how to choose a multivark How to choose a multivariate that you can cook in itand is it really capable of saving our strength and time? To answer all these questions, you need to understand what this device is. So, the multivark is a kitchen appliance, which is created using innovative technologies in the field of cooking and preserving nutrients and vitamins. Multivarka is exactly what will help you to switch not only to new technology of cooking, but also to a qualitatively new diet, thanks to which you will get rid of numerous diseases, from what "clogs up" your physical and energy channels. Once such a wonderful mechanism could only seem like a dream, since we could not imagine that several dishes can be cooked on the same device at the same time. Now this is not a fiction and not a scene from the novel by Jules Verne. Many of the technologies that were originally developed in countries with high technical potential for use for strategic purposes are now becoming generally available and quite peaceful. It is to this technology that the multi-bar is logical, since it serves to prepare a large number of different dishes with a relatively low expenditure of energy. how to choose a multivark

What and how can I cook on a multivark

First of all, it should be noted that the multi-This is a device whose functions are not limited to steam cooking, the so-called steaming; in it you can cook almost everything. Fried cutlets, stew, soups, milk porridge, pies, fish dishes, sweet pastries - all this you can cook on a single appliance. The number of dishes that can be cooked on a multivark is limited only by your imagination. There is nothing difficult to use a multivark, because with its help you can easily use all the familiar and favorite recipes for you. And an undeniable advantage is that the processor built into all models of modern multivarches allows you to choose the time and the cooking mode yourself. Previously, often it was necessary to waste their time in order to cook food for a couple or to prevent milk from escaping, the meat did not burn. The multivariate will save you from these problems. It is designed to keep the house cozy and comfortable, and you have freed your time for classes more enjoyable than cooking. A dish cooked with this appliance can be stored for twenty hours directly in a large pan (4-5 liters). In addition, the multivariate allows you to work in a delayed mode, for example, you can put the dish on the timer, and it will begin to prepare immediately before your awakening or returning home. Multivarka is a device that can replace several kitchen appliances. She is an indispensable assistant in the case when you need to prepare several dishes in a relatively short period of time, since the use of steam technology, heating technologies from several sides, and not just from below, as in the case of a conventional gas cooker, will allow cooking enough quickly and efficiently. The taste of the dishes you are familiar with will not change, but will only improve, as the multivark keeps all the useful substances, vitamins and minerals. which multivark to choose

How to choose the right multivark

How to choose the right multivark? Let's face it: such devices are not cheap, and you really do not want to be deceived either with the quality or with the functionality of the device. As a rule, first of all we look at the brand of the campaign that produced this household appliance. Today it is not only the leading manufacturers of household appliances such as Zanussi, Samsung, Scarlett, but many others that are quite recently in the market of household appliances. The time spent on the market, as the experience of almost every one of us shows, is not at all a guarantee of quality, especially in the century of numerous, much cheaper counterfeits. In addition, it should be borne in mind that by choosing the advertised model, you pay for advertising. Many manufacturers try to add to the characteristics of the word "innovative", "alternative", etc., which not only does not characterize the multivark, but absolutely not backed by reality. In order to know which multivark to choose, you need to be interested in such technical characteristics as capacity, service life, the amount of energy consumed, the maximum heating temperature, the thickness of the heating surface, etc. So the question of which multivarques are perfect for you, you can decide on your own after studying the prices, quality and set of built-in functions. Now on sale there is a huge selection of multivarieties, and to choose the most optimal option for you is not so simple. How to choose the multivarker, if you have never used such a device and do not know what characteristics are best to pay attention to? We offer you a unique algorithm for choosing a device that can change your life.

  • First, determine the size of the pan in themultivark. If you have a large family or you are often visited by guests, then you can purchase a device with a volume of at least 4.5 liters. For a few families, two or three-liter multivarks will be better, they will do their job well. In addition, think about where you will have a multivarker to properly navigate with its dimensions.
  • Be sure to study the set of automaticprograms that will facilitate the cooking process. In modern multivarqua, as a rule, special programs for frying, stewing, cooking soups, cereal cereals, milk porridges, etc. are built in. These are really very convenient functions. For example, the program "Milk porridge" will allow you to prepare a dish not only without burning, but even without the obligatory, it would seem, stirring. There are multivarks that will ensure your baked or roasted meat crisp, and you do not have to constantly monitor the cooking process for the perfect result. In a word, think about what dishes you cook most often at home, and proceed from this choose your multivark.
  • If you want to cook in a multi-your own recipes, then make sure that it has a function of self-setting cooking time and temperature. The "Timer" button will be superfluous, which will allow you to start the cooking process exactly when it is convenient for you.
  • In order for the multivarker to serve you longyears, it is necessary to pay attention to its quality. To do this, carefully study the pan. Stop the choice on the device, created from a durable, multi-layer aluminum alloy with a double bottom, otherwise the pan can be deformed during use. In addition, the inner surface of the pot itself should have a non-stick coating with protection from erasures and scratches.
  • A multivark that copes with allset tasks, is the dream of every mistress who cares about the health of her family. Only that multivarker that really pleases you, can have the status of "the best", as you get used to it and use it constantly. If you see that your favorite people are ready to eat with great appetite what you are cooking, then you have bought the best multivariate from all possible options. The use of simple enough, not automated before the base multivar does not at all mean that they are bad or their use can cause numerous problems and breakdowns. Some of us can come up with simple, not burdened with multifunctionality devices. Which multivarques are better suited for your purposes, you can decide for yourself only. Using a multivark in the household will not only make your life much easier, but will also allow you to express your imagination, use the recipes you feared to apply due to the possibility of quick burning, etc. Whatever you choose for cooking, remember: with a multivark you do not have to worry about that the products can be spoiled or poorly prepared. Among other things, you do not have to start washing and cutting vegetables and meat, if you came home late, but want to see an interesting tasty dish on the table. You just need to prepare everything you need in the morning, and in the evening the multivar itself (depending on what cooking mode and delayed cooking you put on the timer) will turn on and cook the dish for your appearance at home. The main thing is your desire and careful approach to choosing your own multivark. All the rest she will do for you herself. We advise you to read: