radish salad In the cold winter season, it is simply necessarymaster at least one recipe for salad with the addition of radish. This useful root crop, in spite of its specific sharp taste, perfectly combines with vegetables (carrots, Pekinese cabbage, tomatoes), fruits and meat products (sausage, ham, chicken, pork). In addition, experts have repeatedly mentioned its health-improving properties for the body - the ascorbic acid it contains increases the immunity, so all kinds of colds, flu and SARS will not be terrible for you. In addition, the vegetable is recommended to use in case of problems with the liver and gall bladder, bronchial asthma and even to eliminate residual effects after the transferred jaundice. As you can see, a radish salad will not only leave you hungry, but also take care of your health, filling the body with forces to fight infections.

Salad "Winter" with salted cucumber and radish

This radish salad called "Winter"will become an ideal snack. Using it under strong alcoholic drinks, you can enjoy their true taste and never get drunk. The recipe is very simple and fast, so take it for service. Ingredients: For salad:

  • 300 grams of radish winter varieties
  • the same amount of medium green tomatoes (we recommend using canned)
  • two large salted cucumber

For sauce:

  • olive oil - four tablespoons (table)
  • half a small lemon (only juice will be needed)
  • table salt - to your taste
  • 40 grams of natural yogurt

Cooking method: If you decide to master this recipe, then, when buying products, choose the root crop of winter varieties, but for lack of such it is always possible to use ordinary radish. When preparing a dish, grate it with thin bars using a grater. Then cut the cubes salted cucumbers, and cut the tomatoes with the knife into four equal parts. Now you need to prepare marinade for a radish salad, the recipe of which is very simple. So, pour into a deep bowl of natural yogurt (take the usual, no flavor additives), olive oil and here squeeze out half of the lemon sour juice. If desired, sprinkle with your favorite spices and salt. Mix all the ingredients well and season with a radish salad. This dish will increase your immunity and give strength to fight with acute respiratory viral infections, which also "stick" to people in the winter season. Eat with pleasure and be healthy! radish salads

The easiest radish salad

Every housewife must know at least one recipefast food, which is prepared in a hurry. This radish salad is ideal for those cases when there is no time. You will just need to cut and mix all the products. Serve the dish with fried meat, baked chicken, cutlets and other dishes. Ingredients:

  • one small radish
  • a bunch of fresh spring onions
  • salt
  • 50 milliliters of refined vegetable oil

Cooking method: To make your radish salad turn appetizing and not bitter, first grate the root on a medium grater or cut with straw using a knife. After that, pour it over with boiling water and let it drain. Thus, you will get rid of a sharp smell and a specific taste. Now put the radish in a deep bowl, pour with vegetable oil, at your discretion season with salt and ground pepper. At the very end, sprinkle the dish with finely chopped green onions and mix well. This is a very healthy recipe for a light and delicious radish salad, because the root is itself useful; In addition, in combination with vegetable oil, a dish with a minimum calorie content is obtained. If desired, it can be filled with delicious mayonnaise or, for example, low-fat sour cream. There is another version of this dish: pour all the ingredients with olive oil and add a small spoonful of table vinegar. Bon Appetit!

"Homemade" salad with tomatoes, radish and onions

In a variety of recipes for appetizing salads fromradishes can easily get confused. Vegetarians prepare them, adding only vegetables, lovers of meat put sausage, ham or boiled chicken. In general, each person gets his own culinary creation. We in turn offer to master an uncomplicated recipe of the "Home" dish with tomatoes, sweet onions and, of course, radish. Ingredients: Salad:

  • one radish
  • six pieces of small tomatoes
  • one purple bulb
  • salt - to taste


  • 50 milliliters of fragrant sunflower oil
  • lemon juice
  • spices - if desired

Cooking method: Having mastered this recipe, you will not regret, as a radish salad with tomatoes turns out to be incredibly juicy and not bitter, as many people tend to think. Begin cooking with root vegetables - use a special appliance or a conventional knife. After you remove the peel from the radish, grate it on a fine grater and put it in a salad bowl. Then cut the thin purple onion rings, previously peeled from the husk, and tomatoes - in small slices. Combine all these ingredients in one bowl, seasoning them with a small amount of salt. If you want, use spices or plain ground black pepper. To make the refueling, combine in a shallow bowl the sunflower oil with lemon juice and pour the mixture with the prepared dish. We recommend to decorate a radish salad with chopped parsley, dill or cilantro. radish salad recipe

Salad "Crispy" with breadcrumbs and radish

In the recipe for this salad of radishes are biscuits,that's why it is called "Crisp". You can buy the finished product in the store or make it yourself. To do this, cut thin black bread, sprinkle it with salt and spices, and put on a baking tray, send it to the oven. That the product is not burnt, do not expose too high a temperature - it is enough 180 degrees. Fifteen minutes later, appetizing crackers will be ready. Now back to the preparation of radish salad. Ingredients:

  • packing rye croutons with any taste
  • radish - one piece
  • small bunch of green onions
  • salt

For refueling:

  • 50 milliliters of kvass
  • the same amount of vegetable oil (we recommend to take refined)

Cooking method: This radish salad is not only mouth-watering, but also very useful. If you experience heartburn after eating or are suffering from asthma attacks, doctors strongly recommend that you enter this product into your daily diet. Even eating it at least once a week, you will soon feel much healthier. So we think this recipe should be useful to you. The first thing to do is grate the peeled radish or cut with straw using a knife. After put it in a salad bowl, here enter the crunches, sprinkle everything with finely chopped green onions and table salt. Next, prepare the sauce: combine kvass with vegetable oil and the resulting mixture, pour the radish salad. Mix all the ingredients several times - all, you can serve the dish on the table. If you decide to use not store, but personally cooked croutons, then there are two options. The first recipe has already been described - just fry the bread in the oven. You can do this differently: cut the rye loaf into thin slices and send it into a frying pan with preheated vegetable oil. After adding it to your taste, fry until a ruddy crust appears. To add a piquant to the dish, add garlic, crushed with a special press. Then mix the rusks with the rest of the ingredients (radish and onions) and pour the dressing with kvass and butter.

Sweet salad with radish and honey

If you decide to make a juicy beef or porksteak, we recommend you to serve this sweet dish. Preparation of radish salad with the addition of fragrant honey on the shoulder even the most inexperienced mistress. Ingredients:

  • five grams of powdered sugar
  • medium-sized radish
  • a little table vinegar diluted with water
  • one tablespoon of honey (melted)

Cooking method: Remove the peel from the radish and grate it on a medium grater. To get rid of the sharp specific taste, pour on boiling water, and then throw it back in a colander. When the excess liquid drains and the root crop dries, sprinkle it with sugar powder, cover it and set aside. Radish should brew and allocate juice - this will take about 30 minutes. In the meantime, make a water bath and, putting honey in a small plate, melt it. Then pour the root sauce over the sweet sauce and add the vinegar, diluting it with a little water. After thoroughly stir the dish, and you can sit at the table. By the way, if you like spices, add them to the salad. This is suitable for curry, turmeric or cinnamon. recipe for radish salad

Salad from beets, winter radish and prunes

Recipe for beetroot salad with prunesmany, but we propose to change it a bit by adding a radish. This dish is suitable for any occasion - it can be served to your family for lunch or put on a festive table. The food is useful, quite appetizing and low-calorie, so you can not worry about your figure - your body will not learn any extra gram. Ingredients: For refueling:

  • 35 milliliters of olive oil
  • freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • table salt - to taste

For salad:

  • winter radish - one piece of medium size
  • small boiled beet - four pieces
  • ½ faceted prune (pre-soaked in water)

Cooking method: To make a salad tasty, try to choose a sweet beetroot. Basically, the future taste of the dish depends on it. Boil the vegetable in water, when it becomes soft, remove the skin and grate the flesh on a small grater. Now peel the radish and cut it with a knife in the form of straws, then pour it over with boiling water and dry it well, otherwise there will be excess liquid in the salad that will spoil the dish. Even before the beginning of cooking prunes should be soaked for fifteen minutes in warm water - so you will save time. Now combine in one bowl all the ingredients: beets with radish, diced prunes. As usual, cook salt at your discretion. Pour the dish with olive oil, lemon juice and mix well. This salad is perfectly combined with walnuts. If you like this product, fry it in a dry frying pan, grind it with a rolling pin and add it to the dish.

Mushroom salad with fresh radish fried in oil

How do you like this combination: radish, marinated champignons and onions? If you have not tried this dish, then, as they say, you are welcome. Enter it into your daily diet, and you will always be vigorous and healthy. Ingredients:

  • 200 grams of pickled mushrooms (you can add any on your own)
  • a pinch of sea salt
  • fresh radish - one piece
  • olive oil (necessarily refined)
  • onions - one piece

Cooking method: With not too much radish, peel and pulp, grate it on a fine grater. To make a delicious dish for sure, pour the root with cold water, and after fifteen minutes, throw it back in a colander and dry it. Some culinary experts recommend you to pour a vegetable with boiling water - you can try both. After everything is ready, place the radish in the preheated olive oil and fry for three or four minutes. Now go on to cutting the remaining ingredients, namely: champignons - cubes, and onions - half rings. All products are combined in one bowl, sprinkle with salt and other condiments. If desired, squeeze a small amount of lemon juice.

"Carotene" salad made of radish with carrots and apples

Finally, let's share another recipe for a healthy and very healthy dish of carrots, sweet apples and radishes. Ingredients: For salad:

  • about 200 grams of radish
  • two small sour-sweet apples
  • a large carrot - one piece

For refueling:

  • 0.5 lemon (you need both juice and grated zest)
  • three garlic cloves

Cooking method: With apples peel and cut them into small cubes. Now peel the carrots, as well as the radish, and grate the two ingredients on the grater. All products put in a deep glass salad bowl and pour lemon juice. At the very end, enter the garlic, crushed with a special press, and grated zest. To your taste, salt the dish and mix. If desired, you can add roasted walnuts or golden raisins in a dry saucepan, which must first be soaked in warm water. Preparation of salads from a radish - an entertaining and absolutely not labor-consuming process. You can combine different products, coming up with original and unusual dishes. Let these recipes be the beginning of your culinary creativity in this direction! We advise you to read: