cats treat people In Japan is gaining in popularityUnconventional, but pleasant method of recovery. It is a question of koshko therapy - treatment by purring creatures. In the Japanese capital, unusual cafes open, where the mustachioed and striped are full-fledged masters. The urbanized residents, tired of the city bustle, rush to visit these establishments to meet their favorites: ironing and squeezing them, listening to purring and meowing, watching films with their participation. Pets, in turn, like to sit on the knees and shoulders of their guests. The hour of pleasure is 10 dollars. Our situation is different. No, we, of course, also like to squeeze and pat moustached purr. But we, unlike advanced Japanese, do not have to pay money for this pleasure. We are all in the old-fashioned way: they sat down in an armchair (on a sofa), hoisted Vaska (Barsik, Murka) on their knees and started a session of therapeutic cat therapy. But laughter is laughing, but in fact cats are treating people. There is even a whole section of alternative medicine, called "felinotherapy." And in what magical way, without drugs and special procedures, can cats treat our bodily and mental illnesses? Let's figure it out.

How do cats treat

Power! The special life energy is contained in these small (and large, too) predators. In the wild, all cats are able not only to heal themselves, but also to cure the diseases of their fellow humans. If one of the members of the cat family becomes ill, the others try to lie down side by side to share their good (healthy) energy. How do they do it? Scientists have not yet found out: such an energy exchange is still outside official scientific interpretations. But here unofficially all scientists recognize this fact. And even put forward hypotheses that explain it. According to one of these hypotheses, the vibration of the rumbling frequency (purring) became the cause of the cats' healing abilities. Allegedly these vibrations accelerate the regeneration of the cells of the body. And this, in turn, helps to resist the diseases not only of the cats, but of those with whom they purr. And if in the wild forests, savannahs and prairies, cats heal only themselves and themselves, then domestic pussies are simply forced to treat our diseases. And where do they go? We are their family, their pride. So, with vibrations and regeneration everything is clear. And what about energy exchange? How does this happen? Apparently, as in that school problem: from one pipe flows, into another flows in. The principle of the exchange of life energy is still outside the sphere of human understanding (if this person is not a biophysicist or a medium). However, official felinotherapy is based on this principle. And do you know how interesting was the discovery of almost supernatural feline energy? It happened in London, in the laboratory for the study of methods of treating diseases with low-frequency currents. Once the local institute cat entered the laboratory during the next experiment. And what do you think? She broke this experiment! Passing by the generator of these very low frequency currents, the pussy nearly put him out of action. Well, if not the generator itself, then all sorts of sensors, which immediately went off scale. Discouraged by this fact, scientists measured the cat's electromagnetic field and found out that it is capable of generating energy that at times exceeds that produced by the generator. what cats are being treated

What diseases cats treat?

Numerous experiments have confirmedThe ability of a cat to generate therapeutic currents of low frequency. And how do they affect the human body? It turns out that these currents act on the foci of inflammation and simply kill the microbes. And under the influence of currents blood circulation is improved and tissue healing is accelerated. Improves the brain, cures nervous disorders and mental illness. Do cats treat everything? Probably not. But they relieve stress, treat internal diseases, arthrosis, sciatica and osteochondrosis, gynecological diseases and even alcoholism and drug addiction. Practical felinotherapy has confirmed the cure of people from various diseases. Moreover, as a result of observations, it was observed that different cats help with different diseases. This is explained, most likely by the fact that low-frequency currents in cats are produced due to the friction of the hair of cat hair. And since the wool of cats is also different, the currents are also produced by different strengths.

  • Cats with long hair (Siberian, Angora,Persian and other long-haired) is a kind of neuropathologists. They help a person cope with irritability, get out of depression and get rid of insomnia. Moreover, Persian cats and cats (individually) also treat joint diseases.
  • Short-haired cats and owners of medium-length fur (British, short-haired exots, curls) are able to treat diseases of the cardiovascular system. They are excellent cardiologists.
  • Smooth-haired and bare cats (sphinxes,Cornish Rex, Siamese) help people suffering from liver, kidney and digestive system diseases. By the way, Siamese cats are wonderful "antiseptics". It is noticed that their owners rarely get colds (bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.).
  • All cats without exception are capable to remove a headache, to lower pressure, to help to cope with consequences of a myocardial infarction and to accelerate the healing of wounds and fractures.

how cats are treated

What methods are used in catsotherapy?

The main and most effective method is bodilycontact. The animal is planted or put on a sore spot (or next to a sore spot). But this is in severe cases. More often than not, simple stroking of the animal is sufficient: a healing effect already takes place through the fingers and palms. By the way, feline therapists have developed a whole system of "applying" cats to the sick places: therapeutic sessions last a strictly calculated time. So, for example, in the treatment of gynecological diseases, a cat (namely a cat, not a cat) is placed on the lower abdomen of the woman and the patient is offered to lie stroking the animal for at least twenty minutes. In addition, it is believed that cats or cats work with different strengths and are "suited" to treat the disease at different stages, while kittens are more specialized in small patients. And with some diseases, cat massage is shown, with obligatory sound accompaniment. It is also known that Eastern healers in ancient times appealed to the healing abilities of cats. According to one of the postulates of eastern medicine, a person's illness arises from a violation of the energy balance. That is, the human body is harmful as a lack of energy, so its excess. From lack of energy there are diseases of "yin" (such as low blood pressure, heart failure, chronic fatigue), and from the lack - of "yang" diseases (such as heart attacks and strokes, osteochondrosis and hypertension). And eastern healers have developed their own methods of koskoterapii. For example, "yin" diseases they treat by "putting" the cat to the person so that the cat's head is on the left (at the heart), and with the "yang" diseases the cat is placed on the contrary. In domestic cat therapy, cats themselves play the role of diagnosticians and "appoint" us the duration of treatment sessions. Cats treat people, somehow feeling the ailment of their master and in every way trying to help him. You noticed that even in the same family, the same cat behaves differently: to one member of the family, she lies under the barrel, to the other she climbs almost to her head, and the third settles right on her chest or on her stomach. At some owners of a cat in any do not wish to sit on hands and try to lay down on legs, and someone constantly try to make massage. And whatever the skeptics say, every owner knows exactly what the cat is treating. He just feels it. And in general the presence of a cat in the house imposes additional obligations on the owner. Knowing that next to him lives a creature in need of care and care, a person subconsciously adjusts himself to a healthy and full of life. But how else: we are responsible for those who have tamed. And cats (as a token of gratitude?) Share their life-giving energy with us. Although, most likely, cats treat people disinterestedly. Just. Simply because they are created just like that. We advise you to read: