pizza with shrimps Pizza is a versatile and unusual dish thatis always to the place and at a party, and at a children's party, and on a family picnic in nature. Many working and busy people prefer to go to a restaurant, fast food and treat yourself to this dish, rather than stand at the stove, just think and hungry students. Pizza and cold beer - the perfect combination for a friendly feast, and if the intoxicating drink is replaced with juice, then this option is suitable for a full lunch or lunch. But you do not have to go to a cafe to eat. We offer a recipe that does not take long, but the dish will turn out to be excellent. So, exotic pizza with shrimp for the whole family. Surprise those around you with your culinary masterpieces!

Usual pizza with sea prawns

Let's start with the basics. This pizza with shrimps is quite simple to prepare and does not require special abilities, the main thing is to buy food and spend half an hour of time. Try our recipe and see for yourself! Ingredients:

  • 250 grams of shop finished test (we used yeast, but you can substitute another for your taste)
  • 200 grams of shrimp
  • spices for your choice (we took fresh basil)
  • 100 grams of plain hard cheese
  • 150 grams of mozzarella
  • black ground pepper according to your preferences
  • sugar - 2 teaspoons
  • bulb - 1 piece
  • rock salt - a few pinch
  • 3-4 tablespoons of refined olive oil
  • a few feathers of green onions
  • 400 grams of canned tomatoes (in its juice)

Cooking method: The first stage is the preparation of products for the future pizza. First, cut the green onions with thin feathers, and the onion - with small rings. Bought in the store ready tomatoes in your own juice chop with a mixer or blender. Now in a frying pan in olive oil fry to the color of gold onions, then add tomatoes and freshly cut basil (you can use it dry) - salt, season with pepper for taste, sprinkle with sugar and cook for no longer than ten minutes. At the end, when the mass has already acquired the smell characteristic of the sauce, add the green onions. Boil the freshly frozen shrimps (the cooking time is usually indicated on the package), cut the mozzarella with thin plates, and grate the hard cheese on a medium grater. The yeast dough is rolled into a thin circle and put into a mold (baking sheet or special crockery), which should be lined with parchment, so that you can easily remove the product, then send it to the oven for 10 minutes. Roast and ruddy cake grease with freshly prepared sauce, add prawns and sprinkle with cheese of two varieties. Set the temperature in the oven to 220 degrees, and the timer - for 10 minutes. We hope you enjoyed this recipe. This option is suitable for those who "do not get along" with the test, because not every hostess can do delicious flour products, and this pizza is very simple - buy a base and prepare the filling. Eat with appetite! pizza with shrimp recipe

Hot pizza with shrimps

If you like seafood and preferspicy spicy food, offer a recipe specifically for you. This pizza with the addition of shrimp, boiled chicken eggs and hot cheese. Try it! Ingredients: For the basis:

  • 25 grams of weight sugar
  • half a kilogram of wheat sifted flour
  • 3 eggs (take large) chicken
  • a glass of warm pasteurized milk
  • 50 grams of yeast
  • rock salt
  • 100 grams of good margarine


  • 300 grams of shrimp fillet
  • 2 large eggs
  • 250 grams of hunting cheese (or other spicy)
  • 2 large spoons of olive oil
  • small bulb
  • Ground pepper and rock salt (all at your discretion)
  • conventional ketchup
  • freshly cut greens

Cooking method: We offer the perfect recipe for the test - combine the beaten chicken eggs, sugar, pre-soaked yeast, a pinch of salt and melted margarine with slightly warmed milk. The whole mixture is well (with a special whisk) mix and pour into the flour - knead. After this, leave the ready-made mass to be approached (no more than an hour and a half on time). To make the dough delicious and lush, wrap it well, and then roll it into a thin flat cake and spread it with ready-made ketchup. Large prawns season with spices, a little salt and fry in olive oil, then lay on the base. Onion bulb cut into thin semicircles, finely chop freshly cut greens, and grate cheese on a grater - place on pizza. Last finish - whisk with two fork eggs and pour the product. Pizza is cooked in the oven for forty minutes. Set the temperature at 180 degrees. We hope you like our recipe! Let this pizza from sea shrimp find a response in your stomach and heart! Pleasant! pizza with shrimps and pineapple

Seafood pizza with pineapple

We offer one more interesting recipe for flour products with seafood from yeast dough. Prepare a pizza with shrimp and pineapple for your children, believe me, they will be very happy. Ingredients:

  • 300 grams of your favorite cheese
  • half a kilogram of wheat (highest grade) flour
  • dry yeast - 15 grams
  • a glass of boiled non-cold water
  • 300 grams of freshly frozen large shrimps
  • 3 large spoons of olive oil
  • half a small spoon of rock salt
  • 2 tablespoons of not sharp shop ketchup
  • one large onion
  • vegetable oil for greasing a baking tray - 2 large spoons
  • half cans of pineapple in syrup

Cooking method: The initial and most important stage of pizza cooking is dough. Therefore, mix 15 grams of yeast in cold water, add a little rock salt and oil (better refined, it does not give bitterness) of olives. Ready the mixture well knead and pour into a deep plate with pre-sifted (premium) flour, mix again and put in a warm room for an hour. After the opara is suitable, mix it again - and let stand for 40 minutes. Of these ingredients should be two pizza, so part of the test can be frozen. Now roll the base into a thin circle and place on a greased or oiled baking sheet. Then chop the hard (preferably not very salty) cheese into small strips. Pre-cooked shrimp cut into small pieces, and pineapples - cubes. Fry the onions and place together with other ingredients on the base, which should be smeared with ketchup. The product sprinkles with cheese, for aesthetic appearance you can add a variety of greens. To the pizza is not burned, set the average temperature 180 degrees and do not keep in the oven for more than half an hour. Pizza with canned pineapple and seafood is ready to serve. Let the feast be pleasant and tasty! We will be happy if at least one recipe is realized in your kitchen. Prepare with pleasure and remember that the flight of fantasy should not be limited - add all kinds of condiments to pizza, mix ingredients, replace one product with another and then, perhaps, a new author's dish will be born. Good luck! We advise you to read: