problem skin for face treatment Good, well-groomed appearance has always beenthe best business card, attesting to the success and well-being of a person. After all, as you know, the first impression on the surrounding people is one of the strongest. And even the most good person, looking untidy, is unlikely to cause positive emotions in people. Yes, and most far more pleasant to look in the mirror and see the reflection of a beautiful neat person, is not it? But, to great regret, not always we see in the mirror exactly what we want to see. Acne rash, dilated points, boils ... A familiar picture? So you have oily skin. And this leads to the development of not only aesthetic problems, but also psychological ones: a depressed mood, and in especially severe cases and depression. And this is quite understandable. But do not get upset, because even if you have problematic facial skin, the treatment is quite capable of reducing all problems to a possible minimum. Therefore, in no case do not give up and do not give up. It is not necessary to reconcile with the problems of oily skin - they need to be actively combated. And do not delay the start of treatment in the long box - as with any other disease, the treatment of oily skin should be started as early as possible, until the situation is aggravated even more. And be prepared for the fact that efforts will have to be made a lot - the fight will be fierce. Do not rely solely on your strengths - in most cases, without visiting a dermatologist, you will not be able to manage. And only external treatment will not be effective enough. In order to get rid of problems, and not just drive them inside, you need a comprehensive treatment. We will have to reconsider our way of life: food, daily routine, habits and much more. Well, who promised that it would be easy? As they say, beauty requires sacrifice. You are ready? So this article is for you. Even more recently, even dermatologists thought that the problem skin is a direct consequence of the excess amount of testosterone in the body of the hormone. This hormone very actively stimulates the activity of the sebaceous glands. However, numerous modern studies have shown that this theory is not entirely fair. Of course, testosterone plays a role. However, this is not the only reason why skin problems may arise. There are a number of provoking factors - it is an improperly composed diet, and an unfavorable ecological situation, and the presence of bad habits. In addition, the skin condition is most adversely affected by the lack of various trace elements, minerals and vitamins, including vitamin A, which is responsible for nourishing the skin. problem skin of the face

Change in lifestyle

It is necessary to begin treatment, first of all, withchange their lifestyle. First, review your daily routine. Make sure that the duration of sleep is not less than 8 hours, and at night. Lack of sleep most negatively affects the condition of the whole body, including the skin. In addition, a person should spend at least two hours a day on the street. And especially useful are walks immediately after the rain or during fog - the skin is very effectively saturated with moisture. Are you surprised? Many mistakenly believe that the problem skin does not need moisturizing. But this is not so - it needs moisture not less, and sometimes more. Than a normal type of a skin. But in the hot season try not to walk at a time when the activity of the sun is in full swing. However, it is also not necessary to completely avoid the sun's rays. Ultraviolet has a very positive effect on the problem skin - inflammatory processes decrease, acne also recedes. It's no accident doctors - dermatologists in winter, people who suffer from various skin diseases, recommend to visit the solarium. It's only five to six minutes a week, so that the skin gets enough ultraviolet. Reconsider your habits. Refuse from drinking alcoholic beverages. Alcohol affects the work of a wide variety of internal organs. And primarily on the work of the liver and pancreas. And the result of these violations in the literal sense of "face" - the skin deteriorates at times. It is also necessary to give up smoking - nicotine not only worsens the skin color, but also provokes the development of a strong acne. It is impossible to achieve improvement in the condition of the problem skin without reconsidering your diet. And it's not surprising - firstly, all without exception the substances entering the body together with food penetrate into the blood. And secondly, the right work of the whole digestive tract, and in particular of the intestines, largely depends on what we eat. And the work of the intestine is directly reflected in the condition of the skin. From the diet doctors recommend to exclude products such as:

  • Salty, sharp, smoked dishes.
  • Products containing artificial flavors, dyes, food additives.
  • Any sweets, except for nuts and dried fruits, without any additives.
  • Any buns, bread, except for yeast, in small quantities.
  • Caffeinated and carbonated drinks, strong black tea.

In addition, there are a number of products that are very useful for the body as a whole, and for the skin condition in particular:

  • All fermented milk products are free of preservatives and colorants.
  • The maximum number of different fruits and vegetables, depending on the season.
  • Such porridge as buckwheat, oatmeal and wheat. All others are not recommended.
  • Non-carbonated drinking water, unsweetened compotes and fruit drinks, green tea.

As you can see, such a diet is good from any side. And the body will be cleansed, and the skin condition will improve several times, and the hated extra pounds will disappear without a trace. Of course, in the event that they are. Of course, to sustain such restrictions in nutrition is not so simple. But the most important thing is to start. And then you'll probably get used to it.

Cosmetic preparations

To date, there is a hugethe number of a variety of cosmetic products, whose manufacturers promise almost instantaneous disappearance of all the existing deficiencies of oily skin. Shine, peeling, acne - all this should disappear without a trace. Alas, any advertising is inclined to embellish reality. Not all means are ideal, as they are positioned. However, some of them are really very effective. In order to choose a really good tool for caring for problem skin, you need to remember a few basic rules:

  • Price policy

Unfortunately, in this case, the principle of "cheap andangry "does not work. If you want to buy a good cosmetic drug, be prepared to part with a certain amount of money, and quite impressive. In most cases, cheap drugs are absolutely ineffective - in the best case your skin will not change. And at worst you will be compelled to struggle also with consequences of application of these cheap preparations - with an ecdysis, reddenings and the rest. Of course, such price tags in cosmetic shops can not but upset. But we, women, people who think in the majority are very positive. Let's try to find positive points in this matter. For example, you can refuse several suppers in a cafe. The advantage is obvious - and the money will be saved, and for the figure there are only solid pluses. Have you smiled? That's great.

  • Brands

Very often people when buying one or the otherfunds are guided by the name of the brand. As far as this is correct, it is difficult to judge. But in the case of cosmetic drugs, the brand still has a lasting value. Do not buy the money of little-known firms - their quality is highly doubtful. A well-known company is unlikely to risk its name and produce poor-quality products.

  • Skin Type

Very often people believe that problem skin -it is always oily skin. However, this is not so - one should not forget about the so-called combined skin. Therefore, when choosing this or that drug, be sure to consider your skin type - only in this case the effect of using the drug will be maximum.

  • Consultation with a specialist

Ideally, before buying one or the otherCosmetic medication should be consulted with a dermatologist. Do not expect to consult a seller - in shops people who do not have the necessary education. treatment of facial skin

Folk Remedies for Treating the Problematic Skin

Sometimes, for some reason, women do notresort to the help of cosmetology. In this case, nature comes to their aid. There are very effective recipes that normalize the skin condition quickly enough. But let's talk about everything in order:

  • Means for washing

Care for any type of skin should begin with herpurification. Doctors do not recommend using soap - it does not have the best effect on the skin condition. For these purposes, you can use the following tool: grind in a coffee grinder three tablespoons of oatmeal, add one tablespoon of glycerin to them and mix thoroughly. Transfer the mixture to a glass container and store it in the refrigerator. Use this product as a normal soap. After that, rinse your face with a solution of apple cider vinegar - at the rate of one tablespoon of vinegar per glass of water.

  • Potato mask

Potato juice has a very positive effect ona condition of a problem skin. It eliminates inflammation, removes irritation, eliminates acne, promotes resorption of boils. Preparing this mask is very simple - you will need only one tuber of potatoes, a teaspoon of honey and a gauze napkin. Wash the potatoes thoroughly, peel and grate on a fine grater. Then add honey and mix thoroughly. The resulting homogeneous mass is applied very thickly on the gauze. Apply the napkin to the affected areas of the skin and leave for 20 - 25 minutes. After this, thoroughly wash the skin and pat dry with a towel. Dry the skin naturally. Such a mask can be carried out every day - no harm will be done. But also to sense will not be, if to do or make a mask less often than three times a week.

  • Mask from the leaves of aloe

No less effective is the mask from the leaves of aloe. For its preparation you will need 4 sheets of aloe, from a plant not younger than five years. Aloe leaves should be placed in the freezer for at least a week. After that, peel the leaves from the film and grind them, passing through a meat grinder. After this, melt five tablespoons of any kind of natural honey over low heat. Mix the honey with the aloe vera gruel, mix thoroughly, transfer it to a glass container and store it in a dark and cool place. Before applying this mask, you need to thoroughly rip out your face with a chamomile bath. Apply the mask evenly and leave for 10 minutes. After this, wash with cool water and allow the skin to dry naturally. This mask should be done no more than three times a week. And pay special attention - this remedy is categorically contraindicated to people suffering from allergic reactions to honey and other bee products. In addition to the means for external use, it is also recommended to use recipes for internal use.

  • Infusion of a dandelion

One of the most effective tools isinfusion of drug dandelion. To make it, chop one tablespoon of dandelion roots and place in a thermos bottle. Pour one glass of steep boiling water, close the lid and leave to infuse for a day. Then strain with gauze. Take a decoction of this must be two teaspoons, before each meal. The duration of the course of treatment is 21 days.

  • Decoction of birch leaves

Place five tablespoons of birch broth inenameled dishes, pour a liter of water and boil for 15 minutes. Decoct the broth, strain with gauze. Take a broth for a glass in the morning and evening, for a month. As you can see, even if you have problematic facial skin, you should not despair. It can and should be treated. We advise you to read: