how to get rid of cat's smell of urine Cats are incredibly cute and cute creatures. They are excellent companions, wonderful "interlocutors" ... and they even catch mice! As you know, "without a cat, life is not the same." Everyone loves cats, but these fluffy "cuties" still have one very significant drawback. It's their smell. All the rest can be endured: bitten flowers in pots, scratched furniture and even omnipresent hair. However, the smell is a very insidious thing. He is soaring everywhere. Often already in the entrance you can determine which of the inhabitants have a fluffy pet. It is the cat's "fragrance" in many people that causes an allergic reaction. How to remove the smell of cat urine - a question that worries many owners of four-legged pets. What to do for those who have a favorite? Can I get rid of the smell of cat urine by leaving my pet house? Is there any universal destroyer so that there is not this terrible stench? Is it possible to remove the smell once and for all? Let's see if there is such a tool. means for removing the smell of cat urine

Are there cats that are "odorless"?

If you do not already have a cat, but you really wantto get a "nevyonyuchuyu" breed, pay attention to the advice of "kotatnikov." They will definitely say that many purebred cats practically do not smell. After all, they were deduced specifically for people who need cat's weasel and do not need trouble. Some of them do not mark the territory at all, it's in their genes. Choose exactly these cats! Then removing odors will not be such a serious problem. Sphinx. This "scarecrow" completely does not smell and does not have hair, from which people can have allergies. So the sphinx will suit allergy sufferers. Despite the fact that the sphinx does not have a smell, it still needs to be changed regularly. Because even if the cat does not smell, urine still stinks. Although not as much as ordinary cats. Other breeds that have a weakened odor are the toger, the Kurilian Bobtail, the Scottish Fold and so on. you can ask the seller how much the cat needs to sterilize. There are breeds where this is not even required. A couple more tips. A cat is not inclined to mark a territory, unlike a cat. Therefore, choose a female. If you have a "boy", it should be castrated (of course, if it is not a breeding animal for breed breeding). However, some owners regret the cats, leaving them their "amorous pleasures". In a private house or at a dacha, an unkristened cat will not be as much of a hassle as in an apartment. On the contrary, the cat "with dignity" will zealously protect the territory from other male cats, which to you, as the owner of the site, is on hand. However, stink ... Stink in the corners of the house, on the site, on the fence is capable of just driving me crazy! cleaning the couch to remove the smell of urine

How to get rid of the smell of cat urine?

There is an opinion that it is difficult to remove the smell of a cat. We will answer that this is not so! How to remove the smell of cat urine? The smell of cat urine is cleaned elementary by means of wet cleaning, which in the presence of a cat's house needs to be carried out at least once a day. If you have a particularly fluffy and "fragrant" breed or a male cat, it is better to clean twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Only this way you can destroy the obsessive cat's smell. The threshold of the house and the porch should be washed with a solution of bleach or "whiteness." The smell of chlorine can completely kill the smell of cat urine. However, with prolonged use, he can kill the cat itself ... After all, chlorine is extremely harmful to the respiratory organs of both the cat and the human. So, for cleaning the porch and the yard, chlorine is perfect. However, inside the apartment or home should use more "gentle" means. How to remove the smell of cat urine? Destroy it forever is not easy, but temporarily - it's easy. If you protect the cat, you should refrain from air fresheners and other perfume "fancies". Cats harm the smell of perfume, as well as the smell of bleach. What to do? How to remove the smell of cat urine? What is the neutralizer? Removing the unpleasant odor will help a weak solution of potassium permanganate. It is necessary to wash them a place of "dislocation" of an unpleasant smell, and all will pass. Some landladies use iodine (a few drops on a bucket of water). Iodine is a very good neutralizer of cat's smell. Hydrogen peroxide and alcohol also help. Alcohol is a perfect destroyer of any smell. It can be replaced with vodka. Half a liter of vodka should be diluted into several buckets of water. The smell from alcohol is quickly eroded, as phenolic compounds are volatile. To repel a strong odor can be a great concentration of vodka. Some housewives use cider vinegar. Vinegar is also capable of smelling the smell of urine. It is mixed with water 1: 4. Soda also perfectly cleans and disinfects wooden floors and tiles. It helps to remove yellow spots. If the cat "did business" just now, you should immediately throw a paper on top of the puddle. She will absorb the dampness and you will only have to wash off the rest of the urine first with water, and then with a cloth soaked in vinegar or vodka. It is a good remedy against any unpleasant odors. If the "smell" is old, fried, then one vinegar can not do. Kill the old smell with chlorine alone. One-, two-time use of "Belizna" in the apartment will not cause harm to health. After all, chlorine, as already mentioned, is an excellent smell destroyer. Sometimes everything is so "neglected" that you should start cosmetic repairs. This is the only way to remove the smell of cat urine. The wallpaper is able to hold the smell inside for a very long time. Therefore, if you have a cat at home, take care of the "washable" walls, at least in the lower part. For this purpose, fancy bamboo wallpaper (they also "perfectly" fit to sharpen claws), as well as glass, plastic, tile and other hard materials. When the old smell of the cat in the apartment is no longer, then you can use the already listed funds in small doses. In order to maintain the cleanliness and pleasant smell in the apartment, many housewives use tea or coffee (they can be poured neatly in pialochki or wiped with decoction of the floor), herbs, aromatic oils in easy concentration. Their smell can kill an unpleasant cat's fragrance. The same goes for lemon juice. He is an excellent neutralizer of odors. Lemon can eliminate any bad flavor.

What should I do if the cat "shit" on the couch?

This is a real problem, since the smell of a catThe urine is capable of permanently ingesting into the soft tissues of the sofa. So much so that it will be unpleasant for him to sleep. In order to remove the smell and urine, you need to take a solution of vinegar 1: 4. It should be applied with a sponge on the stain, and then soaked with paper. Vinegar is able to remove odorous compounds. Then you need to sprinkle the stain with salt or soda and allow to soak and dry. This will help eliminate the stain itself. If the surface is colorless, it can be used as a hydrogen peroxide destroyer. If the fabric is colored, a stain will appear. In this case, limit yourself to plain water. You can also use lemon juice in a weak concentration. Remove remaining soda with a brush or vacuum. It's nice to have a home and a steam cleaner. With a similar unit you will not have any problems with unpleasant odors. By the way, you can drip a drop of lemon juice or other low-fat flavor into the steam cleaner's capacity, and then the smell will go away faster. For the future, soft surfaces should be covered with a waterproof paperclip. To all of the above, you can add one: the best way to protect yourself from the unpleasant smell of cat urine is to accustom the cat to the tray. There are even such cats that go to the human toilet. They will never "spoil the air" in the house. So the smell in the house is, rather, the question of educating your four-legged friend. And the hostess's radios, of course. If you clean the apartment regularly, to eliminate the cat's smell is not such a big problem.