beautiful roller blinds Once there were fashionable blinds, and many peopleinstalled them in homes, offices and cottages. The consumption of blinds is not very large, and they are quite convenient to use. Today, the blinds are already a thing of the past, roll blinds have replaced them. If your budget does not provide for the purchase of new curtains, they are quite easy to manufacture by yourself, using your hands and materials at hand. Roller blinds, made with their own hands, are perfect for decorating a home interior. Room with roller blinds is more cozy. They are easy to use and have many kinds of design, which makes it easy to pick them up for any interior. Pros of using curtains:

  • the possibility of using together with existing curtains as an addition or as an individual decoration of windows;
  • curtains of this type are great for plastic and wooden windows;
  • Roller blinds, which are installed on the window frame, usually strongly adhere to the glass. This completely excludes the possibility that someone will come to your house from the street;
  • roller-type curtains do not require special care;
  • roller blinds perfectly protect against too bright sunlight. In cases where there is a need, there is the possibility of completely dimming the room;
  • Curtains have different design options, and they are easy to manage.

Roller blinds can be bought at the store, but if you could not find anything suitable, do not despair. You can do roller blinds with your own hands. fasteners for roller blinds

Differences between rolls and Roman blinds

Remember that roller blinds differ fromRoman. They have only a certain external similarity, but the mechanism of lifting is completely different. The assembly of Roman curtains in horizontal folds is done using cords, which are located either on the sides or on the back side. Roller blinds, bought in the store, are wound on a specially designed shaft, which is attached to the top of the window or doorway. The canvas wound on the bar can hide in a cassette or be in sight. Roller blinds, made independently, are twisted in the lower part, and the fixation is due to the tape-garters. Tapes are located at a distance in relation to each other along the width of the entire web. First of all, it is necessary to measure the opening (when fastening in the opening) or the glass sheet (when fastening to the frame). This is done in order to cut the fabric of the necessary length and width. Curtains should be wider than the opening in which they will be installed, 20-40 mm (for allowances). The length of the curtains should be greater than the height of the opening, by 50-150 mm without taking into account the size of the allowances.

The scheme of manufacturing curtains with their own hands

Such curtains are great for premises,decorated in a minimalist style. In addition, they can serve as a decorative partition in the premises. They have no assemblies and folds, so it is very easy to calculate the consumption of the required amount of material. The main thing - accurate processing of the edges. For them, you need to select only a dense fabric that does not let sunlight pass. Very good, if the fabric is two-sided. A rod made of metal or wood, having a diameter of 10-15 mm, is sewn into the bottom. A rod will be needed in order for the curtain to roll into a roll. The upper part of it is rigidly fixed on a wooden bar, therefore it is recommended to compact it with a twilled braid. Necessary materials:

  • a rod made of wood or metal with a diameter of 10-15 mm. The length of the rod should be less by 20-30 mm than the width of the curtain;
  • a beam made of wood having a thickness of 25 mm and a width of 30 mm. The beam should have a length equal to the width of the blade;
  • tape length of approximately 1 m;
  • rings having a diameter of about 50 mm, in an amount of 2 pieces;
  • nylon cord. Its length is calculated as follows: width plus the length of the curtain multiplied by 5;
  • fastening element for nylon cord.

An opening is measured. The width of the fabric should be greater than the opening of the window by 50 mm (for each side seam 25 mm). The length of the canvas should be 140 mm more than the window height (60 mm for the bottom and 80 mm for the upper allowance). Just in case, you can add a few more inches to the length. If the curtain is a bit larger than the height of the window, it will not be noticeable. Much worse if it comes out short and does not touch the windowsill, which will lead to not always the desired penetration of light into the room. In cases where, due to the width of the window, it is not possible to produce a curtain consisting of a single cloth web, sew the edges together so that the seams coincide with the bindings in the center of the window frame. Cloths are folded face down and stitched with an allowance having a width of 15 mm. The seam is well smoothed. To the edges do not pull together the curtain, it is better to immediately cut them. Curtains need to be cut in the direction of the yarn of the fabric. Putting the fabric on a flat plane so that the front part is on the bottom, all wrinkles are smoothed out. Then, with the help of the chalk, the lines of the gate and the points in which the tapes with the rings will be sewn are marked. beautiful roller blinds with their own hands

Sewing Features

The upper edge and cuts along the vertical are processed. Before you start work on the sewing machine, you need to walk a hot iron on all the folds. The lower cut is wrapped inside out by 15 mm and then pryutuzhivaetsya. After this, the tucked-in edge bends again so that a rod of wood or metal can freely fit inside. Fold along the entire length is ironed. After having detached the kuliska, place a rod in it. Check the length of the curtain again. To do this, from the lower edge (where the rod is inserted into the culimeter) at a distance equal to the height of the window, a line is marked with a shallow. Prepare the tape (two parts of 0.5 m each), we put each in half and put a ring in it. The tapes are stitched and fastened to the curtain in such a way that the rings from the top of the canvas are about 5-6 cm apart, and from the edges - 20 cm. The ends of the tape are not worn, they need to be processed. Attaching the upper part (edge) to the wooden bar, it must be secured. This work can be done with a furniture stapler or with a hammer and carnations. The hooks are screwed into the surface of the wooden block opposite the rings. A more convenient side is selected for the withdrawal of the cord (in our case on the left). Cutting the cord of the required length (1 width + 5 lengths of curtains), one end is attached to the left hook. Then the curtain should be put face up and roll up half. The folded part turns into a cord. Then the cord goes to the left ring. After that, it again turns into a cord, and its free end is tied to the right hook. Folded twice, the cord is threaded into the second ring (right) in such a way that a loop appears in the ring. Pulling the loop, you can roll the blind. The resulting loop is passed through the fastening element of the cord and fixed near the window. To fix the height of the curtains, you need to wrap the cord around the loop. The curtain is attached to the window opening. Then it unfolds and the cord is adjusted. If it turns out that the cord is too long, you need to untie it from the hook and cut off the excess part. In order to keep the curtains folded as an alternative to a nylon cord, garter belts can be used. They will perform not only the role of support, but also decorate the curtains in addition. To make such garters, two ribbons of length equal to two lengths of curtains plus 30 cm each will be needed. The optimal width of the garter is 8 cm. We fold the strips along the length in half and sew the long and one short sides of the tape. Tapes are sewn from the wrong side, then turn out, and the second short side is sewn. After this tape thoroughly ironed iron. To connect garters with a curtain, they need to be thrown across the bar. Distances from the edge do not play any role. Tapes are fastened on the cornice with a stapler or studs. That's a fairly simple way you can make roller blinds with your own hands. And this fashion accessory of home interior will add comfort and good mood to all tenants and guests of the house.