plantar warts treatment Those people who encountered plantarwarts, want only one thing - get rid of them as quickly as possible. Which is understandable - warts cause strong pain when walking. And with the growth of warts, the pain when walking becomes more and more violent, the mobility of a person is very severely limited with time. Unfortunately, a person pays attention to the problem already when the wart reaches considerable size. And help in this situation, most likely, only a doctor can. But if you notice a wart in a timely manner, while it has not yet become too large, you can try to get rid of it with the help of recipes of traditional medicine. And in most cases, these attempts are successful and the plantar wart disappears quickly enough. But remember that without a visit to a doctor you will still not be able to manage. Very often the appearance of plantar warts indicates the onset of diabetes. And it is necessary to exclude it in the first place. First, the earlier the disease is diagnosed, the easier it will be to treat. Secondly, in diabetes mellitus, self-medication is unacceptable.

Features of treatment of warts

Before embarking on the treatment of plantar warts by folk remedies, one should remember the basic rules that will make this very treatment safe. So:

  • Skin protection

All of the following are necessaryapply solely to the plantar wart itself and strictly to ensure that it does not get on the skin around the lesion. It is highly desirable to protect the skin and this can be done in two ways. The first way is a protective plaster. Take an ordinary coil sticking plaster, cut through it a hole of the appropriate diameter and glue on the wart - it will be outside, and the skin around - under the adhesive plaster, is securely protected. If you are too lazy to stick with an adhesive plaster, you can try a different method of protection - apply some fat cream to the skin of the wart, or even more common petroleum jelly. Lubricate them with plenty of skin around the wart and leave the procedure for the entire time. Although, of course, this method is not as reliable as an adhesive plaster.

  • Dry skin

Remember that the most important conditiongetting rid of plantar warts is dryness. Change socks as often as possible - five to six times a day, especially if you're in shoes. Ideally, it is necessary to constantly apply to warts baby talc, which perfectly absorbs sweat and thereby prevent wetting of the skin. Of course, often this is not easy, but otherwise the treatment of plantar warts will not be worth it. wart plantar treatment

Folk remedies for plantar warts

Recipes for the treatment of plantar warts are sufficientmany, so we will tell only about the most effective of them. If you strictly follow the directions, none of these tools will harm your health.

  • Salicylic acid

Salicylic acid promotes an activedying off and then exfoliating the tissues of the plantar wart. For treatment you will need a band-aid, gauze, polyethylene film and salicylic alcohol - all this can be bought at the pharmacy. Cut the gauze into small pieces, moisten them in salicylic acid and attach to the wart. Top with polyethylene and fix with a wart. It is advisable to leave this pack for the whole night or at least five hours. Repeat this procedure every evening until the wart disappears. In the worst case this will take about one month.

  • Apple vinegar

If the wart is not yet too large, you cantreat it with apple cider vinegar. Dilutely moisten the cotton pad in the vinegar and attach it to the wart, press firmly and fix with bandage or adhesive plaster. Compress should be on the wart 30 minutes - no more, but no less. Then remove the compress and place the foot with the wart in a hot bath. And it is best to use not just hot water, but infusion of chamomile. In order to prepare the infusion, pour dry chemist's chamomile with steep boiling water, at the rate of five tablespoons per liter of water. Be sure to cool the infusion a little, so as not to burn your feet. The duration of the bath is 20 minutes. Then gently rub the wart with pumice stone and rinse with plenty of water. This procedure must be repeated every evening - the wart will get smaller and smaller each time. On average, treatment takes no more than two to three weeks, with especially large warts - about a month. Pay attention - if the vinegar compress is in contact with the healthy skin around the wart, it may be damaged. So be sure to protect it.

  • Vitamin C

Buy vitamin C in the pharmacy, carefullypound them to a powdery state and sprinkle the wart abundantly, cover with gauze and fix with adhesive plaster, leave overnight, and in the morning, rinse with water. Repeat this procedure daily and after two to three weeks the wart will disappear.

  • Lemon

About this tool reviews test it on yourselfpeople are ambiguous. Someone says that the remedy is very, very effective, and someone complains that the wart has not disappeared, and even the healthy skin suffers very badly. If you still decide to try it, remember about caution - carefully monitor the condition of the skin around the wart. If she turns red, stop treatment. To prepare the remedy, you do not need the lemon itself, but the lemon zest. Peel the din lemon, place the rind in a preheated oven and leave it for about 20 minutes - during this time it will dry up properly. Then crush the zest very carefully - you should have a powder. By the way, it can be cooked for future use, but it is very important to make sure that the zest is stored in a dry place and does not damp. Immediately before use, add apple cider vinegar to the lemon powder and stir - you should get a homogeneous, thick mass. This mass is applied a thick layer on the wart, cover with a plastic wrap and leave for 20 minutes. Then carefully remove the wart, then rub it with a pumice stone. When the skin dries, apply to it any moisturizing cream for the feet and always wear thin cotton socks. Do this procedure in the evenings, every other day, for two weeks. If the wart does not start to decrease, there is no point in continuing to treat it this way - only time will be wasted. plantar wart treatment


As we have already said, sooner or later the plantarwarts begin to deliver a lot of inconveniences and painful sensations. It goes without saying that as the warts get rid of these feelings disappear. However, there is no point in enduring so much time - there are some very effective folk recipes that will greatly facilitate your life. Pay attention - whatever procedure you choose, do it in the morning - so that pain does not annoy you during the day.

  • Banana skin

Cut a banana skin of a suitable size,attach it to the wart and tightly bandage. Ideally, it is necessary that the skin is on the wart for at least an hour, but in the extreme case at least 15 minutes. In most cases, this measure is enough to make the pain go away for at least two to three hours.

  • Aloe vera with analgin

In the pharmacy, buy analgin for injections - inampoules. In addition to analgin, you will need several leaves of aloe - and the plant should be older than three years. Aloe is peeled, thoroughly chopped - you will need about half a teaspoon. Add to the aloe vial of analgin, carefully mix and attach to the wart. On top, always put a plastic wrap, then gauze and leave for about 30 minutes. The pain will begin to recede after 15-20 minutes. The action of this drug will last for several hours, but it can be extended - just rub this mixture into the wart. In order to do this, you will need only a few minutes, so this mixture can be taken to work with yourself. Although, of course, women who wear tights will not be comfortable. Therefore, during treatment it is best to give preference to trousers with socks.

  • Toothpaste

Many people know that toothpaste can helpwith pimples or herpes. But the paste is no less effective and with plantar warts - in the morning apply a small amount of paste on the wart, leave for 7-10 minutes, and then rinse with water. The main condition - paste should be with mint, otherwise you will not see any effect. Try not to fall on the healthy tissue around the wart - otherwise there is a risk of skin irritation.

  • Remedy for cold

Drops from the common cold can also be usedfor their intended purpose - they perfectly ease the pain. The only "but" - the remedy should be exclusively based on menthol. The application is extremely simple - plentifully lubricate the wart and wait until the product is absorbed. Actions menthol enough for about three hours. If you need a longer lasting effect, you can proceed as follows. You will need a cotton swab, polyethylene film, gauze, adhesive plaster and, in fact, the drops themselves based on menthol. From gauze, cut a small gauze napkin, as well as a polyethylene film suitable size. Gauze napkin abundantly moistened in droplets with menthol, attach to the wart, from above place a gauze napkin and a polyethylene film, fix with the help of an adhesive plaster. Everything, an anesthetic effect during the day to you is provided. We advise you to read: