natural beauty What do you think is natural, naturalbeauty of a woman? It can be defined differently by many people. Is it a harmonious arrangement on the face of the eyes, nose and lips, or is it a good figure, or, perhaps, a special state of mind of a woman? Its essence? What does beauty from nature include? In every culture, the beauty of a woman is determined in her own way, including the features of a woman's ethnic identity as a natural attraction.

Natural beauty comes from the depth of our "I"

In our society, too, there is a certain idea of ​​how a beautiful woman should look. And, above all, natural beauty:

  • It gives pleasure to others and brings joy to the woman herself. Any of us literally blossom when it feels to itself increased attention.
  • Today, beauty is not an ideal person ora certain type of figure. Fashionable clothes and the quality of make-up are also not taken into account - we are talking about the natural beauty given to a woman by nature. Natural attractiveness begins when a woman manifests herself as an individual. A spiritualized person, eyes full of life, a rich spiritual world and full power over his psychic energy - all this is inherent in an attractive woman.
  • In addition to everything mentioned, it is also a body that radiates health and vitality, and a well-groomed appearance: a smart figure, beautiful hair, clean skin, neat nails ...

How can I emphasize my natural beauty? Believe me, this is not so difficult, it is only necessary to be persistent. naturalness

10 Tips for Maintaining Natural Beauty

  • Be yourself We are all beautiful in our own way, andevery woman has a natural beauty. It is important to feel comfortable and accept yourself as you are. If you live in harmony with yourself, you will be calm and happy in any situation, and people will sympathize with you. Be true to yourself and believe in yourself! Work on your personality, and this will increase your natural attractiveness.
  • Eat wisely The condition of your skin depends onthe way you eat. Feed your skin with all the useful nutrients it needs to radiate health and be filled with vitality. Healthy skin color is very beautiful. Just by reconsidering your diet, you will significantly affect the condition of your skin, hair and nails. You will add brilliance to your eyes, and you will feel much better yourself, because you will feel a rush of energy. But the health of the body is very important for your natural beauty!
  • Exercise regularlyEven a simple half-hour walk at least three times a week is enough to keep all the muscles of your body toned. And exercises allow you to pull up the body, make it more flexible. What can be more beautiful than a taut, flexible female body? In addition, the exercises will improve your blood circulation, which as a result will give your skin a healthy, radiant color. And yet, a healthy diet combined with physical exertion will have a big impact on the mechanisms that control the aging processes of your body. Aging of the body and especially aging of the skin will noticeably slow down. So you can stay beautiful much longer.
  • Thoroughly care for hair. Hair shouldbecome a special object of your pride! Proper care will make them soft, elastic and shiny; and their appearance can work wonders in increasing your self-esteem.
  • Keep your posture simple Changethe position of the body can instantly improve your appearance, and among other things also remove the pain in the neck and back. After all, the head is a fairly heavy part of the body, and if you do not keep your back straight and your head high, then you will increase the tension in the neck, shoulders and back. And a stooped man looks much older than his years!
  • Change for the better your gait Do not forget aboutgrace and plasticity; the way you move eloquently speaks of how you perceive yourself. Listen to our advice: add a little sensuality to your gait. Do you remember how her charming secretary taught Lyudmila Prokofievna to go to the "Service Novel"? But Verochka is right: a woman who will master the gait "from the hip" and "the plasticity of the panther", any man will seem incredibly beautiful; "Men do not miss such a woman!" Do you also want to learn such a gait? Then practice. Put your hands on your hips, and let the hips begin to move. It should be diagonal, with a small turn of the trunk during walking. When the right hip is pulled forward, the left shoulder should turn slightly forward, as if facing the hip; and when you step with your left foot, the right shoulder should turn forward. You should feel a slight turn in the waist. Try to move smoothly and a little sensually, this plastic will enhance your natural beauty.
  • If you smoke, stop! Smoking not only harms health, it also significantly accelerates the aging of the skin, contributes to the premature withering of the natural beauty of a woman.
  • Pay particular attention to skin care If it isyou dry, because this type of skin is often prone to the appearance of early wrinkles and flabbiness. Include humidifier in the room where you are most often, use moisturizers for skin care, if necessary, contact a beautician or dermatologist.
  • Say "no" to tanning and tanning. Excessive influencesun rays on the skin cause an effect called photoaging - these are fine wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Avoid sun exposure between ten o'clock in the morning and four in the evening, when the sun's rays are especially strong on the skin. If you need to go outside, then always wear a protective hat, shirt or blouse with long sleeves, sunglasses. Use sunscreen cosmetics with SPF15 and above.
  • Pamper yourself! Take time for yourself to do something that will give you pleasure. This is especially important if you are constantly busy and have a tense lifestyle. Then you just have to set aside a day to rest and relax. Visit the spa, pool, sit with a friend in a cafe, listen to music by candlelight - in a word, do something that will allow you to take a time-out and plunge into serenity and bliss. Forget about your problems and rest, because your natural beauty fades, if you are overworked!
  • And most importantly, what I would like to say: do not forget never that nobody is perfect! Do not make to yourself too high demands, and do not compare your appearance with images of variety divas and movie stars! They visited the hands of talented make-up artists and stylists, and their images in photographs were embellished with complex computer programs. So what you are trying to equate with is very far from natural beauty! If you saw your idols without make-up, you would be convinced that they are just ordinary people. Same as you. naturalness in beauty

    How to preserve natural beauty in adulthood

    Natural beauty should not disappear withage. Magnificent skin and an attractive body are still real even for those women over the age of fifty; it is enough just to follow the advice that we will now outline. The main problem is that with age our body slows down the production of collagen, which supports the skin and makes it supple. Therefore, the main attention should be paid to preventing sagging of the skin. How to give a helping hand to nature? Stimulate the production of natural collagen

  • Reception of vitamins. Vitamin C together with vitamin E helps the body produce collagen. Since collagen is produced by the body during the first two hours of sleep, it makes sense to take these vitamins an hour before you go to sleep. In general, the daily dose of vitamin C should be significantly increased to get a good result - in two or even three times.
  • Careful skin care. You must remember that after menopause your skin needs the use of funds designed to combat the effects of hormonal changes in the body. You should get money to care for a mature skin; these agents contain the necessary components to preserve and revitalize collagen and elastin in the skin, thereby improving its elasticity and density, and also provide the skin cells with the necessary nutrients.
  • Moisturize your skin Drink as much as possible cleanwater! Surely you've heard this before a thousand times, but it really really needs your skin. Imagine an air ball filled with water instead of air. When it is full, its surface is elastic and stretched, and if the ball is gently pressed, it springs and easily smoothes the dent. And if you let out some water from it? The surface will not be so dense; the ball becomes soft, and wrinkles and dents appear on its surface. The more water is released, the more flabby and wrinkled becomes its surface, and it no longer springs under your finger when pressed. And after all, the same thing happens with your body as with the ball, when there is not enough water in the body. This example will give you an idea of ​​how important the role of water in maintaining the elasticity of the skin and in maintaining your natural beauty. Do exercises for the muscles of the face It is very important in adulthood to maintain in tone not only the muscles of the whole body, but also the muscles of the face. Thanks to the elasticity of the muscles, the contours of the facial oval are preserved. And the muscles that lose muscle tone contribute to the appearance of nasolabial folds and the sagging of the skin on the cheeks and chin. The facial features are shed, giving out your age, and sometimes adding it. The face always ages before the aging of the body begins. The facial muscles quickly lose their tone, reacting so to stress, tension and excitement. It's easy to get into the habit of frowning, frowning, bringing your eyebrows together, and this leads to wrinkles that will become more noticeable every year. Therefore it is very important to learn to relax the muscles of the face:

    • Open your mouth as wide as you can,rounded lips. You should feel that your cheeks, chin and lips tighten with maximum force. After that, close your mouth and relax. Repeat several times. Such an exercise will significantly relax the muscles of the face, improve blood circulation, relieve tension and stress.
    • Take a deep breath, and on an exhalation widelyOpen your mouth and stick your tongue out as far as you can. Open your eyes wide and look up. Relax. This exercise removes tension from the muscles of the face and neck, improves blood circulation and stimulates the eyes.
    • Vigorously pinch your cheeks. This will improve blood circulation.

    When Sophia Loren was asked what is beauty,she replied that this is something that is inside the woman, and this is reflected in her eyes; it is something elusive, not physical. Remember these words, and look for beauty within yourself! We advise you to read: