How to choose the perfect mattress Undoubtedly, you can indulge in love (and you must!) not only in the horizontal position and not only in the bed. We do not call for this; however, however, the marriage bed remains the main witness of love pleasures. It is about him, or rather, about choosing a mattress for a bed - below.

With springs or without?

Start with the choice of design: with and without springs, with jointin groups of springs and independent springs, for each of which a separate cell is provided. If you choose a mattress not only to sleep on it alone, a springless option is preferable. First, there are no springs - there is nothing to break; secondly, the creak in unison movements - the accompaniment is not the best; thirdly, the bed of love should not be like a trampoline. Of course, there are also quality spring products that do not creak, do not break down, and sex on which has nothing to do with risky jumps on the trampoline. But to find such models is not so simple. However, who purposefully searches - that will always find.

Hard, soft, elastic?

Rigidity is one of the most important indicatorsmattress, in this you will be convinced on your own experience already on the first unidentified night. Strive to choose either a soft or a rigid model: the key to the right choice is in a reasonable compromise. Many manufacturers produce products that are oriented to certain weight categories - be sure to pay attention to this parameter. Choose with reserve: the probability that the bed will undergo a double-mass test is quite large; accordingly, the margin of safety does not interfere.

Shape and size

Oval, circle or rectangle - it does not matter, but herelength and width are of fundamental importance. Stretching out to the full height, you should not feel discomfort due to hanging legs or something resting feet. The wider the mattresses, the more expensive they are, but it's not worth saving on the width: it is better to pay a little more than to get caught on the edge of the bed, at the risk of falling down at the most crucial moment. However, many argue that the already bed - the warmer the relationship, because to sleep embracing - it's so romantic!

Attention, guarantees!

Alas, but take the goods for a test drive and even more soYou will not be allowed to crash it, so you will have to trust the words of the consultants and your own impressions. Nevertheless, many manufacturers provide certain guarantees: even if something happens to the product, you can request its replacement or refund of the amount paid. We dare to hope that the above tips will help you decide on the choice and purchase exactly the thing that you will like and ... no matter who - husband, lover or acquaintance. And let your acquisition serve as faith and truth for many years, preserving the impeccable appearance and original qualities.