Removing paint from hair Almost every woman at least once in a lifetimefaced with the problem, when you need to immediately rinse the hair off the hair. After all, an unsuccessfully chosen shade can spoil the impression of a pre-designed hairstyle and makeup that complement your image. Of course, the simplest option is that it will be repainted in a darker color, but what if there is nowhere to go darker? In such cases, it becomes necessary to return your natural color and wash off the hated paint from your hair. To help you in this case can only wash the hair from the hair with the help of professional cosmetics or natural products. This procedure will remove hair from the pigment and return your hair color. Unfortunately, the washing procedure is a great stress for the hair, because it is carried out with the help of chemical substances (which means that the damage from it is as much as from a chemical wave). Even a high price and a good firm-manufacturer can not guarantee you a complete absence of damage to your hairstyle. You can remove the hair from the hair in two ways:

  • pickling - washing the paint in the beauty salon;
  • bleaching of hair

It is possible to conduct hair removal in the homeconditions - wash off the paint with the help of professional cosmetics or folk remedies. Although at home you can get rid of the annoying paint no less effectively than in the salon, it is better, of course, to turn to professionals. At least for the first time. The hairdresser better knows in what proportions to apply the remover and how much of this compound to apply to your hair to reduce harm to a minimum. There are two types of paint removal - surface and deep. Of course, deep washing is more effective and better suited for dark-colored hair. On the other hand, it is more harmful to the health of hair, since it contains chemical oxidants in huge quantities. Surface washing, in contrast to the deep, does less damage, but is not as effective. If your hair was painted in the colors of a dark palette, then try to carry out a surface cleaning. And only if it does not work, then apply deep hair removal. In the surface wash of hair from the hair does not include oxidants, which destroy the structure of the hair, due to which the procedure is more gentle. If you only need to slightly adjust the tint or align the color - surface pickling for you. To choose a good tool for pickling, look in the salon of photos of clients who have already used the procedure - this will help you determine. dyeing hair dye

Bleaching hair

Sometimes as a result of unsuccessful stainingit turns out too dark color - not the same as I'd wanted from the beginning. In this case, you can use bleaching agents to wash the paint. These drugs, unfortunately, will not be able to return your natural color to you, but will lighten the shade of the hair by four tones. A side effect of the procedure may be an unwanted reddish hue of the hair, but with repeated discoloration it passes. The next procedure is not recommended immediately, you can repeat it only after two weeks. But there is one more option: avoiding double discoloration can be done by repainting the hair in the desired color. The composition of bleaching hair washings contains oxidants and other chemical components that are very harmful to the structure of the hair. But this is practically the only way to solve the problem with too dark or black colors of colored hair. When the paint is washed from the hair with the help of bleaching agents, their structure strongly deteriorates and sometimes even ends fall off. Therefore, after the procedure, it is necessary to carry out complex treatment and nutrition of hair with balsams, serums, restoring masks. After bleaching the hair, you need to be extremely careful in choosing the color of the paint. After all, hair becomes more susceptible to coloring substances, and the color will remain on your hair for a long time. It is not necessary to hope that the hair will survive without negative consequences re-pickling.

Flours of hair colors for different companies

Now manufacturers from different countries offerwe have quite a large selection of means for washing paint from hair. All of them declare approximately the same properties and consist of similar components. The best way to get rid of the unpleasant color after staining the hair with a professional paint rack is the Hair Light Remake Color. This means for washing the paint will help to correct the color after staining and reduce its intensity. This corrector does not contain ammonia or peroxide. Its effect extends only to artificial coloring pigments, without touching the natural color of the hair. It smooths the structure of the hair without causing harm. The action of the drug is almost harmless. After using the means of washing the hair with the hair, the clients' reviews were positive. One of the latest developments of the Farmen laboratory called "Color-off" has already managed to prove itself well in the world cosmetics market. The composition of the drug includes proteins of soy and sprouted wheat grains, which nourish and protect the structure of the hair. This wash removes the coloring pigment without any harm to the natural color of the hair. The drug can easily cope with smashing even black paint. The principle of operation is that the artificial pigments of the corrector envelop the coloring particles, and the paint is easily washed off. If the hair was not painted in a too dark color, then most often one procedure of pickling the hair is enough. This agent has no clarifying effect. The system of correction or complete washing of the color COLORIANNE COLOR SYSTEM from BRELIL (Italy) works in a similar way - it causes minimal harm and practically does not damage the structure of the hair. After using the product immediately apply to the hair bezammiachnuyu paint, otherwise the color can return. With the help of this remover, you can easily carry out pickling your hair yourself. Reviews about this drug are very good. Very convenient for home use is the remover of the Paul Mitchel Backtrack hair dye. This company has already perfectly proven itself in quality products for laminating hair at home. This is a fairly sparing wash of paint. The Backtrack Paul Mitchel complex consists of two bottles of the product itself, a special shampoo and conditioner, with a neutralizing effect. Another great remover of paint is estel Color Off, an emulsion for removing stubborn paint from hair. This is a good alternative to bleaching agents. The emulsion preserves natural pigment, does not contain ammonia (unlike other means of washing off hair from hair), does not lighten hair, reliably and permanently removes cosmetic color from your curls. Estel Color Off removes paint and makes it possible to correct hair color immediately after staining. Be careful and follow the instructions, the emulsion can cause an allergic reaction. A quality and inexpensive tool Nouvelle will help you get rid of unwanted color or adjust the shade of your hair. During the use of the drug, the bonds between the molecules of the oxidized dye are reduced, which allows to remove the color reliably and efficiently without affecting the natural pigment. The action of this cosmetic is gradual, it is easy to control, with its help you can achieve the most accurate results. In no case do not apply a remover for hair dye, treated with henna or metal salts. The HC Color Light Remake Color corrector proved to be excellent. He delicately adjusts the color or removes it completely, without changing the natural color of the hair. The main component of the drug is fruit acid, due to which the hair remains alive and healthy. Does not contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. The corrector removes color and spot irregularity as a result of improper staining. With it, you can decapitate the hair by 2-3 tones (surface pickling). Color correction Eclair Clair from L'Oreal Paris will help to discolor the natural unpainted hair, as well as remove the color obtained when the painting failed. Reviews about this tool are ambiguous. Girls say that a bleaching corrector dries hair very much, at the same time, there are good reviews. Decide on you, which means to choose. The manufacturer claims that, after discoloration, the hair will remain soft and flexible, and the color - bright and juicy. Color Correction System - COLORIANNE REMOVE. It also perfectly removes oxidative paints, which is an excellent alternative to bleaching agents for washing off unsuccessful hair coloring. For the bottom application can be washed off from one to three layers of cosmetic color. In this case, there is no clarification of the natural pigment and the structure of the hair is not injured. The preparation contains citrus acids and vitamins, which give hair shine and elasticity. washing black hair from hair

Precautionary measures

To remove pigment from hair is better in the salonbeauty, but if you still decide to use professional tools and wash away the paint of the house, then observe some precautions. Firstly, in no case do not apply a wash to irritated or damaged scalp. Use the product for washing only in a well-ventilated area and using gloves. Try not to let the product come into contact with the eyes, and if you suddenly allow - immediately wash with plenty of warm water. In order to avoid unpleasant consequences, it is recommended to check the effect of washing on one strand of hair before performing the procedure. If everything is in order, then you can safely carry out the procedure entirely. Although the manufacturers are trying to find the least harmful components for washing off unsuccessful dyeing, it's impossible to completely avoid chemical substances in this matter. Rather, you can, but it will not bring the desired results. After all, if you dreamed of a nice red color, and your head turned black, then you will have to torment your hair in order to restore to them a divine appearance. The chemical components in the composition of the wash break the structure of the hair, from which they acquire a faint hue and slightly dry out. Eliminate the unpleasant consequences after washing the paint quite hard. It takes a long time to regularly and often use moisturizing masks, conditioners, balms for hair. Your hair will more than ever need vitamins and nutrition. Thus, you can restore your natural color, but it is not easy and painful for the structure of the hair. The best recommendation that we can give you is think twice before the next painting and consult a professional hairdresser. This will help you avoid mistakes and protect you from unwanted procedure of washing off unsuccessful hair coloring. We advise you to read: