celery salad with apple In modern life, full of stress,turmoil and constant race, it is extremely important not to forget about your health. Walking in nature, playing sports, taking vitamins and a full sleep - all this contributes to the restoration of strength and well-being. But, as you know, the most important thing in the struggle for beauty, strong immunity and "steel" nerves is a balanced diet. Fruits and vegetables - that's what should be present in every person's daily diet. It is especially important to monitor your nutrition to pregnant women and young nursing mothers. Today we will share the secrets of preparing a very useful and mouth-watering dish - salad with celery and apples.

Fruit and vegetable salad "Health"

This celery salad with an apple is not in vain wornthe name "Health", because the products that make up it are a real storehouse of vitamins. By eating a dish at least several times a week, you will always feel cheerful and ready to conquer new peaks. Add to the dish a juicy roasted beef or pork steak, fish cooked in a double boiler, or a chicken baked in foil, and get a full lunch or dinner. Ingredients:

  • 150 grams of sweet and sour apples
  • 120 grams of celery
  • 1/3 of a lemon
  • table salt - optional
  • slightly less than a glass of walnuts
  • 90 grams of light mayonnaise
  • spices and black pepper
  • 30 grams of green salad

Preparation: Begin with fruit cleaning: cut the core out of the apples, then remove the skin with a knife and chop them with medium-thick straws. Do not forget that this product has one not very pleasant feature - over time it gets dark. Therefore, in order not to spoil the appearance of the dish, sprinkle apples with lemon juice, which will help them to keep their attractiveness as long as possible. Now cut the peeled celery medium cubes, and the salad tear your hands on the strips. After you release the walnuts from the shell, beat them with boiling water, remove the shell and crush with a rolling pin. There is another way: if desired, you can simply fry the product in a skillet without oil. Now combine all the ingredients in a deep dish, seasoning them with spices and salt, pour mayonnaise and mix thoroughly. In order to serve the dish as efficiently as possible, arrange it on plate plates in the form of a slide, decorate with green lettuce leaves and sprinkle with nuts. By the way, it is not necessary to use a walnut - you can also use pine nuts or, for example, pecans, but consider that such products are much more expensive. If you are worried about your figure, season salad with celery and apples with mayonnaise, and fat-free sour cream, or rather - with olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice. salad of apples and celery

Salad with apple, carrots and celery

Salad with an apple, carrots and celery in the menu for a nursing mother will be an indispensable treat. Ingredients:

  • Celery root ¼;
  • Green apple;
  • Carrot;
  • Green parsley;
  • Olive oil;
  • Salt;
  • Lemon juice.

A way of preparation of a salad with an apple, carrots andcelery: Grate on a large grater a quarter of the celery root, carrots and an apple. After you have rubbed an apple, we advise you to sprinkle it with lemon juice. This is also done so that the apple does not darken. Finely chop parsley. Mix and season with olive oil.

Carrot and apple salad with celery

This recipe is especially useful to future mothers,carrying a baby. During this period, a woman needs to get as many vitamins as possible; but where do you get them, if not from vegetables and fruits? In addition, food should not only be nutritious and useful, but not too high in calories. After all, as experts have repeatedly noted, excess weight can have a negative effect during childbirth. That's why we recommend giving preference to a salad of celery and apples - a light and juicy dish. Ingredients:

  • three stalks of celery
  • a tablespoon of not too fatty cream
  • one medium carrot
  • red or green apple - one piece
  • ½ small spoonful of honey

Cooking method: First of all, peel the carrots and celery, then grate them on a medium grater. From the apple, take out the core and cut into cubes or a thin straw. Then combine all the ingredients in one bowl, pour cream and add honey. Stir the dish with a spoon and start eating. Do you want to increase the beneficial effect of food on the body? Then enter walnuts, peanuts, if you wish, put a little golden raisins. Only it is first recommended to scald with boiling water, hold in a hot liquid for about ten minutes, rinse under a tap and only then add to a salad.

A dish of tomatoes, apples and celery

This light and juicy food is best servedto meat and fish dishes. Replacing the usual side dish in the form of mashed potatoes, buckwheat and rice, salad with fruit and celery, you will notice the difference: after such a dinner or dinner there is no unpleasant feeling of heaviness in the stomach - on the contrary, there are strengths and vivacity. Ingredients:

  • 200 grams of any apples
  • salt - to taste
  • one large or two medium strong tomatoes
  • bulb - one piece
  • 15 milliliters of olive oil
  • half a lemon or lime
  • sugar - on request
  • fresh greens

Cooking method: Wash and cleaned the celery in advance and cut it with small straws and save in olive oil. You can sprinkle it with spices - it will give the dish a special flavor and unusual taste. As for onions, it should be noted that the dish turns out to be more spicy if you use a Crimean sweet vegetable. Therefore, if possible, add it to the salad by cutting the onion into thin semicircles. Peel the apples and tomatoes with cubes. If you have purchased thick-skinned tomatoes, remove them from the skin before you insert them into the dish. It will be much easier to do if you pre-cut the vegetable from above with a cross crosswise, and then turn in turn first with boiling water and then with cold water. Prepare the dressing even easier: mix the juice, just squeezed out of lime or lemon, with salt and sugar. Combine all the products in a deep dish, pour over their sauce and decorate with finely chopped greens. celery and apples salad

Citrus salad with celery

Another dish that will amaze your imagination,- salad from orange, sweet apples and celery. We think that the useful properties of these products should not be reminded once again. Experts have long proven that celery has a beneficial effect on the entire body - soothes with nervous disorders, stimulates the production of gastric juice, and slows down the aging process. Apples strengthen not only the teeth, but also the walls of the vessels, so a person eating a few fruits a week, thereby ensuring a long healthy activity of his heart apparatus. In addition, they contain many useful vitamins and trace elements. Agree that after all that said, this salad recipe should be firmly established in your family's diet. Ingredients:

  • orange
  • four celery roots
  • three large apples
  • sweet Bulgarian pepper - depending on its size it will take three or four pieces
  • ½ small lemon
  • Sugar and salt - at your discretion
  • a glass of low-fat sour cream

Cooking method: Wash fruits and vegetables, boldly start cooking. Start with the simplest: peel the celery and apples, then from the latter remove the bones, the core and cut into small cubes. Bulgarian pepper chop thin rings, and celery can either crush straw, or grate on a medium-sized grater. Now put all the ingredients in one salad bowl, sprinkle with sugar, one or two pinches of salt. Then sprinkle with lemon and pour over the sour cream. Before serving, mix the food with a spoon and decorate the dish with the orange, cut into slices.

"Spring" salad with celery and green apple

Salad, the recipe of which we will tell, consists of onlyonly from two products - celery and a green apple of Simirenko. But this does not mean that the dish is uninteresting or tasteless. A highlight is in the dressing to it: for its preparation you need to buy soy sauce, mustard, lemon and some other ingredients. We will not be able to reveal all the secrets ahead of time - it's better to try to make the dish yourself, and you'll see that sometimes with a combination of the most common products, incredibly delicious culinary masterpieces are born. Ingredients: For salad:

  • large celery root - one piece
  • one apple

For refueling:

  • a small spoonful of sweet mustard
  • salt
  • seven grams of soy sauce
  • four tablespoons of olive oil not bitter
  • 1/4 lemon
  • freshly ground pepper (we recommend using black)
  • some sugar

Cooking method: Some people like to make salads, cutting foods as small as possible, others, on the contrary, prefer to add chopped large chunks of vegetables and fruits. Whatever it was, you have two options: peeled celery and Simirenko grate or cut into strips or cubes. Note that it is necessary to remove the core and bones from the apple in advance. Now, take care of the most important thing - the preparation of fragrant dressing. Pour into the bowl soy sauce, refined vegetable oil, squeeze out the fresh lemon juice, then enter the mustard, sugar and a little salt. Spices add to your discretion, because not everyone likes seasoning. Mix well all ingredients of the dressing and fill it with celery and apple. As is known, not only the taste properties, but also the serving of the dish plays an important role. Therefore, we suggest decorating the creation with fresh herbs, crushed nuts or brownish-golden raisins. Salads of celery and apples should at least occasionally appear in every home. After all, the ingredients that make up their composition are a storehouse of microelements and vitamins so necessary for the human body. So cook easily and eat healthy! We advise you to read: