pain, but also spoils the whole appearance. Every woman should study her face, determine the disadvantages worth fighting and get down to business - learn the rules of make-up, observe the subtleties of lip care, and then always you will look like a king! We advise you to read: