Pregnancy Week 7 Pregnancy 7th week signs: At this stage, the brain develops intensively, and noticeable changes occur with the rudiments of the face, body and limbs of the child. In the seventh week of pregnancy, the baby already has a rectum and begins to form the sternum, small intestine and digestive tract, develops the trachea, esophagus and lungs. The embryo still has a "tail", it will not be until 10-11. The placenta thickens during this period, the umbilical cord is attached to the uterine wall. The right umbilical vein disappears, leaving only the left one. Also in this period of pregnancy appear rudiments of the eyes (iris) and face (nose and mouth). pregnancy 7 week uziUzi on the 7th week of pregnancy Pregnancy 7week of uzi: It took only a week, when the rudiments of limbs appeared, and you can already guess where the shoulders are, and where the pens are. The fetus begins to form the face, you can even distinguish the tiny nostrils. And two tiny pigmented circles, which we see from the side of the head, will move over the next few months to the face and turn into eyes. If you have pregnancy 7 weeks, then the embryo on this date is the size of a pea: its length is about 8 mm, weight is 0.8 g. pregnancy 7 week signsIntrauterine child development at week 7Pregnancy Week 7 Symptoms: At this stage, the fetal egg is attached to the uterine wall, which is usually relaxed. In the seventh week, the mucus in the cervix is ​​usually thick, forming a so-called mucous plug, which is a barrier between the uterus and the outside world. The mucous plug comes directly before the very birth, forming a "smear". Halos around the mammary glands may darken. Do not worry - this is normal in pregnancy. We advise you to read: