diet minus dinner Diets today are a very popular waynutrition, which allows not only to keep the figure in a proper condition, but also to maintain health at a high level. Diets have recently been developed quite a lot, and each of them offers its own, a special diet. In the US and European space, the so-called "diet of American presidents", or the American diet "Dinner Cancelling", is the most common today. In translation, it sounds like "dinner minus." In other words, the essence of the diet is the lack of dinners, which, as is known, "must be given to the enemy".

The essence of diet

American diet "dinner minus" is not at all soIt is easy to implement, as it may seem at first glance. It is based on three principles. The first is the targeted selection of products; the second - in getting the body of all the vitamins, amino acids, microelements necessary to him; the third - in the early dinner. The liquid can be consumed in unlimited quantities. Moreover, the diet "dinner minus" implies an intensive drinking regime, based on the principle, the more - the better. The American diet "dinner minus" is liberal enough and does not impose strict restrictions: it does not provide for calculating the calories consumed and does not prohibit eating flour and sweet food. Even alcohol in moderate doses is acceptable if the diet "dinner minus" is observed. The only emphasis on this is the need to limit the consumption of fatty foods. However, the authors of the diet "dinner minus" and here try to resolve the problem quite gently. Realizing that violations (to a greater or lesser extent) still can not be avoided, they advise how to reduce negative consequences to a minimum. It's very simple: if you feel that you are slightly overdone with fatty foods, eat grapefruit or a few slices of pineapple. These fruits have the ability to neutralize fats. diet dinner minus

Advantages of the American diet

American diet "dinner minus" is different fromThe rest of the diets are so rich in breakfast, lunch is limited to light meals, and dinner consists only of kefir, juice or tea. It is also recommended to drink herbal teas, broth of wild rose, mineral water without gas, melt water with honey. Thus, the removal of toxins and toxins is facilitated, and the metabolism is improved. The focus is on natural products that contain no preservatives, no taste enhancers, no coloring agents, and no other "chemistry". Salt and vinegar are used in minimal quantities. People who have experienced the American diet "dinner minus", speak of it as a very effective way to get rid of extra pounds. However, the effect of this approach to catering, like the "dinner minus" diet, is much broader. It contributes not only to weight loss, but also to well-being and even cure for chronic diseases. The effect, of course, does not come immediately after several days of refusing suppers, nevertheless, it often exceeds all expectations. As a result, the American diet turns into a certain lifestyle, having got used to it, people can observe it for a long time. For some, such a food system becomes a way of life. And this is not surprising, because the range of dishes included in this diet is quite wide, so they can be changed, choosing what is more to their liking and thereby diversifying the daily diet. Are there any contraindications? Of course, but they relate mainly to those who have certain diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. For example, people suffering from peptic ulcer, contraindicated large intervals between meals. That is why such a diet for them, most likely, is unacceptable. However, in any case (even if you feel well) before you start a diet, it is necessary to consult with your doctor. diet without dinner

Summary results

The American diet "dinner minus" has several important aspects, which we want to draw your attention to.

  • The diet is universal and suitable for almost everyone who wants to lose weight and improve health.
  • She accustoms to a healthy diet and forces to refuse the use of foods stuffed with chemical additives.
  • Assumes the right drinking regime, through which we not only strengthen health, get rid of toxins and toxins, but also improve the appearance of our skin.
  • The diet is well balanced, because it allows you to use almost everything the body needs.
  • Many who are interested in this diet,frightens off that after 16 o'clock nothing can be eaten. This is not quite true. The principle is to allow our digestive system time for rest. According to nutritionists, the break between the last dinner and breakfast should be at least 14 hours. From this and proceed. And if you are an "owl", and therefore, go to bed and get up late, then the dinner time will move too. In a word, everything is simple, without straining, and the result will definitely please you. We advise you to read: