pregnancy 6 weeks Pregnancy 6th week signs: The neural tube of the embryo at the beginning of the sixth week of pregnancy, as a rule, is already completely covered with tissue and at the end of it the brain is formed. Become visible visual blisters in the form of two tiny cup-shaped forms - it forms the future eyes of the baby and begins to beat the heart, which is a microscopic tube at this stage. pregnancy 6 week symptomsUzi on the 6th week of pregnancy Pregnancy 6uzi week: A good ultrasound scanner at this stage of pregnancy can already catch the contraction of the beating in the tiny body of the heart. At the same time, separate parts of the larynx and inner ear begin to form, the rudiments of the handles and legs appear. In addition, the limbs and rudiments of the brain begin to develop rapidly. The head gradually begins to take familiar outlines, at this stage the fetus forms internal organs (lungs, liver, etc.), eyes and ears appear. It is during this period of pregnancy that the placenta begins to develop intensively. If you have a pregnancy of 6 weeks, then at this time the length of the embryo from the crown to the sacrum is from 2 to 4 mm. The volume of the amniotic fluid is about 2-3 ml. pregnancy 6 week signsPregnancy Week 6 symptoms: During this period of pregnancy, many women feel a deterioration of health (drowsiness, headaches, early toxicosis, etc.). Also, some of the odors may become intolerant, "tingling" in the mammary gland and increased salivation may occur from time to time. All these symptoms are a consequence of hormonal changes in the body, the purpose of which is to provide the best conditions for the intrauterine development of your baby. Some tips how to cope with the deterioration of health:

  • Pay special attention to food: Eat often, but in small portions. Arrange yourself breakfast in bed immediately after awakening, even before the rise. Dinner is also better to eat before going to bed, lying in bed. Try to experiment with a variety of products, because it is possible that some of them will reduce nausea.
  • As much as possible rest, try not to overwork during the day.
  • If vomiting is disturbed, fruits, vegetables and juices will help to restore the loss of fluid in the body. In a word, drink more liquid.
  • Avoid contact with unpleasant and irritating smells (toilet water, deodorants and other perfumes).
  • Many people help to reduce the attack of nausea in the morning chewing gum or a good toothpaste.

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