Pregnancy Week 20 Pregnancy Week 20 is the time when yourthe kid is really like a little man: he has thin hairs on his head and tender fingernails on his fingers, he plays with his fingers, sucks them, somersaults in amniotic waters, sometimes plays with his umbilical cord. His skin becomes less transparent, as it thickens and now consists of four layers. The skin of the baby is protected from contact with the amniotic fluid by original lubrication - it is a waxy white-cream secret that begins to produce sebaceous glands. The lubricant is retained on the skin by the original lanugo fluff, in some cases the original grease is preserved until the very birth, then it is removed from the baby's skin immediately after birth, by simply wiping it with sterile napkins. Pregnancy 20 week of ultrasoundUltrasound at 20 weeks of gestation Pregnancy 20Week of ultrasound is the moment when the fetal heart rate is determined using a sound tube or an electronic monitor. Your child's weight is about 260 grams, but it's 14-16 cm long and now it's the size of a small melon. Pregnancy 20 Week SymptomsIntrauterine fetal development at week 20Pregnancy Pregnancy Week 20 Symptoms: The uterus rises higher, the abdomen practically all women step forward. And the navel protrudes, like a button because of the constant pressure of the uterus. Pregnancy Week 20: signs of stretch marks are already noticeable, especially if you have not used cosmetic products that prevent their appearance - stripes from light to reddish-brown. Some women may have difficulty breathing, as the internal organs press the diaphragm, and the volume of the lungs decreases. As soon as the fetus descends deeper into the pelvic cavity, these symptoms will pass. At the first pregnancy the fetus descends a few weeks before the birth, the next - before the birth. There is still exactly half of the pregnancy, but without toxemia, as in the first trimester, so the second part of the pregnancy will fly much faster.