how to get rid of the smell of cat's urine Cats are creatures of cleanliness. Only here are the concepts of cleanliness, hygiene and accuracy we have with them in some ways differ. For example, these scrupulous hygienic animals refuse to go to the crocked (by themselves!) Tray. Or they do not tolerate another's smell in their house. Or strive by means available to them to designate their right to own a certain territory. Here for these (and some other) reasons, cats living in a house with a man sometimes write in completely unexpected places for us. And so the marked smell of cat urine we have secluded corners, carpets, upholstered furniture, and sometimes (oh, horror!) Our clothes and shoes. Most sensible, of course, is to try to re-educate the animal. However, the reason for this behavior is often not a bad upbringing and not even a bad character, but instincts. Therefore, such a trouble can expect even the owners of well-bred cats. And of course, in the case of such a surprise, the owners face a unique task, the solution of which will require an ambiguous solution. How to get rid of the smell of cat urine? Let's try together to find the answer to this question.

Available Tools

Let's start with what is always at hand. In every house, if not all, then at least some of the listed facilities:

  • potassium permanganate (manganese),
  • acetic essence;
  • hydrogen peroxide (hydroperitic tablets),
  • alcohol (ordinary vodka),
  • baking soda,
  • iodine,
  • chlorine (chlorine bleach),
  • laundry soap.

How can we use these funds? We will talk at once, that they help only if emergency measures are taken, that is, on fresh tracks of cat's disgrace. It is almost impossible to get rid of the aged smell with these home remedies. So…

  • Маргацовка

Of the powder, potassium permanganate is made weak(pale pink) solution, diluting it in warm water. This solution is washed with soiled places. However, for cleaning soft furniture and carpets, potassium permanganate can not be used, as it leaves dark marks on woven and porous materials.

  • Acetic essence

Trace does not leave. Has a very strong smell, able to simply smell cat's urine. A solution of acetic essence is also treated with places stained with a cat. In this case, vinegar can be added to the water when washing clothes and wash off with vinegar mortar upholstery and carpeting. Another advantage of this remedy is the intolerance of the vinegar smell by the cats themselves. So, they try to avoid places treated with vinegar solution.

  • Alcohol

The smell of alcohol cats also can not stand. In addition, vodka helps neutralize the smell of cat urine. So, as an express agent and anti-gadine, alcohol and vodka can be used.

  • Iodine

Acts like alcohol and vinegar, daring cats from the places chosen for toilet. The sharp odor of iodine interrupts the ambret of cat's urine and neutralizes it.

  • Hydrogen peroxide

Destroys organic matter and is capable of"Kill" the smell of cat urine. However, the strong disinfecting properties of this chemical compound have a detrimental effect not only on the traces of feline disgrace, but on any surfaces. Therefore, it should be treated with extreme caution.

  • Baking soda

Another chemical compound that is successfulUsed in the fight against the smell of cat urine. From soda prepare liquid gruel and put it on the soiled places in the house, on upholstered furniture and on clothes. When the slurry dries, its remains are brushed or cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

  • Laundry soap

Strong alkaline agent, safe for any surfaces. It is very convenient for cleaning fabrics and carpets, which are first soaped, and then thoroughly rinsed.

  • Chlorine

The aggressive chemical element contained inmany means for cleaning and washing. Destroys the crystals of cat urine and destroys the smell. However, the smell of chlorine can stay in carpets and tissues for a long time, and chlorine itself is also dangerous for many surfaces, and you should also handle it with care. As you can see, in every house there are available means that will help get rid of the smell of cat urine. Just remember that they only need to clean up previously washed surfaces. If urine will stay on the floor for a long time, it will have time to run into the cracks of the tree, leak under the linoleum or soak into the porous surfaces of cement, fabric and carpet, then these funds may be, so to speak, low-power. how to get rid of the smell of cat urine correctly

Tips experienced

Experienced owners of cats who have experiencedneed to get rid of the smell of cat urine, have their own experience of fighting this scourge. What do the "experienced" say about this problem? The aged smell of urine in the entrance (as experience shows) can be destroyed by repeated processing of the contaminated places with bleach. Such places must first be thoroughly washed, and then covered with bleach and left for a while. You can also get rid of the old smell of urine, which comes from the cement floor under the bathroom or on the balcony. Another original method of deodorizing concrete surfaces is to paint them with several layers of oil paint. Naturally, after their preliminary washing and treatment with bleach, vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. But as advised by experienced owners of cats to clean upholstered furniture, which the cat has written. First, the stain should be soaked with an acetic solution: one part of the vinegar in four parts of water. After that, the tissue must be thoroughly soaked with a paper towel or napkins and sprinkled with baking soda. After about ten minutes, the soiled area should be treated with a solution of one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid and five tablespoons (100 ml) of hydrogen peroxide. This mixture must be rubbed into a soda spot, let it dry and thoroughly vacuum. By the way, this is one of the examples of the complex application of available funds. They say that after such treatment, the soft furniture soiled by the cat no longer smells. In pet stores and in household chemistry departments, you can also find effective means to destroy the smell of cat urine. There are among them and specially designed for these purposes, and selected experimentally. So, get rid of the smell of cat urine by ready-made means, which you need to use according to the instructions. Of the effective funds experienced koshkovladeltsy note the following:

  • BOS is a liquid stain remover;
  • Odorgon - a universal destroyer of unpleasant odors;
  • Niinnonno - a safe destroyer of odors that are of a biological nature;
  • Orange-Oxy - a universal remedy for the destruction of old smells of any organic.
  • Natures Miracl - a special spray to destroy the smell of cat marks.

how to get rid of the smell of cat urine by yourself However, you can try out any destroyersodor (special or universal) and choose the most suitable. Although not always even the most powerful tools are effective. For example, it is very difficult to remove the smell of cat urine from crap shoes. If there is no way to completely wash and rinse out shoes, then it will have to be thrown out, since even the smallest remains of urine under the influence of moisture will again start to produce an unpleasant smell. But these are only small sacrifices that a person brings to the altar of his love for cats. In general, you need to properly educate your pets and monitor the cleanliness of the tray, designed for your cat's toilet. If such a nuisance happens, it is advisable to take emergency measures. Therefore, you need not only to know how to get rid of the smell of cat urine, but also to have ready-made special means. So, just in case. We advise you to read: