home biscuit roll Biscuit roll has long attracted to its mistressessimplicity of cooking and wonderful taste. In order to bake it, do not need to bother with him for half a day, stand for hours at the stove or run and check if it burned. The whole secret lies in the freshness of the products, the temperature and the baking regime. From what recipe you use, it also depends a lot. So, the main ingredients are eggs, flour, sugar and vanillin (vanilla sugar). You can also add orange zest, raisins, poppies, nuts, cocoa and everything that you vzbredet in the head. Additional ingredients should be chosen depending on what product you want to get eventually and what recipe you use. The dough with vanillin is considered universal, but it is better not to cook the biscuit from the oil cream, as it is more friable. The recipe for butter biscuit is best used for baking cakes and pastries. Very often cocoa is added to the dough mass. Then you need to carefully approach the choice of the filling. biscuit roll with sweet stuffing

How to cook biscuit rolls?

Low temperatures should be both foods, soand dishes. But there is an exception to this: prepare a biscuit dough in a warm way (a recipe for mixing and heating proteins with yolks). If at you all turned out, then from the oven you will pull a biscuit dough of a homogeneous structure with a characteristic crust. Freshly prepared sponge cake should be kept for at least 8 hours, otherwise you can not cut it and evenly soak it with syrup. How to fold a biscuit roll Take care that all products are prepared in advance, the baking tray is laid and the oven is warmed. Depending on the characteristics of the oven, the cooking time of biscuit is different. At home, roll up the dough very simply, you do not need any special tools. The hot dough should be immediately put on a towel and, together with it, rolled into a roll. It will be difficult to remove the paper immediately, but it is quite realistic. Try to wrap the dough, gradually remove the paper. Twisted rolls should be completely cooled. Only then they can be smeared with cream, carefully unfolding, so that the dough does not tear. We offer basic baking recipes for biscuit rolls. roll with condensed milk and vanillin

Recipe biscuit roll with condensed milk

Probably, each of us tried a roll withwith condensed milk. Mistresses often use both cooked and plain (mix 400 g condensed milk with 200 g butter and a bag of vanillin). You can decorate rolls with chocolate or coconut shavings. The recipe for this roll with condensed milk is very simple to prepare.

  • For the dough and filling: 5 eggs, 1 glass of sugar, 1 cup of flour, 0.5 l of boiled condensed milk, 1 teaspoon of soda (hydrated).
  • For decoration: 2-3 tablespoons condensed milk, coconut shavings or 100 g of chocolate.

How to cook? To prepare the dough, eggs should be beaten with sugar, mixed with flour and hydrated soda. This mass will be enough for one large cake. Baking tray must be covered with baking paper and oiled. It is not necessary to look for such a paper size to fully cover the sheet. To do this, you can use several pieces. The dough should be poured on a prepared baking sheet and baked for about 8 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees. Hot biscuit should be taken out of the oven and rolled into a roll. How to cool, smeared with condensed milk and sprinkle with coconut shavings. You can also smear condensed milk only on the inside of the roll, and cover it with chocolate (pre-melted it in a water bath) and sprinkle with confectionery powder. preparation of biscuit roll with jam

Sponge cake with whipped cream

The highlight of this roll is that a biscuit in such acase necessarily rise and work out well. To do this, add the boiling water to the dough, and use the whipped cream for the filling. Of course, instead of cream you can take jam or some other filler, depending on what flavor you want to get.

  • For the test (with a baking tray 40x45 cm): 5 eggs, 100 ml of boiling water, a glass of sugar, 10-12 g (bag) of baking powder, a glass of flour.
  • For the filling: cream 30% (fatty) - 800 ml, 4 bags of fixer for cream, 2 tablespoons of sugar.

How to cook? Before you start cooking, prepare everything you need: sift the flour, mix it with the baking powder, heat the kettle, cover the pan and oil it. Whisk egg with sugar and sugar, pouring in boiling water, flour. In the last turn, add the flour with the baking powder into the mixture, continuing to stir. The mass will get pretty thick. When you pour it on a baking tray, try to evenly distribute the mixture. At a temperature of 180-200 ° C, bake the dough for about 10-15 minutes. In this case, do not need to roll the hot dough into a roll. Boiling makes the dough soft, it flakes well from the paper and bends. To prepare the cream, you just need to whip all the ingredients. If you can not find a baking powder for cream, then you can do without it. The taste will be more intense if you add small pieces of fruit or berries to the cream, which are not only delicious, but also useful. When the dough cools, lubricate it with the filling and roll into a roll. The outer side of the roll can also be smeared with cream and sprinkled with berries or crumbs.

The recipe for a biscuit roll with a pattern

Often mistresses try to do everything, if onlyachieve a delightful taste, while forgetting about the appearance of the roll. This recipe will allow you to prepare a roll with a pattern quite simply and originally.

  • For the test: 4 eggs, a glass of sugar (incomplete), 1 teaspoon of baking powder, 1 teaspoon of vanilla sugar, 150 g of flour, 30 g of butter.
  • For decoration: 8-10 tbsp. spoons of biscuit dough, 2 tbsp. tablespoons of milk, 3 tbsp. tablespoons of cocoa powder.
  • For cream: 200 g of soft cheese (for example, ricotto) or fatty cottage cheese, 200 ml of sour cream, 100 g of sugar.

How to cook? Separate yolks from proteins. Yolks and half a serving of sugar whip and mash well. Butter (melted in a microwave or on a water bath) mix with the ground yolks, add vanilla sugar and carefully pound. Protein whisk to a dense foam and add a second serving of sugar, carefully pour in a lot of yolks. Stir the mixture constantly stir. In this mass, pour the sifted flour with the baking powder and stir. For decoration, put aside some of the dough, and pour the rest on the baking tray. In the dough for decoration add milk and cocoa. The resulting mixture is poured over white dough with blots. Drawing can be done with a toothpick. Dough bake in a preheated oven to 200 ° C for 15-20 minutes. Place the hot sponge cake down and roll into a roll. Wait until the dough cools down, and smear it with cream.

Advice of experienced housewives

  • Utensils for whipping the whites are absolutely clean and dry.
  • When you get a stable foam, you need to stop beating, otherwise there will be bubbles that will stop the test from rising.
  • Yolk and protein should be whisked simultaneously until the moment when the grains of sugar disappear and a uniform foam forms. A warm cooking method provides a biscuit dense structure.
  • If you beat the proteins separately and they become watery, then add a pinch of salt, a drop of vinegar or citric acid to the mixture.
  • To taste the roll was spicy, sprinkle the cognac on a hot dough.
  • If you use a curd cheese recipe forputty, then the analog of Ricotto cheese can be made at home. To do this, you need to freeze 1 liter of kefir in the freezer until it turns into stone. Then transfer it to gauze, hang it or put it in a colander. When kefir will thaw, all the whey will come out of it, and only a soft curd will remain.