handmade crafts for the garden Plot and garden for many womenmodern metropolis, regardless of their age, often become the only opportunity to plunge into the silence of country life and enjoy peace in the bosom of nature. After all, it's so nice to go out on the porch of your favorite summer house in the warm May morning, sit in a wicker chair and slowly savor the fragrant invigorating coffee, looking forward to other pleasant moments of the day off. But a country house and a small plot of the garden is not only an excellent opportunity to spend time with your family in the open air, but also a wonderful occasion to do something with your own hands, giving the court an identity and a special individual chic. We women love to live among beautiful things, so we gladly improve any space around ourselves, using for this the most original ideas. This applies to the design of the dacha, which we gladly ennoble with our own hands. Often the range of products presented in specialized stores for garden and countryside interior is disappointing both in appearance and rather high cost. Not happy and the idea that such street decorations and serial products can be almost in every yard, because we so want individuality in everything. In this case, it is worth paying attention to how you can diversify the habitual landscape of cottages and gardens with your own hands, using a minimum of funds and a sea of ​​imagination. The materials that many craftsmen use to create their own unique crafts are striking in their simplicity and cheapness. After all, they often lie right under our feet, interfering and dusting in vain. But the results of creativity are pleasing to the eye, they are of use and force us to realize by our own hands more and more new ideas, coming up with unique ornaments for the garden. So how do you make the appearance of your favorite villa even more beautiful? What else to surprise the neighbors? How to decorate a garden plot from a standard to a creative one? The answers to all these questions have long been found by folk craftsmen. Crafts for the garden, made by own hands, is not just a unique garden decor. Such a hand does not limit the flight of imagination, it gives an opportunity for self-expression and unusual use of practically non-material material. What are the modern owners of hacienda doing garden decorations? With the help of what primitive materials are obtained interesting products for the infield and dacha?

Decor of car tires

These old parts of carsThey acquire a second life, becoming an excellent material for decorating the dacha with their own hands. What can the former wheel be? Such simple crafts as curbs and small flower beds made of tires - this is not the same. But the ideas with designer pots - this is something worthy of attention. On the circumference of the disk of the old wheel, a zigzag slot is made. The tire is turned inside out and turns into an outlandish flower. A few painting works, and the original flowerpots for the garden flower garden is ready! Small areas of garden areas require non-standard solutions. The limited size of the territories does not allow us to grow a large number of flowers on them, and we always face a difficult choice, because you want to plant one and the other, and the third kind. The exit from this situation can be multi-level flower beds from old tires. Their appearance looks like a cone or a pyramid with rounded edges, they look very impressive, and they are created by their own hands very simply. You will need three tires of different diameters and a small plastic or wicker container for the top. In each tire, the side parts are removed, then the widest of them is installed in the place chosen for the future flower bed and packed with earth. On top of the second and so on. At the very top of the structure, you need to place a plastic basin or a round wicker basket. Now your improvised flowerbed is ready for planting plants or sowing seeds. To make the look of this garden craft more aesthetic and beautifully blended into the garden interior, it can be painted in any color at your discretion or even turned into a cheerful rainbow. Interesting and unusual look flower beds, tires, located at different levels and covered with decorative stone. Creating such an article for a dacha will take more time, because you have to work with cement mortar. But as a result, you will get surprisingly beautiful flower beds, the appearance of which does not remind you that they are based on the usual old tires. That's so simple with their own hands and creates a unique interior of the garden garden. Many craftsmen with the help of old tires of large diameter create small picturesque ponds, and some even manage to make a mini-pool. It all depends on how much time and effort you are willing to spend on the transformation of the suburban area, with what kind of material you prefer to work with. If the men of your family come to help you, then such a company will be able to produce garden furniture from the same old tires. Chairs themselves make it very simple: cut the tire in half and the bottom of each part gives stability, bolting it to the board. The resulting furniture crafts can be painted and used for gatherings in the garden. And more tires can be transformed into swans! Such products are very simple in their execution, so they are easy to make by yourself each dacha woman. All that and labor, what to make cuts in the right places of rubber and, again, turn it inside out. Another cover-transformer, a little white paint - and in your garden will settle two proud birds. Yes, what beauties! All guests will certainly want to arrange a photo session next to this miracle of garden design, thereby they will appreciate your original and interesting ideas. Strictly speaking, according to this technology, you can make other handicrafts with your own hands in the form of animals and birds: elephants, donkeys, giraffes, parrots, turtles, crocodiles. What is not a garden sculpture? And you can adapt an old tire to a swing, make an original bed, a flower bed on a leg and even a hammock that can be used for resting in the garden, without fear that rain, hot sun or evening moisture irreparably spoil its appearance. crafts for the garden

Plastic bottles as a material for country creativity

Where to Europe to us! They carefully fold the used bottles into special garbage containers. And we do not throw them out there - we apply our crazy hands to them. And what do we get as a result? We have unusual handicrafts for the garden: hanging flower pots, curbs for beds and beds, almost crystal balls and pyramids, exotic palm trees, a mosaic of bottles, as well as miniature flower beds, hedgehogs, flowerbeds and flower beds in the form of birds. Love for swans has long been inherent in people, because these beautiful proud birds can not leave anyone indifferent, starting with the little ones who listen with pleasure to Andersen's fairy tale "Ugly Duckling", and to adults, for whom the fidelity of the winged pair is a symbol of pure and sincere relations. Perhaps this is why many crafts for the garden, made by themselves, look like swans. The previous section described how to make such vases from tires, and now you will learn how to create such a five-liter plastic bottles, and marvel at the simplicity of the idea and ease of its implementation. To give the garden an individuality with the help of unusual and very romantic flower beds is not a complicated matter at all. So, from the materials you will need:

  • several plastic bottles with a capacity of five liters,
  • metal rod or thick wire, stranded three times,
  • metal grid,
  • putty,
  • transparent polyethylene film,
  • putty knife,
  • medical bandage,
  • sandpaper,
  • clean paint brushes,
  • primer,
  • enamel paints (white, orange and black).

First, take a plastic bottle andturn it into a container, where you can later pour the land and plant flowers. To do this most easily with a knife or garden shears, cutting one side of the bottle. The resulting workpiece should be given a more rounded shape so that it becomes similar to the swan's body. To do this, fill it with wet sand. Now take the rod or wire, bend it so that the appearance of a long neck appears, and insert the inside of the bottle, making a hole in the lid. Now dilute a part of putty, having laid out it on polyethylene a five-centimetric layer. Place the bottom of the workpiece on the resulting mixture, squeeze a little from above, and spread the remainders on the outer walls with a rubber spatula moistened with water. To shape the swan neck, it is necessary to roll out the platens from the putty, press them into a metal rod or wire and strengthen them by wrapping them with a wet bandage. After you sculpt the head and beak of the future swan, estimate the proportions of the neck. If necessary, make a thickening in the place of its transition into the trunk - this will give the product for the garden a resemblance to a real bird. Now cover the filler with the whole workpiece, smoothing the irregularities with a brush and hands, moistened with water. The layer of the mixture should be quite thick, because it should be pressed into pieces of metal mesh, which will form the basis for the wings and tail. Provide the necessary form they will help putty, applied evenly. That's all, on this the bulk of the work on creating an author's craft for the country is over. You can start making the figure of the second bird (for pairing). Now the putty should dry well. This will take two or three days, and you should place the products in a well-ventilated place, but protected from direct sunlight. When the drying process is complete, sandpaper the figures with smoothness. Before painting, cover the swans with a primer - so the enamel will lie evenly. Then draw the birds eyes and beak, instead of sand, fill the earth and plant your favorite flowers. Here such a swan couple will become a real highlight of your dacha. And how nice that she was made with her own hands! From plastic bottles are cut and other products in the form of ornamental dragonflies, butterflies and bees, make feeders for birds and plafonds for lanterns. Who has what fantasy for. Someone from these containers makes flower pots and scarecrows for birds, and someone is making an oasis with palm trees. All these plastic crafts, made by themselves, act as author elements of garden decor. The competition is made up only by decorations made of wood. handmade crafts for the garden

Wooden decorations for infield

If the summer resident-designer is friends with carpenterstools, then he can create more traditional ornaments for the garden. These are all kinds of wood products: pickets, trellises, flower boxes, benches, decorative carts, houses, mills and wells. And if he is a real master, then he will build a beautiful summerhouse, since this structure is absolutely necessary for any dacha. But all this applies more to men, because to cope with a saw or a plane to us, to the fairer sex, is very difficult. But to become a designer and generator of ideas, we are quite capable, if the hard work will take on the spouse. Option is simpler - weaving from the vine. However, for the decor of the garden is often used not a real vine, but suitable for these purposes, the branches of any tree. Of these, fences and baskets-pots are being built. But only on this the decorators-enthusiasts do not stop, coming up with more and more new products designed to diversify the personal plot of any dacha, to give it individuality and to bring traditional village elements. To implement the most simple decor ideas for a garden of wood under the power and you. For this, you do not need to have great physical strength or special skills of the carpenter. Almost every woman can cope with the task. You just need to show a little imagination, and old woodwork and vines, a heap of rubbish dusting in the basement, will still serve as a beautiful entourage for your dacha. Surely there are a lot of wicker baskets of different sizes in the house. Once they were used to collect mushrooms and berries, but over time, some holes appeared and the handles broke off. So why not use this waste to create a cascade of unusual flower beds of different sizes? To implement this idea in life, you will only need to choose a suitable place, it is desirable to have baskets with the ground on the elevations, so they will look more beautiful. You can color your improvised coasters in all colors of the rainbow, making the garden interior cheerful and festive. Do you have old chairs made of wood? Excellent, a little restore them with a varnish, and they will serve as excellent supports for large flower pots, quite appropriate for cottages and gardens. To do this, cut out round holes of the required diameter in the seats and insert containers with plants in them. Such a wooden construction will prove to be not only an unusual element of decor, but also provide the convenience of watering and caring for flowers. Here's what the updated and refined chairs look like, it's only worth taking a little time to implement such a simple idea. crafts in the garden with their own hands

Other ideas for garden decor

Do not overlook other optionscountry décor. For example, a garden scarecrow in the garden easily becomes an interesting sculpture. In the original figures (turtles, ladybirds) are transformed into suitable large stones in form. You only need to color them appropriately, and interesting decorations for the yard of your dacha are ready. Wooden churochki with bowls on them represent a giant family of mushroom-mushrooms. From round, long and pointed to the top of the logs you can build an original decorative fence. If you paint it in different colors, you will get funny pencils. Coloring can be transformed and household metal or plastic drums. By simple manipulations and a simple drawing, turn them into funny cubs. To do this, you only have to refine some elements. Other interesting ideas for the country landscape are the use of a mounting foam as a material for a sculpture, an old boot like a flower pot or a kitchen sink under a bed. In the first case, you can make hedgehogs and turtles, and the second option will be an excellent decor for decorating the garden path and steps of the porch. The old kitchen sink in the form of a flower bed with bright colors growing on it will please the eye, and not irritate with its unconventional appearance. If you have children, build a bright and safe sandbox for them from the tire. You can easily make and tunnel caterpillar: for this you need to dig into the ground a few large tires, paint them in bright colors and draw a muzzle of a funny insect, gluing on the top of the horns or stuck wires. All kids are very fond of playing "in fishing". Glad them with a small pond from the tire, where you can put plastic fish with magnets from popular sets. Imagine the joy of a child who, on a hot summer day, will happily play near such an impromptu pond. In addition to the ways described above to diversify the garden in the suburban area, there are still many interesting landscape improvements, and quite simple and very interesting. After all, the well, in which the creative ideas of gardeners-builders are constantly replenished and updated, is truly inexhaustible. Fantasy and enthusiasm of creative people are endless. And most importantly - crafts in the garden, made by themselves, bring with nothing incomparable pleasure from the implementation of their own ideas and the very process of working on them. There is another important advantage in homemade street decorations, which consists in the fact that the materials used are abundant in any dacha section, so you can not be afraid to experiment. You still will not spoil anything worthwhile, but you will be able to fully realize your creative potential by combining rest in the bosom of nature with interesting work. We advise you to read: