gender relations There are many beautiful ornate expressions,the main meaning of which is how important it is to always be yourself. Important, but almost impossible. If we start to demonstrate all the minuses of our nature, we will have to doom ourselves to complete solitude. Because it is worth to appear in this form even to your spouse - it may very well happen that he will start to collect a suitcase. And do not think that the spouses should take their halves as they are. We, no doubt, would be very happy. But let's be more careful and kinder to them! It is not at all necessary to bring a loved one to a half-unconscious state, showing him his own disgrace. No wonder the term "disgrace" lost its original meaning "to be without an image" and acquired a very negative meaning. A person is a reasonable being, and understands that the relationship between the sexes is far from being an area in which one can do without a mask and pretense. It is here that their influence is especially important and necessary. Underestimation of this influence provokes sometimes deviations in the relations between the sexes. "All women are hypocritical and hypocritical!" Grumbles some hardened bachelor, frightened by women's unpredictability. "All men are vile deceivers!" - says the old maid, who disliked men for not matching her stereotypes. There are, of course, all kinds of - hypocrites and deceivers, but most often this relationship between the sexes is built on the one-sided perception of the world. Representatives of both sexes simply use suitable masks, trying to make each other the most favorable impression. Why should they be judged? Birds spread feathers during courtship, cats have operatic voices cut, and a man is no exception. He also refers to the animal world, and therefore reacts to the opposite sex, as the living, endowed with thinking, being, and not as a plant. What common masks do we use in dealing with the opposite sex?

Men's masks for flirting

Some masks of our men and women are veryare obvious to the person who knows them in them. Few people differ great ingenuity in the presence of a person who is not indifferent to him. The majority immediately launches the time-tested ways of charm. Here, for example, men. It's hard for men. Their world is a set of continuous conventions. A real man should not sing, dance, show his emotions, and so on. Therefore, the male set of masks for flirting is not that great. Many members of the stronger sex prefer to look strong, significant and highly intelligent. To, so to speak, not to fall face in the mud from the first minutes of the meeting and immediately conquer the lady with her noble masculinity. Such a man is necessarily attentive and condescending. He gives a coat, takes care of the table, consults about the state of health, kisses a pen in good-bye. In general, it does everything that any woman will bring to a state of trembling shock and convince herself that before her is a real prince. And if he is without a white horse - so it's temporary. A woman wise in such a state will not remain for a long time. She knows that the princes are transferred, and the white horses are the fruit of her imagination. Therefore, it will be quite calm to the fact that the chosen one will not only get tired of giving a coat, but will also cease to be interested in her well-being. Because he has no time - he makes a white horse. And in general, except courtship at the table and kissing pens, he has a lot of other, no less pleasant qualities. Well, and the woman who takes the knight's mask for true, it remains only to regret. Relations between the sexes - a complicated thing, they can not perceive everything so straightforwardly! Some men prefer a mask of melancholia. It is such a lot of survivors, tired of suffering and mental anguish, having lost faith in the possibility of his own happiness, a martyr who simply needs a woman's understanding and pity. A smart woman will understand and regret - for that she and the woman. And not at all embarrassed if it turns out that all the misfortunes of the "sufferer" consisted of torn buttons, and flour - in the preparation of their own breakfast. Melancholy was caused by night solitude on a huge sofa. In the end, the sofa is really great for one, and it's not bad at all. Sewing buttons takes very little time. In menswear often a demand romantic mask. The romantic has a magnificent memory - he, apart from car brands, knows by heart several more names of constellations and a couple of dozen verse lines. And so he recites these poems in vain, and in the intervals between the recitation he solemnly points to the night sky with his hand and asks: "Do you know, beloved, what is this star called?" Beloved, dumbfounded by his profound knowledge of astronomy and not only, of course, has an idea of ​​the name of the star. And all evening he enthusiastically and enthusiastically tells about the stars. Her beloved is so fond of this topic that, sometimes, she listens to him until the morning ... If the young lady is an experienced woman, she knows - a month after registering the marriage of cognition, the romance in astronomy and poetry will run out. So what? The stars are stars, and the romantic is delicate and caring. And, it happens, brings hot coffee to bed. And if it does not, it's nothing. Itself will rise and cook. An experienced woman can not be held and a sexual mask. The man-sexy is silent much, plays muscles and meaningfully measures the roundness of the ladies. He prefers to look like a highly experienced male producer. And so that no one doubts these qualities, wears clothes that emphasize all his physical strengths. God be with him, let him emphasize! After all, apart from the physical, there are a lot of spiritual virtues in him, which he is for some reason greatly ashamed of. And with the right approach - look, and stop! And, finally, the most repulsive man's mask is a mask of a rough, ill-bred dork. I must say, now it is not in high demand - cultural progress, after all. However, it still occurs. Usually this is an outright rudeness, which happens and is unusual for the one who is rude. But in the presence of a pretty woman, it's taken from nowhere, frightening her with its blatant cynicism and aggression. Actually, the purpose of this mask is to frighten and make me uncomplaining and accessible. A man plays the role of Tamerlane, who conquers a concubine. The role of concubine is not every lady will have to taste. But if the lady is perspicacious ... The relationship between weak and strong sex and pretense - things are almost inseparable. Understanding these discerning women will be able to see the real essence of any man. Whatever mask he did not invent himself. The ability to see through the masks to the fairer sex is often given by nature. But the organic absence of it can be completely compensated by knowledge. But poor men are uncomfortable when they face a whole host of masks of ladies. There is such a variety here that the ladies-lovers who are too skilled in love are lost! deviations in relations between the sexes

Women's masks in relationships with men

Women are more mysterious than men. It is not so easy to recognize who is hiding under the guise of a modest or delicious beauty. We have quite a variety of techniques in creating masks, honed by time, proven and plastic. Therefore, weak sex in general is not amenable to any predictions. Why poor men are often just lost, while expressing the suspicion that all women have a blood relationship with evil spirits. Try to predict what this gentle, frail and defenseless girl will be like in a couple of years after the wedding! Now she falls into a faint from a rude word and falls into bed from the slightest draft. It may well be that she has horse health, and because of this brutal appetite, which as a result will devastate the pockets of her husband and turn a fragile creature into a lazy, slow-moving creature obsessed with one single goal - to consume everything in a row. But it's not so bad. But when a gentle princess turns into a wicked witch who gnaws his fellow man day and night - this is real trouble! It is better to let the cakes burst and sleep from morning till night. It happens so - the awkward girl, who looks like a cocky teenager, did not like the guy at all during the first meeting. Because all the time something dropped, screeched screaming out of place and expressed in conversation is not entirely decent. The young man, of course, did not like all this very much, and he quickly said goodbye to such a vulgar self. It turned out - in vain. Because the friend took, and married this "snooty teenager", and it turned out that the girl (now someone else's wife) is actually a very pleasant, melodic laugh, a charming smile and a wise warm look. I would fall in love, but it's too late. There are many masks in the female, but life is wayward. Then one side will turn, then another. And you have to keep them ready to get the right one at the right time. For example, princesses are in demand today. Delicate, defenseless, fragile. And we have been accustomed to rely only on ourselves since childhood. Consequently, neither mildness, nor obedience, nor helplessness in character are almost non-existent. Well, there's nothing to be done, the relationship between the sexes requires their own! And you have to portray an ethereal creature that looks like a butterfly, for which the slightest breeze is a hurricane. And rush to a butterfly with nets all who are not lazy. Who knows, in whose netting please! Here she hides when she meets a man under the wings of claws. And then - according to circumstances. Maybe show them, maybe not. But claws are always with her. Time has passed, the princess is no longer in value, we needed sex bombs. And for us, sex is not the goal of life at all, but a way of reproducing the offspring. But we must pretend that the goal. You can not get away anywhere, we get a mini skirt, bright makeup and learn how to demonstratively swing our hips. Others perceive this in different ways. Someone, shaking his head condemningly, hisses angrily after him, and somebody stares with delight. And then some bachelor from the ranks of these "lusting" turns out to be very persistent in his desire to own a sex bomb alone. And she sighs in disappointment, finding in a couple of months in her house an ordinary woman, who only dreams of a quiet life. It also happens that lovers of butterflies and sex bombs are too much. And the inconveniences created by this abundance are made to put on the mask of inaccessibility. Maybe not quite comfortable, but otherwise - no way! Otherwise, there is an unconcealed temptation and all sorts of troubles associated with this temptation. Lovers of different come across! In general, almost every representative of the weaker sex in zagashnike has a whole arsenal of different masks. We need them the same way as a chameleon for survival needs mimicry. And often we change masks reflexively, defending ourselves against attacks from the outside world. Strange as it may seem, it was the gender relations that contributed to the appearance of such a property among women.

Why do women often pretend

Psychologists say that women in relationshipsthe sexes are pretending and playing much more often than men. Men prefer to play football, cards, war. And they act mainly, when meeting a girl and during courtship. And then not for long. Women play in human relations between the sexes. This game, of course, requires a myriad of masks. You need a mask of the Shemakhan queen - please. The mask of Blokovskoy mysterious stranger - no problem! Mask your in the guy's board - no embarrassment! It's unlikely that women are guilty of this, and so the evil spirit has nothing to do with it! The impure is not such an assistant in the affairs of life. The relationship between a man and a woman, she rather spoils than builds. Because he likes to put the sticks in the wheels. And does it very actively when next to the representative of the weaker sex there is no strong male shoulder. And this happens quite often. Throughout the history of human development, men have been very restless. They then arranged fights between themselves, sometimes dragging on for decades, then, possessed by curiosity, set off on a long journey and disappeared somewhere beyond the seas. They languished in hunger, rushed to the forest behind a mammoth, and, again, disappeared. Or the mammoth was quick, or the cave attracted another. And a woman - seven on benches, and protection from misfortune - nothing at all. Neither physical strength, nor man's courage, nor militancy. And seven are sorry. Here, if you want, you do not want to, you'll think about how to survive. In the forest, all kinds of animals - mice, wolves, tigers. The impure force, again, has dispersed in its impunity - it builds and builds plots. So you pretend to be a cat, a dog, a fox, and try to negotiate with an unclean one. And time goes on, men do not get tired of fighting, and unexplored lands do not decrease. And so the caves of strangers, and at all more and more to become! And to have to improve a woman, to invent new masks. If men were in abundance - all the worries would be left to her, what to wash and lunch to cook. And there is not enough of them at all - they have arrived! Without a man, it's bad. And melancholy, and there is no one to argue with, and the mice are overwhelmed. Here it is, in order to attract the attention of the stronger sex, and creates a whole new set of seductive masks. Men are becoming more legible - more and more masks. Only have time to change! And then the unclean whispers: "Yes, spit on him! We'll figure it out ourselves somehow! "You'll go with her on the subject-new masks are needed. Independence, inaccessibility, arrogance. And the destiny to you - time, and the man of suitable has given. The woman remembered her incarnation - support the fire in the hearth, and let's fan it with pleasure! The people around only shake their heads. Here, they say, it's a cunning one, and what a mercantile and hypocritical! What a wonderful wife he pretends to be! But in fact, his interests are pursued! Oh, and sigh with her burning yet naive husband-fool! Well, if a man gets smart, he will not believe it. And if gullible - write was gone. Go find a more reliable companion of life. And then the woman remembers about the peculiarities of relations with men, and again takes out her masks from the wardrobe, shakes off the dust and tries on one after another. In order not to disappear altogether. relations between the sexes

Insidiousness and the use of pretense in relationships

Often women wear masks and invent themselvessome kind of image because that others perceive them not as we would like. Let's say a girl is lucky - by nature she is very attractive. It would be a good idea to seek a well-off husband with a broad back and a tight purse and rest on the laurels of tanning salons and beauty parlors. But it was not there! For her misfortune (or luck?) Mores, she has a conservative and dreams of a big friendly family, in which there will be a reliable loving husband and many children. The girl just wants to be the mistress of a cozy warm house. Happens and such. However, growing up, a young lady will certainly understand once that many men look at her primarily as a seductive sexual object. The other would have taken advantage of this attention of the opposite sex, but our girlfriend does not like the role of sex bombs. She dreams of a serious deep relationship. So she was raised, and at first she did not want to pretend. The poor girl did not know then that it was inevitable. Because with her spectacular appearance, all attempts to establish these deep relationships will surely fail with a bang. It is worth living in a suitable person - immediately there will be rejected earlier fans, so craving for her favors. The candidate for the husband, most likely, will be frightened of such an influx of rivals and retreat. In the end, a girl who is tired of personal unsettledness and an abundance of interest from the stronger sex, will have to choose - or reconcile with the role of sex bombs, and demand from men as much as possible of benefits for themselves, or avoid dependence on them and earn these benefits itself. If the second option suits more, you need, even reluctantly, to wear a mask of arrogance and inaccessibility. The effect of this can be simply stunning. Our beauty will suddenly gain such freedom, which for a long time and did not dream of. Now men will be afraid to aggressively demonstrate their intentions. And they will start to glance at her from the side, waiting for the favor of the newly-born queen. True, in the role of the queen there is a significant drawback - go, figure out which of the observers are fit for the role of king! This is the benefit, and the insidiousness of women's masks. Often the relationship between a strong and beautiful sex is focused on them. Men, with their craving for rationalism, tend to believe in images of a weak half of humanity. And try to choose the most suitable for them. They want tenderness, which must be protected - they choose a mask-princess. They want inaccessibility, which must be conquered - they choose a mask-queen. They want to have a silent, gentle housewife in the house - they choose a mask-obedience. And in any case under these masks there is someone else, changeable, incomprehensible and unpredictable. Someone who needs a psychological game. In this game there is nothing wrong, just to it you have to be ready. Here, for example, a woman lives well for herself, and her husband is loved, and everything in the house can not be counted, and the children are in order. She lives so, lives, and then bang - and a divorce. For no reason, the former wife suddenly changes dramatically. And all the surrounding people are shocked by the metamorphosis of the divorced woman. From a respectable and stiff lady, she turns into a real hooligan. He runs around all sorts of clubs, wears a short skirt and pierces himself in the most unexpected places. Shocked by these familiar, of course, ask the question: "What happened to you? Why have you changed so much? "And they get the answer:" It has not changed! Always such was! "No wonder - in order not to disturb family peace, the lady wore a mask of an exemplary wife. The children grew up, the husband evaporated and the need for such a mask fell away. As a result, the power woman became a reckless girl. Is it possible to judge our lady in hypocrisy? Hardly. When a person loves someone, he tries to look like his loved one wants to see. In any case, he tries in his understanding and understanding. In other words, he pretends, having first ascertained, to whom it is best to whisk him. The woman likes Stallone? No problems! The man will play with the muscles of his face and look blankly at the emptiness. Is he bald from Marilyn Monroe? Tomorrow morning, she will spin at the stove with a fly on her cheek. Of course, both will miss their former "I", hidden in the very depths of the soul. But to return to the old role will not be decided by everyone. And is that the point? The main thing is to understand that the relations between men and women, to some extent, provide for a regular masquerade. And do not tear your hair off after you, exclaiming pathetically: "Oh, where were my eyes ?!", and do not watch how your half does it. Because it is unpleasant and painful. And in general, tearing your hair, collecting suitcases and sharing TV is an unworthy occupation. Is it not easier to pass all the underwater reefs of matrimony by resorting to the old, tried-and-true way - the game? And do not arrange daily battles, like: "Such-and-so, again unpleasant breakfast, and in general, where are my slippers?" Or "What a monster I got, I can not stand the garbage, does not give flowers and always gets my socks and shirts dirty!".

Pretense and masks in family relationships

The relationship between a man and a woman is a sphere,requiring constant play. The more interesting it is, the closer and more fascinating the relationship itself. The ingenuity of the two sometimes has no boundaries. They establish the rules of the game themselves, and these rules are sometimes completely inaccessible to the understanding of strangers. And why should outsiders understand them? Another's family should be in darkness, for that she and family. Husband and wife are known to be one. And what kind of images will this self "satan" try on to be indivisible - her own business. For example, an intelligent and educated person at home turns into a sort of king, before whom the wife - in errands. Well, she likes to run errands, so let her run! It is at work, it is reinforced concrete, impenetrable, and at home it willingly changes the mask, wags its tail and looks into the eyes faithfully, trying to guess the slightest desire of the spouse. They have this attitude: one is the master, the other is a devoted servant. And all is well. In any case, and the dishes are intact and safe, and nerves. And the wife of a runner is helpful - always in shape, and does not fool himself with crazy diets. And even to her husband, even more so, - where else would he feel himself a sovereign master? And if everything is the other way around, and a delicate woman becomes a real bitch at home, and her husband gently looks into her eyes and catches every word - also nothing. They have such roles in the family play. And it's not for us to judge them, because it can very well be that both bitchiness and podkabluchnichestvo quite suit both. And the tender relationship will continue until the golden wedding. We all need love. The less we have, the more we need. And then this thirst becomes a pathology. Given that the relationship between the sexes involves the use of a mask, you can quench your thirst. Do not want to use it? Then is it worth demanding from others that they wear a mask that is comfortable for us, but painful for themselves, when we ourselves do not even bother to correct their faces for a little while? Harmonious relations are based on mutual actions and goals. Therefore, there is no alternative. We are looking for an image that equally satisfies both. Otherwise, we will seek our ideal for the rest of our lives. It is better to immediately put a cross on your personal life and go to the monastery. We advise you to read: