pregnancy 25th week signs At 25 weeks of gestation, the osteoarticularthe child's system continues to strengthen strongly, and the child's heartbeat is audibly heard through the stethoscope. Although you can hear the baby's heartbeat with your loved ones, if they put an ear to the stomach. When the pregnancy is examined, the 25th week of ultrasound - the sex of the child is no longer in doubt, the testicles began to descend into the scrotum, and the girls almost formed a vagina. Fingers become more tenacious and easily compressed into fists. Now determines the preference of the baby to his left or right hand, it is already clear whether he is right-handed or left-handed. And on the palms of a unique dactyloscopic pattern. In addition, during wakefulness, he is quite active - kicking, playing with himself and touching his fingers on the legs. His regime was formed and my mother sometimes has to adjust to her future child. Its length from the crown to the sacrum is 22 cm, and the weight is almost 700 grams. pregnancy 25 week symptomsThe tummy of a future mother at 25 weeks gestationPregnancy Week 25 symptoms. The enlarged uterus, now the size of a soccer ball, presses against the diaphragm. Because of this, the stomach shifts, and gastric juice, rising through the esophagus, during the pregnancy on the 25th week signs of heartburn are particularly pronounced. To avoid this, it is recommended to eat often and in small portions. But mostly pregnant women feel well, although now they have to visit the obstetrician-gynecologist somewhat more often.