how to determine a cat's pregnancy If your home has a healthy maturecat, sooner or later she will gather to give you her numerous offspring. What is there to do? Call of nature. To keep the pussy from selfless search for a partner and no less selfless love act can only extraordinary circumstances, such as: being in a locked iron cage, cast-iron chains, with which it is riveted to the battery, or the sudden decision of the owners to sterilize their pet. However, a 100% result is obtained only by sterilization. And even if your cat does not have the opportunity to contact the individuals of the opposite sex, sooner or later it will still keep you from the house (it is possible that it is irretrievable), or this secret animal, attracted by the invocatory meowing of yours hermits. So, no matter how you guard, but still progoraulite and you will rack your brains: the pregnant woman is suffering, or still God mercy. In the opposite situation, some koshkovladeltsy also puzzle over this issue, looking forward to the birth of offspring of aristocratic cat's blood. That is, and the groom sort of picked the thoroughbred, and it turned out all right, but doubts torment. And so you want to figure out what to spend money on from the sold thoroughbred aristocrats. Well, if it is vital for you to resolve doubts about your cat's pregnancy, then let's figure out how to find out if she's pregnant or not. how to determine pregnancy in a cat

The first (implicit) signs of pregnancy

Immediately mention that in the first three weeksyou can not get an unambiguous answer to the question about pregnancy of a cat. Even in a veterinary clinic you will not be helped: the ultrasound will not show anything, the doctor will not feel anything. However, if your pussy walks by itself, then be sure that the period of the next heat has ended safely (for her) or, rather, fruitfully. There is no need to guess: there are some signs or not, and after nine weeks your house will announce the squeaking of newborn kittens. And it often happens that the owners are simply not sure that the love act was held at all. Especially often this applies to those moments when the kitty for these purposes is specially taken to the cat. However, seasoned breeders (people engaged in the professional breeding of thoroughbred cats) noticed the following features.

  • If, right after the visit to the groom, the cat returned home renews its love songs (asks back to the cat), then, most likely, the wedding night has taken place, and one can hope for the kittens.
  • If the call cries of the cat resumed a week after the return from the groom, then nothing they did not work, and the cat, realizing that she had not become pregnant, requires a second visit.
  • If the cat's estrus quickly ceased after communicating with the partner, then with a high degree of probability it is possible to expect an offspring.
  • If, after a love rendezvous, the cat stopped giving any signs about its desire to become a mummy, then the goal is most likely achieved.
  • But this is all, of course, only a summary experiencekoshkovladeltsev and conclusions drawn from observations. In fact, this behavior of a cat can not talk about anything, except about its bad character. And, nevertheless, sometimes (and often!) These signs are true. And one more phenomenal observation. If you (the hostess) with all the fibers of the soul oppose the replenishment of your cat family, then be sure - after the first mating your kitty will become pregnant. If you, on the contrary, sleep and see your kitty pregnant, then dreams will remain dreams for a long time. Specifically, they are doing anything to us in defiance of?

    Clear signs of pregnancy

    Determine the apparent pregnancy of a cat can onlythree weeks after conception. The very first, most obvious and most textual symptom is a change in the color and size of the nipples. The nipples of the cat slightly swell and turn pink. This happens by the end of the first trimester of pregnancy, when embryos already reach a size of one to two centimeters. In the same period, an experienced veterinarian will be able to feel and determine not only the presence of kittens, but even their number. The tummy of a cat is slightly increased by the third week of pregnancy, but it is almost impossible to notice it. It is already perceptible (for a cat) the hormonal background changes, therefore the pussy can suffer a morning nausea. A sharp change in behavior also indicates the interesting situation of your pet. And to find out for sure about the cat's pregnancy will help ultrasound, carried out exactly at this time. Only from the second half of pregnancy signs of an interesting position of your cat are visible to the naked eye. From the fourth week the kittens begin to develop intensively and grow, so the belly of the pregnant cat grows noticeably and rapidly. It is already possible to grope for the movement of the kittens with the palm of your hand, and if there are a lot of them, you will see it. True, in females bearing only one or two cubs, the abdomen does not increase significantly. Pregnancy affects the behavior of the animal. Many cats are calmer, indifferent to the events. They sleep for a long time (longer than usual), constantly and persistently require attention and affection. In general, pregnant cats become more gentle not only to people, but also to other animals living with them in the same house. By the end of pregnancy, the nipples in the cat begin to sag, the stomach becomes noticeably larger, and the cat itself is trying to find a place for the forthcoming birth. To be fair, it's worth noting that some cats do not change the constitution throughout their entire pregnancy. And for some longhaired breeds it is difficult to see not only changes in the color and size of the nipples, but the nipples themselves are problematic. Therefore, sometimes it is quite difficult to distinguish a pregnant kitty from a not pregnant one. And here only ultrasound will help to dot all the "i". how to find a cat's pregnancy

    On a note

    • Human pregnancy tests on animals do not work! So do not try to determine your cat's pregnancy with this test.
    • Reliably and absolutely to learn about pregnancy or its absence it is possible only by means of ultrasonic research.
    • False pregnancy in cats is very rare, and in veterinary medicine is classified as a neuropsychic disease.

    Love your pets, even if they do not justify your hopes. Remember that we are responsible for those who have tamed. We advise you to read: