stop cystitis for cats Cats have cystitis, like other diseases of the urogenitalsystem, is quite common. It is not a rare disease and is treated with special medications. Sometimes veterinarians prescribe to animals the usual medications that can be purchased in the "human pharmacy", and sometimes prescribe and special preparations for animals. Given that the risk of cystitis in cats is quite high, preventive measures, which consist not only in proper nutrition and proper care, but also in the use of appropriate medicines, do not interfere. One such drug is "Stop cystitis for cats", which is available in the form of tablets or suspensions. What is it?

Properties of the preparation

Stop cystitis is considered a complex drug,possessing a diuretic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect. This drug relieves spasms and removes from the body toxic products and urinary stones, which is especially important for the prevention of cystitis. For preventive purposes, the drug is used in diagnostic studies (catheterization, cytoscopy) and in surgical operations. Treat stop-cystitis not only cystitis, but also pyelonephritis, urolithiasis and urethritis.

Form of issue

Stop cystitis for cats in the form of a suspensionIt is produced in polymer bottles with a volume of thirty or fifty milliliters. Externally, the suspension is a slurry (a thick liquid) containing undissolved particles, and has a specific but pleasant odor. At long storage on a bottom of a vial there is a deposit which at shaking disappears. Vials with a suspension are packed in boxes, in which there is also a measuring glass and a syringe-dispenser. Stop cystitis for cats in tablets is another form of this drug. Tablets weighing two hundred milligrams are packed in fifteen pieces into polymer jars, which are packed in cardboard boxes. The medicine must be necessarily marked with the name, volume, date of issue and shelf life. In addition, the box indicates the number of the series and the requisites of the manufacturer. In each medicine box there is an instruction in which the composition, properties and dosage of the drug are prescribed. stop cystitis

Structure of the preparation

Stop cystitis contains a complex of components, the proportions of which are indicated in the instructions. The composition of this drug is as follows:

  • Nitroxoline (antibacterial and antimicrobial agent);
  • drotaverin (antispasmodic with vasodilating action, relieves pain);
  • extracts of medicinal herbs: goretsvet, nettle, juniper, cowberry, licorice root (anti-inflammatory and diuretic action).
  • auxiliary components (determine the shape and consistency of the drug).
  • All components of the stopcystitis are well absorbed fromgastrointestinal tract. Medicinal plants that are part of stop-cystitis are rich in biologically active compounds, vitamins and minerals, possess uroseptic properties and reduce pain. Synthetic substances in the composition of stopcystitis are excreted through the kidneys.

    Dosage and methods of administration

    Apply stop-cystitis for cats only onappointment of a veterinarian. The dose of a single dose is determined from the calculation of the mass of the animal. Specific proportions of the drug are calculated according to the instructions, which necessarily contain recommendations for dosage. In addition, the dosage and frequency of admission is prescribed by the veterinarian, based on the severity of the disease and the general condition of the animal. Treatment with stop cystitis is prescribed (usually) in conjunction with other medications, and the treatment plan is also developed by the doctor. Therefore, never (never!) Do not attempt to cure the affected animal yourself, unless you are a veterinarian. To give a cat a medicine is not easy. Usually the animal actively resists and voluntarily accepts the pills does not want. How in this case it is possible to arrive? First, it is worth trying to outwit the cat by mixing the medicine in the feed or giving it with your favorite treat. But more often it is necessary to use not cunning, but force. To do this, the seal is put on its back (or held in its hands), one hand opens the mouth to it, and the other puts the medicine on the root of the tongue. Then you need to close the cat's mouth and squeeze the jaws slightly so that it does not spit out the medicine. Hold the animal's head for a while in a slightly overturned state - the cat will be forced to swallow what you put on her tongue. And be prepared for the fact that the first time you have this number may not pass. For cats, too, you need a certain skill and experience. And do not forget to protect yourself from possible scratches and bites: for cats this procedure is unpleasant and resistance on their part is inevitable. stop cystitis in cats


    There are no special contraindications to taking the drug. However, it is not recommended to give it to animals suffering from acute cardiac or hepatic insufficiency. In addition, before the course of treatment, it is advisable to give the cat antihistamines (antihelminthic drugs). And still there are restrictions on the treatment of stop-cystitis in nursing and pregnant cats. In some cases, allergic reactions to stop cystitis for cats are possible. However, this depends only on the individual characteristics of the animal. And some owners note a reaction like drooling. However, many cats respond in a similar manner to any medicine at all. And more it is necessary to remind, that to store this preparation (as well as all medicines) it is necessary far from foodstuff and according to the instruction. And also do not forget about the expiration date of the drug and in any case not give the animal an expired tablet or suspension. We advise you to read: