how to gain weight As a rule, all girls tend toget rid of extra pounds; but there is also a category of women who, on the contrary, do not know how to gain weight and make their figure more attractive and feminine, because excessive leanness has not adorned anyone. The need for such a unique diet appears when the body begins to miss the muscle mass and body fat needed for the female body. What to do in this situation? It's amazing that the easiest and simplest method - "to eat more fatty and high-calorie food" - does not work here anymore. After all, as a rule, this lack of muscle and fat is associated with certain health problems, which improves nutrition even more. Remember that any ill-considered diets can lead to not the best consequences, so first of all you need to go to the doctor's appointment and only after his consultation start to actively lose weight or gain weight.

Causes of thinness

There are two main reasons that explainthe appearance of excessive leanness. The first cause can be called scoliosis, or, in other words, the curvature of the spine. It should be noted that today almost everyone can "boast" such a disease, but everyone has it at different stages. In this case, not all who have a twisted spine, are thin. To strong leanness leads scoliosis, which develops in some parts of the spine, responsible for the thyroid gland and gastrointestinal tract. In addition, if a girl is genetically predisposed to leanness, then the probability of a strong weight loss in scoliosis increases in her at times. How to gain weight in this case? First of all, it is necessary to treat the curvature itself, with which experts in yoga and osteopaths do an excellent job. Also you can contact the surgeon, who will write you a referral for a special curative physical training for the spine. The sooner you visit the doctor, the faster you solve the problem. Self-medication is not an option in this situation. The second reason for severe thinness is problems with the stomach or intestines. If digestion is disturbed, the food is digested very slowly. In addition, the appetite is lost and painful pallor and thinness appear. Many, seeing the thin girl who absorbs the cake with an appetite, sincerely envy her, not even suspecting that in fact it is not her natural advantage at all, but a disease associated with excess cortisol, a special hormone responsible for tissue decay. People with a similar problem eat a lot, but also do not add weight, because everything burns cortisol. how to gain weight at home

Bug fixes

All people who seek to gain weight inhome conditions, without resorting to professional help, make the same mistakes. The first of them - the transition to food strongly caloric, fatty foods or sweets. In particular, this refers to those who in ordinary life did not have a need for such nutrition and only used low-calorie food. As a result, the set of mass will depend not on how much you ate, but on how much time you have mastered your body. For this reason, there is no need to resort to cardinal changes in the diet - the "more to eat" method will not help here. Just as late dinner does not help either. Note that in case of overeating, food is not easily digested. When the stomach is full, all the nutrients are absorbed by the body very weakly, so it will be difficult to gain weight. The main rule: eat moderately, do not wait for a sensation of heaviness in the stomach. Remember that if there is too much margarine or oil in your food, the only thing you will achieve is high cholesterol and, as a result, problems with blood vessels and heart. Another wrong strategy is a lot of sweets. Naturally, sometimes everyone can be pampered with candy or biscuits, but to eat exclusively sweets is a direct way to increased sugar levels and malfunctions in metabolic processes. So how to eat properly to gain weight?

Increasing muscle mass

To weight is well recruited through muscularwe need to know that half of the success will depend not so much on nutrition, as on the way of life in general and on training in particular. Often, girls do not take into account the most basic rule of muscle building: heavy training and eating 20% ​​more than burned. To all who seek to build muscle and thus recover, it is necessary to know that any hard training is primarily exercises with weights. You must perform ten to twelve repetitions, no more, so choose the weight that suits you. If you use a light burden, muscles will not grow. But the right approach, this method of muscle building is the fastest and most effective. It is easy to get better at home and at the expense of a diet, but it should be thought through to the smallest detail. Its effect is to create a "building" material that will restore muscle fibers, as well as carbohydrate fuel, without which this process is impossible. Therefore, it is important to comply with this rule: both proteins and carbohydrates should be present in the diet at each meal. How correctly to calculate the necessary calories in order to gain muscle mass? Of course, all calculations are individual. To the daily energy costs (including the need to take into account and training), add 20-30% - as a result, you will get the necessary caloric value of your food. About 40% of these calories should be provided with proteins, 50% with carbohydrates, and only 10% with fat. Of course, eating this way, you need to forget about the cream, butter or fat. Now consider an example of a menu for girls who are worried about how to gain weight and muscle mass at home. For breakfast, you can eat a little buckwheat (200 grams) and 100 grams of boiled chicken (should be consumed breast). For the second breakfast, immediately after training, eat an apple and a banana, as well as a geyner. For lunch, eat a portion of pasta, adding tomato sauce, as well as one serving of grilled fish (choose fatty varieties) and any fruit. The menu for the second dinner: banana and yogurt, one apple and cottage cheese. On a mid-morning snack you can drink smoothies based on fruits or live yogurt, as well as a protein cocktail. For dinner, cook steamed beef with stewed vegetables and potatoes. This diet will be effective only when you completely give up all sorts of processed foods and alcoholic beverages. To gain weight

How to increase fat layer

Another way to gain weight isincrease in fatty layer. How can this be achieved? Those girls who regularly lose weight, such a diet may seem absurd or incomprehensible - how, you know, you can generally want to gain weight? The increase in the fat layer is important when the woman has problems with the hormonal background, which could be provoked by severe debilitating diets. You, maybe, do not know, but adipose tissue is an indicator that characterizes the reproductive health of a girl. If such a layer is not enough, the possibility of becoming pregnant tends to zero. Often, gynecologists even advise to eat more and move less to deliberately increase fat tissue and thereby increase their chances of becoming a mother. What do nutritionists recommend eating at home to get fat? First of all, increase the number of meals. Revise your diet, making it more diverse. Add in it more fats, but only useful. Increase the caloric content gradually, weekly adding 5% of calories to the standard diet. Using this method, it is possible to ensure the qualitative assimilation of all trace elements and substances from food, respectively, you can quickly recover. You should consume 30% of proteins, as much fat and 40% of carbohydrates, but the percentage of animal fats should not take more than 10% of the total diet. Include nuts, cheeses, fish, bread and honey in meals. What should be the menu to increase the percentage of fat tissue and help you get better? For breakfast, drink cocoa on milk with oatmeal cookies (four or five pieces), for a second breakfast, eat a little almonds, you can with honey, and also an apple and tea. Tea can be drunk with milk, but only if your body can easily tolerate it. For lunch, it is better to stop the choice of soup, cooked on meat broth, as well as porridge with meat or fish. Do not forget about vegetables. The second lunch is flakes plus dried fruit, milk. For dinner, you can safely eat fish and meat, as well as potatoes or spaghetti, salads. Immediately before bedtime, you can pamper your body with kefir and any fruit. There are no restrictions in physical activity: do sports at home, on the street or in the fitness center, do not forget about the complex care of your body. Every morning, it is better to do an easy exercise to wake up and come into tone more quickly, or you can give preference to yoga - choose to your taste. Sports will strengthen muscles, improve appetite, normalize not only physical, but also mental state - you will forget about stresses! how you can gain weight

Useful tips for everyone who wants to get better

You should consider some points without which it will be very difficult for you to increase your weight:

  • Change the power mode

Maximum fill your diet with suchproducts that, on the one hand, will have a positive effect on health, and on the other - will help to recover. Eat at least four times a day. In each time interval between meals, include a small snack. Nuts or dried fruit, as well as muesli, which you can do on your own at home, as well as sweet fruits, are ideal here. Gorged to the heap is not necessary - just a snack. First, eat the dish, the largest in its volume. That is, for example, first of all you eat the second, and only then the first. Soups better cook on broth (meat), and use spicy seasonings to awaken the appetite.

  • Serving size - large

All girls who want to get fat, shouldthere are portions that need to be more than they used until now. Perhaps, at first it will seem difficult, but with time you will get used. Usually people who gain weight poorly, eat too small portions - you will have to forget about it to get the forms that you want.

  • Negative factors

Answering the question how to gain weight, it is necessary to sayand about the negative factors that prevent getting better. Of course, these are bad habits. Both alcohol and cigarettes negatively affect metabolism in general. It is known that if a person can not lose weight or, conversely, gain weight, he suffers from problems with metabolism. If you abuse alcohol, the metabolism will not come back for a long time. Therefore, you have to choose what is more important for you: an extra cocktail or attractive forms.

  • Down with stresses

There is a category of people who aremake a problem. They are also affected by the stresses, which are known to burn incoming calories, which prevents weight gain. It's not for nothing that they say that the thinner the person, the angrier he is. Naturally, one can argue, however, it was repeatedly noted that people who torture themselves with hunger, now and then are in depression and nervous breakdowns. Are you satisfied with this prospect? Hardly. Therefore, your goal - to learn to avoid stress and all sorts of experiences. As soon as a problem arises in your life, try to solve it, and not just fall into the emotions about it.

  • Fitness tips

It is possible to grow stout and on instant cocktails. How to gain weight in this way and how useful is this method? First of all, go to a special sports or fitness store, which can be found at every self-respecting fitness center. Now it's up to you to buy a product that suits you. The taste of such cocktails can be completely different. There are options for men and for women. Feature of this drink - fiber, vitamins and protein in the composition - a real complex to solve your problem! Beforehand, you should talk with your trainer, who will help you get the "right" cocktail that is right for you. If you think that one diet will be enough, you are mistaken. In order to competently grow stout, you need to make no less effort than others need to lose weight. Pay attention to the power load, which will allow you to distribute the incoming kilograms evenly and, accordingly, simulate your figure. Prefer the dumbbells and barbells. Do not forget to do the warm-up before you start to work hard - the body needs to be warmed up. Ideally, your fitness trainer should individually pick for you a program that will bring your figure in order. Weight gain should occur without all kinds of injuries and emerging health problems, and here, too, can not do without the help of a specialist. The rules listed above are the key to getting better quickly and efficiently, but also without compromising on health. If you are puzzled by the question of how to gain weight or lose weight, then once again adequately assess the situation and decide: do you really need this or are it just your guesses or the manifestation of self-doubt? The human body should be in perfect form: it should not be too full or too thin, so any diet should be used only when there really is a need. Take care of yourself, and then your appearance will always please you!