Pregnancy Week 21: Symptoms Pregnancy Week 21 symptoms. Week 21 of pregnancy is caused by more coordinated work of the central nervous system. Your baby swallows the amniotic fluid, the main components of which are well absorbed by the body, and solids, such as dead skin cells, remain in the rectum before birth. The original feces mostly consist of condensed epithelial cells and bile, it will be removed from the intestine with the first muscle contractions. That is, the digestive system can already recognize and assimilate many substances that are found in the amniotic fluid. Pregnancy Week 21: SignsIntrauterine growth of the baby at week 21pregnancy In the baby's blood, there are already enough red blood cells and white bodies are beginning to be produced that are responsible for suppressing the infection. The child distinguishes between light and darkness, but his eyes are still hidden under the eyelids. The motor activity increases, for a day a child can repeatedly change his position: he sleeps upside down, he plays, sitting parallel to the floor, then propps the bottom of the uterus with his head. Pregnancy 21 weeks of ultrasound confirms that the baby has increased in size: its weight is almost 300 grams, and the height is 18 cm. Pregnancy Week 21 UziThe tummy of a future mother at 21 weeks gestationPregnancy Week 21 signs of weight gain are most noticeable, a woman needs another 500 kcal. more, as the child begins to actively form a fatty layer. So do not be surprised if the appetite rises again, as in the first weeks of pregnancy or if you want to eat something unusual. The bottom of the uterus rises and now it is located 1.25 cm above the navel.