what to do so that the armpits do not sweat For some people, wet armpits arenot only in summer, but also in winter. Such people can not wear light clothes, because immediately there are moist spots on it, which can not go unnoticed for others, an unpleasant smell also adds inconvenience. Is it possible to get rid of this problem? What can I do to keep my armpits out? The first thing you need to know is that excessive sweating is a cosmetic defect, as is commonly believed. First of all, sweating is a problem on the part of human health. So do not try to get rid of the consequences of the problem - sweat. You should consult a dermatologist, who will help you choose the right treatment. In medicine, excessive sweating is called a local hyperhidrosis. As a rule, most often sweat is the palms, feet and armpits. Doctors believe that this condition is not an independent disease, but only indicates the presence of more serious diseases. So, for example, vegetovascular dystonia or thyroid diseases often provoke excessive sweating. It occurs in about one in ten women. However, there are certain ways to combat this problem, which will be discussed below.

  • Soap selection

Very effectively protects from sweating is notdeodorant - antiperspirant, and ordinary baby soap. Wash the armpits thoroughly, dry them wipe, and then grease with ordinary vinegar, diluting it beforehand with water, in proportion one to one. Such a measure will prevent excessive sweating throughout the day.

  • Pasta Teymurova

This paste is most often used for treatmentexcessive sweating of the feet, but she will cope with the problem of underarms equally effectively. It is very easy to apply it - for this you need to thoroughly wash your armpits, let them dry naturally. After that, the paste should be applied to the whole area of ​​the axilla with a rather thick layer. After about fifteen minutes, after the paste has completely dried, it needs to be washed off. Such a course of treatment should last no less than ten days. As a rule, one course of treatment is enough for about six months.

  • Cold and hot shower

Contrast shower, as doctors say, alsovery effectively reduces the sweating of the axillae. For this, a woman should regularly, in the morning and in the evening. Throughout life, should do the following: Water for a few seconds first hot, then cold, then again with hot water. There should be approximately five to six visits, and the difference in water temperature should be at least 15 degrees. However, be sure not to chill - you do not need colds at all. And, needless to say, in addition to all the above procedures, a person must necessarily treat the underlying disease. And in this case, a person will very soon forget about wet armpits, like a terrible dream! And the question - "sweaty armpits sweat, what to do?" Will cease to be relevant. We advise you to read: