guinea pig care and content So, this day has come. The child grew up and more and more often starts talking about a pet. Who should I give preference to? Cat's hair is allergic, the dog needs constant attention .... And why not get a guinea pig? They are so cute and funny, besides they do not need too much care. It's decided - go for the guinea pig! And of course we do not forget to take the baby with us, because he must certainly participate in the selection process.

Purchase a pet

Remember, it is better to buy the animal only inspecialized pet stores. Only there they will tell in detail how to take care of the guinea pig and give a guarantee that it is completely healthy. It is not worth risking and buying a pet "from hand" in the bird market or on an ad. Because these lovely home rodents also have diseases that are dangerous for people. Therefore, it is better to be safe. The most optimal age to buy is 8 weeks. What gender do you choose a beast is a purely personal matter. But if you decide to buy a pair, remember - males very often fight for the championship and can organize real battles without rules. Therefore, they are seated in different cells, but the female is more cohabiting with each other - they can be kept several individuals in one cage. Have you chosen? Now carefully observe the animal. A healthy guinea pig is mobile and curious. If you have some free time, then wait until the hour of eating and see how the animal eats. Usually mumps eat food with great appetite and drink a lot of water. Take the pet in your hands, feel, determine fatness. Look closely at the fur - it should be smooth and shiny. There are two kinds of animals: with long fur and short. At home, it's easier to care for short-haired mumps. nursing guinea pigs

How to properly keep guinea pigs

Often, the hosts put the guinea pig ina small glass aquarium. This content of the pet at the root is incorrect. Furry friend must live in a cage - free, with iron bars, a strong door and a metal floor. Why metal? Do not forget that the guinea pigs are rodents, and the wooden covering of the house will be a tasty morsel for them. The contents of the pet requires compliance with certain rules:

  • Fill the shavings or sawdust on the floor. You can buy a special filler that can absorb unpleasant odors;
  • The length of the cell should not be less than 50 centimeters;
  • In the cage it is necessary to equip a drinking bowl and two feeding troughs;
  • To care for guinea pig did not cause you any inconvenience, put a plastic pallet on the bottom of the cage. So it will be easier to put order there;
  • Along one of the walls, install a trough for hay;
  • Do not forget to fasten a thick rope between the rods (somewhere in the corner) and a special wheel - let the pig sharpen its teeth;
  • Guinea pigs do not tolerate drafts, sudden temperature changes and direct sunlight. Therefore, choose the location for the cell correctly, in accordance with these requirements.

What and how to feed the rodents

Many owners tend to treat their petsomething particularly tasty: a candy, a biscuit, even ice cream. This is fundamentally the wrong approach! Do not forget that the diet of guinea pigs must be strict, otherwise the animal can get sick. In order for the feeding to be correct and complete, remember several rules: • In guinea pigs, two meals a day - too frequent and dense feeding leads to obesity of the rodent;

  • Watch for the size of portions - it is necessary to givethe animal has as much food as it can eat in 2-3 hours. At first it will be difficult to clearly define the norm, but after a week you will already "fill your eyes" with feeders;
  • Guinea pigs are herbivores, they love hay, root vegetables, fruits and vegetables. Of these products, and the feeding develops - no sweets and meat pieces;
  • It is useful to give the pet a fresh herb (it should be dried from the dew a little). Clover, dandelions, salad are favorite in rodents;
  • Guinea pigs love potatoes, carrots, beets. You can give a little black bread, cabbage leaves, fresh cucumbers and zucchini;
  • No feeding should not do without water. Do not forget to periodically change it to fresh.

In pet stores sold special food -vitamin and mineral mixtures. They are certainly useful, but you should follow the instructions clearly. After all, an overdose of even the most useful substances does not lead to anything good. By the way, it is possible and at home to prepare a vitaminized mixture, after consulting with a veterinarian. If you will properly feed your pet, then he will live 8-10 years. guinea pig care


Want continuation of offspring? Then it will be right to buy a pair: a boy and a girl. Grow them up to the right age (7-9 months) and you can arrange a wedding night! As soon as you notice that the female began to beat her partner, to bite him and take away the feed, then she is pregnant, and it's time to put the future mummy in a separate cage. The gestation period is 65 days (average). No more than four children are born. They are born with open eyes, teeth and long fur. The children are so independent that almost from the first day they not only drink their mother's milk, but they also eat the usual food with great appetite. With them there will be no trouble - guinea pigs are able to care for their children. Do not immediately change the female back to the "husband". So you do not have time to blink an eye, as there will be one more offspring. For some reason, many believe that guinea pigs are boring animals and they have nothing to do with them. But this is not so! Fluffy rodents can make funny sounds, simulate the creaking of the door. In addition, it is the guinea pigs who are able to recognize their host and rejoice at his appearance: they quickly run around the cage and even jump. And guinea pigs are very fond of caress. Take them more often on arms or hand, iron, can comb a wool - a small animal will be very pleasant. With them you can even play a little - the mumps will happily react to a slight tease.

How to care for a rodent

The content of guinea pig can not do withouthygienic procedures. These animals are very neat and clean: they constantly wash their faces, clean their paws and eyes. You will only have to watch for claws and cut them off in time. Do this regularly, otherwise the animal can injure itself. If the guinea pig has long hair, then get a comb with sparse denticles, and with it, comb the animal, cleaning the lumps and tangled hairs. This procedure should be done every three days. Do not limit the freedom of guinea pig. Although occasionally give her the opportunity to walk around the apartment or balcony. Before releasing a pet, remove all items that it can gnaw. Yes, such walks are associated with certain difficulties, but your pet will be very happy! As you can see, caring for guinea pigs is not very difficult and does not require large financial investments. This animal will become a true family favorite, and your child will be happy, taking part in the life of a small fluffy friend. We advise you to read: