strengthening eyelashes with oil Beautiful eyelashes also require care, like skin,hair, nails. Expressive look directly depends on the state of the eyes. Many people want to have beautiful, long, thick eyelashes, but often after using cosmetics they begin to thin out, become thin and brittle. Help here can cosmetic oil for the growth of eyelashes, their recovery and strengthening, which can be easily done by oneself at home. But also for long, beautiful eyelashes should be properly tended to preserve their natural state for a long time. At all times, women used a variety of means, ranging from pounded coal to dangerous lead mixtures, so that the look acquired expressiveness and mystery. Modern beauties use mascara for this, but the result is the same: the cilia become thin and very weak. Therefore, cosmetologists recommend daily care with natural, natural remedies. eyelash oil

What are the oils for eyelashes?

So why do we need oils? The fact that the composition of cosmetic oils for the care of eyelashes includes vitamins A and E. This includes castor, almond, pink oil, which promote growth, restore the natural state, slow the aging of eyelashes. Mixtures of essential oils in properly selected proportions can effectively neutralize the negative consequences of using cosmetics, remove irritations from their chemical compounds. Even the best and most expensive mascara can not provide adequate protection, so every day you need not only to use skin creams, but also to care for eyelashes, eyelid skin. Cilia are living hairs that also need proper nutrition to be beautiful and shiny. Vitamins in the composition of oils for care help to provide them with everything you need. Without proper care your eyelashes will be dull, rare, lifeless, and the look is inexpressive. Types of eyelash oils Today, a variety of oils are used for eyelashes, but most often use a mixture for care, which should contain:

  • Castor oil, which strengthens, improves growth, promotes the fact that eyelashes stop quickly and in large quantities fall out. This is the best tool in this list;
  • peach oil, olive, sea buckthorn, burdock - they all contain the necessary set of vitamins and nutrients that your cilia need so much to be shiny, elastic, long;
  • Rose hips, linseed and coconut oil are used for moisturizing and nourishing;
  • wheat germ oil, fish oil, almond oil usually contains a mixture of elements that is used for daily care;
  • Rose oil is added to relieve swelling around the eyes, rejuvenate the skin of the eyelids.

Often in the composition of care products are also added extracts of chamomile, calendula, aloe, parsley, sage, cornflower, carrot juice and other ingredients.

Effective recipes: advantages

At home, you can use differentmeans, including cosmetic essential oils, vitamins in capsules, hips, chamomile broths, sage, black tea. At the same time, it is difficult to choose which tool is best, because each of them has a different effect, promotes growth restoration, strengthens the eyelashes, makes them longer or more fluffy. We offer several mixtures that can be used very effectively at home:

  • Oil balms for the skin of eyelids and eyelids. Such mixtures allow not only to strengthen the cilia, but also to remove swelling around the eyes, inflammation of the eyelids, unhealthy color. To do this, mix in equal proportions tincture of chamomile, calendula, normal castor oil. The mixture is applied to the eyelashes and the skin of the eyelids for the night, all the excess is removed before going to bed;
  • The compress for the eyelashes consists of equal parts of the juicealoe, castor oil and heavily chopped parsley. Within a month, this mixture should be applied to the skin of the eyelids and cilia with light, patting movements. Such a compress helps to remove puffiness, restores tissues;
  • herbal lotions for moisturizing and nourishing eyelashes make from broths of chamomile, sage, cornflower or simple tea brewing;
  • for the growth of eyelashes use such a stimulant: in equal parts take almond, castor, olive, burdock oil, fish oil and a couple drops of vitamin A and E. The mixture is poured into a small bottle, it must be used every day for a month;
  • for the growth of eyelashes can use oilya mixture of teaspoon burdock and castor oil, vitamin E, three drops of aloe juice (fresh). The compound is applied every day before going to bed for two hours. Before going to sleep, you need to remove the oil;
  • castor and sea buckthorn oil in equal parts is used to soften the eyelashes, it is applied for two to three hours, helps to strengthen the cilia, makes them very fluffy;
  • when eyelashes fall out,rose hips. The mixture is prepared in this way: the hips are crushed, a tablespoon of the obtained mass is added, mixed with burdock and sea buckthorn oil (approximately two tablespoons). The resulting mixture is placed for ten days in a dark place. The resulting oil should be lubricated by the cilia before bed, the surplus is removed.

Using oil for the growth of eyelashes,that the deposited funds should in no case fall on the mucous eyes! To wash such an oily film is very difficult, it causes irritation, swelling around the eyes. Therefore, use caution, use cotton swabs and special brushes to apply prepared products. application of oil on eyelashes

How to prepare an effective tool yourself?

Many faced the fact that afteruse of poor-quality mascara or cosmetics eyelashes begin to look very bad, they easily break off, begin to fall out, and the skin of the eyelids looks inflamed. But do not panic right away, even at home with such a problem you can easily and quickly cope! You can prepare an effective and simple mixture based on drugs that you can buy at any pharmacy. Here you will need:

  • vitamins in the gelatin shell;
  • a can of castor oil;
  • cosmetic almond oil;
  • cosmetic oil of avocado or jojoba;
  • a small syringe and a sharp needle;
  • a bottle of old carcass (thoroughly washed);
  • a small plastic container (you can even use the lid from the shaving foam).

Begin to make our mixture with preparation emptycontainers from the carcass. This is a dirty and long-lasting business, but our prepared product can be taken with you, even just throwing it into your purse! After that, take the package with vitamins, take out one capsule, gently pierce it with a needle and drain the oil into the prepared plastic container. After that, add a little bit of castor oil to the vitamins (literally a couple drops!), Almond and avocado. Mix the mixture thoroughly and collect it into the syringe. As a result, we should get 2 mg of healing oil for eyelashes, which must be carefully poured into a jar of carcass. Apply the product to the eyelashes at night, do it this way: for twenty or thirty minutes, brush the oil, then remove all of its excess with a cotton swab. The recipe is very simple, but its effectiveness will simply amaze you! Get dense, beautiful, long eyelashes tending every girl, but how to achieve this? Everything is very simple, now available for sale are a variety of oils for the growth and recovery of cilia, they can even be made with your own hands from the available, available in each pharmacy means! You can use for this purpose a variety of cosmetic essential oils, vitamins A and E. Already after several days of use, you will see that your cilia have become fluffy, long and very beautiful!