recipe for glaze If you are asleep (or have already woken up and are burstingoutside) the confectioner's talent ... If you think that baking should be not only tasty, but beautiful ... If you know how to (or want to learn) decorate cakes, cakes, cookies, muffins, cakes (and others with them) ... That glaze recipe is compulsory should replenish your culinary treasury. And it should be started, as you know, from the simplest. A royal icing - the recipe is just right. It is perfect for your first creative experiments. It's easy to cook. It is convenient to work with it. And it should be used for fashionable aysing today, creating voluminous lace decorations for cakes and decorating cookies and gingerbread. Recipes for glaze (royal) are not much different, but, nevertheless, for different confectionery products use slightly different amounts of ingredients and ways of preparing it.

Royal icing

Usual traditional royal icing (universal) for coating and decorating any confectionery. Simple cooking and an amazing result. Ingredients:

  • Egg white
  • A glass of powdered sugar
  • Lemon acid
  • Vegetable oil (refined)

Preparation: In a dry bowl, pour out the protein of one egg and beat it to a light foam. For one tablespoon we begin to pour the sifted sugar powder, continuing to whisk the mass. As you turn the protein with a glossy white glaze, add a little citric acid and a teaspoon of vegetable oil (for shine). The density of the glaze is regulated by the amount of powdered sugar: for patterns and inscriptions, it should be more plastic, for glazing - harder. royal icing recipe

Royal icing for aisling

The recipe for glaze is ridiculously simple, and at the same time it is possible to create truly royal decorations with it. Ingredients:

  • Egg white
  • Sugar powder (glass)
  • Lemon juice (a teaspoonful)

Preparation: Pour into a bowl of egg white and lightly beat up (not a mixer!). Sugar powder is well sieved and begin to add a little bit into the protein. Thoroughly grinding powder and protein prepare the glaze for aysing. At the very end of the preparation, add the lemon juice.

Royal icing for ginger biscuits

Traditional Christmas cookies are also painted with royal glaze. Ingredients:

  • Egg white
  • Powdered sugar (glass)
  • Lemon juice or water (tablespoon)

Preparation: Protein poured into a bowl, add sugar powder and lemon juice. Razirayem to a homogeneous state with a wooden spatula or an ordinary spoon. To cover the cookie glaze should be liquid. Then it will spread evenly. For drawing, make the glaze thick, so that it keeps the shape of the pattern applied and does not spread over the liver. glaze recipe

Royal icing for Easter cakes

If you prefer to decorate Easter cakeswhite "pomat", then the royal icing in this capacity can also be used. This icing will not run over the Easter cake, and from it we can make patterns and inscriptions. Ingredients:

  • Egg white
  • Sugar powder (glass)
  • Pinch of flour
  • Vanilla (pinch)

Preparation: We spread the sifted sugar powder with protein, and at the end of the meal add flour and vanillin. We cover the top of the cake with glaze and draw florets, asterisks, monograms, etc. Note: For drawing, it is better to use a colored glaze. And instead of flour, you can add starch (potato or corn). For the preparation of colored glaze, you can use conventional food colors (liquid, dry or gel). And you can take natural: beet juice, saffron, cocoa powder. As you can see, royal icing is a recipe so simple that it is suitable for the very first steps in the art of any confectionery. No wonder it is also called the drawing mass. Unlike meringue, this glaze is devoid of fluffiness and airiness, it is plastic and dries quickly. So try, do, draw, create! We advise you to read: